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  1. <After all, there can't be more than 200 people who regularly use Waymarking.> I don't think there are many more using Wherigo.....It seems that if they want that stuff to be popular....those links would be closer to the top of the webpage.....not at the very bottom where nobody scrolls to.
  2. <I just pay geofinders.com people to find the caches for me and then they log my name in the log book.> I opened an account with them....lol
  3. I have a couple FTF's.....but only by accident. I just happened to get there before anyone else.
  4. <And there was a rock in the trail!> Raise the Terrain Level?
  5. <when I see a TFTC or TNLN-SL log, it doesn't bother me.> I agree. My reward is the geocacher taking their time to look for my cache and making their Mark in the log.
  6. GEOCACHE SITE - PLEASE READ Congratulations, you've found it! Intentionally or not! What is this hidden container sitting here for? What the heck is this thing doing here with all these things in it? It is part of a worldwide game dedicated to GPS (Global Positioning System) users, called Geocaching. The game basically involves a GPS user hiding "treasure" (this container and its contents), and publishing the exact coordinates so other GPS users can come on a "treasure hunt" to find it. The only rules are: if you take something from the cache, you must leave something for the cache, and you must write about your visit in the logbook. Hopefully, the person that hid this container found a good spot that is not easily found by uninterested parties. Sometimes, a good spot turns out to be a bad spot, though. IF YOU FOUND THIS CONTAINER BY ACCIDENT: Great! You are welcome to join us! We ask only that you: • Please do not move or vandalize the container. The real treasure is just finding the container and sharing your thoughts with everyone else who finds it. • If you wish, go ahead and take something. But please also leave something of your own for others to find, and write it in the logbook. • If possible, let us know that you found it, by visiting the web site listed below. Geocaching is open to everyone with a GPS and a sense of adventure. There are similar sites all over the world. The organization has its home on the Internet. Visit our website if you want to learn more, or have any comments: http://www.geocaching.com If this container needs to be removed for any reason, please let us know. We apologize, and will be happy to move it.
  7. I have used use GeoBuddy for the last couple years..... http://www.geobuddy.com/
  8. I'm looking to get the new Garmin 550 soon.....to possibly create a Wherigo cache. Should I wait for a new Wherigo release to come out (a year old) or wait for Earwigo to come out build a cartridge?
  9. Watch Animal Planet on Wednesday Nights....they have a series on "The Animals Within"..... medical stories about insects that laid eggs in someone lungs, worms that live in the eyeballs....etc. I watch it to see what I caught.....
  10. I noticed that when I use the "Send To GPS" feature on the cache page....it now puts the cache name in the GPS's Cache Notes field.....before it used to just put a date and time. If they can do that....maybe the HINT could be loaded in there.
  11. Don't know....but my 60CSX is coming up on 3 years and it seems to be slower than before....slower to get the sattelites, slower redraw time....etc. Maybe they put a timer in the software to make you go out and buy a newer model.
  12. Somtimes they are listed on Handicaching.com. Here is one of my caches that is for Handicap People.....click on the Handicaching.com link or gold seal to see info about it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...95-e5cea5cfc365
  13. When someone gets an Oregon 550...Report In.... I know they are due out later this month....but maybe someone will get one earlier. Inquiring Minds Want To Know....
  14. My first cache was a Large Ammo Box....in a group of trees in the middle of an open field. It took me about 1/2 an hour to find it...because I didn't know what to look for and the tell-tale signs of where it was. Even today I have not found a couple 1/1 caches...even though people before me and after me have found it.
  15. <I am curious then, what is the purpose of a cache? Is it so that someone can just add another number to their finds? I think NOT!> It is whatever you want it to be....and getting a higher number is part of it. I place my caches so it is easy for people....and I see newbies and cachers with over 4000 finds come to mine. So, with that "I Think NOT"... You seem to be in another aspect of this Game/Sport/Hobby....whatever it is. You expect something in return...I don't. <Therefore, in my opinion, since I spent more than 10 hours, I do not think it is asking too much for someone to spend one minute to say, "This was fun, took a little while, but we found it. Thank you."> Whether it took you 1 min or 10 hours...you placed that cache for people to find...and they did. You should just be happy that they took their time to go to your cache and not pass it up. And for a geocacher to take their time to go find my cache...that is the reward for me placing that cache....not requiring someone to write a story in log to gratify the cache owner. To Each Their Own....
  16. <I just don't like getting 20 e-mail notifications of "Quick find. TFTC" in each one of them. It's like I'm getting duplicate e-mails.> One day I found several caches put out by an owner...along with other caches and then cut and paste my find in each log.....Later I got a nasty Email from the cache owner saying that since he took the time to put a cache out there for me to find...I should take the time to write something Unique in their log. Putting a cache out there takes time...and finding it takes time. I put caches out there for people to find and have fun...I don't require them to write a Thesus on how they found it. If someone want to write a story...fine, that is up to them. If they cut and paste "Quick find. TFTC" on my caches...so be it....the cache served it purpose either way...someone came and found it.
  17. I usually carry a mirror, a small LED flashlight to look into hollow things and Broomstick that Doubles as a walking stick a log Poker, a rock flipper...a survival tool and to raise it above my head as my Victory Salute Staff. Never been bitten....but once stung by bees.
  18. <Target shoppers would constitute an elite relative to Wal*Mart shoppers.> Finally, I'm Elite.
  19. <It was the 'topics' table and it has about 203,000 records> I would have though after several years...there would have been more. Do you archive/delete the records after a certain time period to free up space?
  20. <he index was created at approximately 4:40 PM Pacific Time today (7/1/2009).> Out of curiosity....how many records are in that table?
  21. Maybe the new index helped....I was able to get into the forums several times in a row.
  22. <The point of origin in your notification is set differently from your home coordinates. You have it set to N 33 00.680 W 096 47.304.> Thanks Moun10Bike....I fixed it.
  23. Maybe that is why my new cache emails are out of whack...or is it? I have entered my Home coordinates...and they show the proper location with MapQuest and Yahoo Maps. But I get new cache listings that say a cache is a mile or so away....and when I look at the actual cache page...they are actually several miles away. Here is an example: For GC1V6MM: Coit - Primary Meter (Traditional Cache) Location: Texas, United States 1.3mi NE (2.1km NE) Prime Reviewer published Coit - Primary Meter (Traditional Cache) at 6/28/2009 if I enter my home coordinates into Google earth: N 33 00.111 W 096 43.002 And the coordinates from GC1V6MM: N 33 01.245 W 096 46.120 Then if I draw a line...it is 3.27 miles....and the cache is NW of me....not NE. What am I doing wrong?
  24. I'm in the Dallas Area....and because of the city, there are Malls upon Malls...that have Lamp Posts with skirts.
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