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  1. ***The relevant guideline about downloading files, like podcast audio files, was added in February 2007. None of the cited caches were published after February 2007.***


    I see that now and I agree there....


    ***If you can point to one, then your statement about "sporatic" inconsistency among reviewers might hold some water.***


    Since I can't search by a particular type of cache "PodCache" to find them all in the database...I can only take your word for it...and will apologize.


    ***The relevant guideline about downloading files, like podcast audio files, was added in February 2007***


    With advances in technology from just a few years ago...I think it will be harder to find new ways to promote this game/sport/whatever, especially when new rules are created to impede new ideas.


    ***The cache which Blue Deuce linked to is compliant with the *current* listing guidelines***


    If that is the *CURRENT* guidelines (I see you have that singled out)...then I hope I can get mine done before the rules change again.


    Do any of the GeoCaching.Com people have Ipods and download stuff to it?

  2. ***3. Provide an alternate way such as a printout of the podcast text that you can print from the web page and read along as you go.***


    The Text could be lengthy if it is a good sized Puzzle Multi-Cache....besides, that would be a "Paper-Cache".


    How about if they can listen to it from the web-page and take their own notes?


    (From another site): I noticed that these were approved and don't require a "Text" printout...GCXRH6, GCTWC2, GCT1TR, GCREDR, GCQ4E1. On some, you can listen to the audio-file from the web page....although the first one says you need to download the MP3 files. So, it seems that the cache approval is kinda sporatic, based on who is reviewing it.

  3. But the other part is: ***The information needed to solve the puzzle must be available to the general caching community and the puzzle should be solvable from the information provided on the cache page.***


    Maybe I'm reading this wrong but most of the Multi-Caches are Not solvable from the info on the cache page. It is solvable in the field when you locate a cache and get the coordinates to the next stage. If it was solvable on the cache page...then there is no need for a Multi-Stage cache...just go to the final cache and bypass all the others.

  4. ***In the interest of file security, caches that require the downloading, installing or running of data and/or executables may not be published.***


    So much for using virus and adaware software.


    ***Even if they provide a text copy? ***

    Good thought...but I'm not going to type out pages of text for a multi-stage cache.


    So much for denying technology...I won't waste my time any further then.

  5. ***The information needed to solve the puzzle must be available to the general caching community and the puzzle should be solvable from the information provided on the cache page.***


    I see this in the rules which basically makes a PodCache hard to do...because you would have to download an audio file and then listen to that audio file while being out in the field to get your coordinates....something like "start from the parking lot and walk on a 120 degree heading until you get to a phone pole...on that phone pole is a tag with a number....use the first 3 digits of that number to calculate your GPS coordinates to the next cache stage........etc".


    Well, that puzzle ain't solvable on the cache page. So, that would be denied? And doesn't solving it on the cache page kinda take the "Mystery" out of it?


    I don't want to go thru hours of placing caches, making audio files, editing and mixing and creating likns....etc just to have them denied.

  6. ***You can also archive some of your own tired old caches. You could even take one of your old 1/1 traditional caches, archive it, then replace it with a puzzle cache or a multi-cache.***


    Yes, I have thought of doing this.


    I do have permits to place Geocaches in city and county parks...and they are just a park permit...not for any specific type or coordinates withing that park. I thought of changing 1, to make a Night Cache.

  7. Last year there seemed to be one new Cache after another. This year it seems there are a lot less. Even the activity at some of the regular caches seems to be down a bit. I guess all the locals have already been to all the local caches....and not many visitors going Geocaching. Are they are hiding from the mosquitos and ticks?


    This is my observation in the Madison, Wi area...How is it in your area?

  8. ***I do however think it's shallow minded to think that just because someone doesn't like puzzle caches, they're illiterate and only stick to the 1/1 caches***


    I'm really lazy and just wish there were easier ones...line a "1/2 x 1/2".... where you never have to leave the car...they bring the logbook to you.

  9. Hey, I agree!


    I think all caches should be in a big ole field.........


    With one big ole tree in that field.......


    And a big Pile-O-Sticks under the tree! ;)


    And the more McToys......THE BETTER! ;)


    Hey you are making it too hard...we don't need the tree....just the sticks in the middle.


    Wait....why have the sticks....just a foot-locker in the middle with a sign pointing to it.

  10. Ok, I think I found it. I had a folder on the server called "GeoCaching" where I kept HTML and pictures in.


    For some reason when I referenced that folder, it didn't work...I renamed that folder to something else...and the new folder to the Jpg ... and it worked....nothing else was changed.


    Now I can move on to complete the cache.....

  11. I added a picture on a new cache page(long description) and if you click on that picture...it is supposed to take you to a website....However, when you click on the picture...my Http:www link gets changed to a Geocaching.com/seek/ link. Why is that?


    I can look at the HTML in the long description and see that my link is there....but when clicked it goes to a Geocaching.com/seek/ site...and errors out (404).

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