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  1. ***Not really. WAVs or MP3s shouldn't be considered more of 'data files' than an image file on a cache page is, since you can play wav files inline in your browser, just like an image. (even without user interaction, if you know how)***


    Here is a link that one of the Moderators gave (Mtn-Man) to some articles on Google. This was interesting reading and something I didn't know.



  2. ***Here's where I get lost, I think. Why can't you do the same thing the other person did, but make it two ways:


    In the traditional version of the multi, the person goes to the starting coords, gets a written clue to the next stage and continues to go to all the stages, getting written clues along the way. Written on a piece of paper inside the cache, or perhaps actually printed onto the cache, etc. (Nothing to upload, download, copy to disc, log in to, or open and run)***


    That is the regular way...OK (I have one of those out there...normal stuff)


    ***The cachers could use the alternate audio path: Get the audio file (and the print out of the audi, too, if they like) and do the stages the way you laid out in the audio. ***


    Ok, but you have to store the text file / audio file somewhere for people to download.


    ***And I do have one more question. In the example you give, and apprently in your vision, people have to go to a link, and click on that link to open a text page. Why?***


    Like I said above, the people have to get the text file / audio file from somewhere. If you look at the properties of the example cache's links I mentioned further up...you will see the links go to another site for the downloads.


    ***I mean, why not just link them to the actual text already visible as a complete webpage?***


    If it was a complete webpage with the text already visible on it...you would not have to link to the text file. But lets just say we did that for the text...Now, where do people get the audio file from?


    ***They teach people like me NOT to click on those kinds of links.***


    But, I bet you surf the web clicking on links...loading up your computer with cookies and spyware.

  3. ***Ooh! This is my chance to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"***


    I was working on a Multi-Stage Night Podcache....I already got park approval to put up reflectors in trees and a cache in the park. I got Audacity and made and Mixed the audio files for the introduction and stages...and then the new rule came out and will prevent that unless I type out a transcript of the audio files so they can be read (an alternate method)...which would also be a TXT file that would have to be opened to read (downloading of data).


    So, I'm not going to waste more time on this cache...just to find out that it won't get approved. I guess I'll just go put a MICRO under some lamp skirt instead.

  4. I bought mine from here:




    SKU = RK-99B


    They are 2 ..... 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of Black 3M Scotchlight Plus (680 Series) Adhesive Reflective tape.


    Expensive = Yes.


    Now, I just did a trial run with FireTape...they are plastic with velcro on each end so you can hang them on a tree branch. I can see those for about 150' shining my flash light at the ground or up in the air. I never did see the FireTack which was about 1' above the FireTape.

  5. Thanks for both replies. I was trying to verify my experience.


    I had a couple 3D fire tacks and stuck them in a tree. I went about 100 feet away and didn't see squat with either a regular flashlight and a 6 watt LED light...holding the light at various positions. After placing them sideways to the way I was approaching them (the pyramid point to the side rather that pointing at me), I could eventually get a small glint...but I also knew what I was looking for amoung the 100's of fireflies in the park...others may not have seen it.


    I have some 3M Stealth reflective tape (Black Color) and I'll try to make something about the size of a quarter to see if that can be seen better.


    I'm also going to try some FireTape...and see if one of those hanging from a tree limb can be seen any better.

  6. ***and who will that inconvenience?***


    No One


    ***if you make a protest and the only one who notices is a houseplant, you might want to reconsider your methods.***


    The houseplant ALWAYS listens to me...if not..I don't feed it.

  7. ***\Will you be my friend if I watch one of your caches?***


    Ok...but only if you tell me which cache you are watching...and why you are watching it....lol

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