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  1. I've been to several GeoCaching Parties where people show off their GeoCoin collections and items for trade.


    I've never really looked thru them because I'm always afraid I would see some of my GeoBuddies missing GeoCoins, complete with registration numbers, and then have to ask why they are in a collection...instead of being in the caches where they were last logged.

  2. 5 Days and going strong...


    ***I dont thing people from Wisconsin should eat peanut buter***


    I'm in Madison, WI and eat Peanut Butter by the TableSpoonfull...just so I don't waste any time putting it on a piece of bread...that rips apart when spreading it on.


    Nuts..No Nuts...Chunky...Smooth...With / Without oil...Cholestrol, Transfat...you name it....the cheapest...out of date or whatever is on sale at the time.




    When there is not enough Peanut Butter left to put on a spoon, I lick the container clean...drop in a LogBook, TB and place the cache.




  3. If Peanuts and Peanut Butter Is So Dangerous...why don't the food stores lock them up in isolation instead of having them out in the isles where someone can get sick and sue them?


    Some of the food markets where I go have huge boxes of open peanuts on the floor...you scoop out what you want. I have NEVER seen a dead person next to those boxes....or even one that is scratching.

  4. ***someone mentioned sprinkler heads. so seriously, would they fall into this partially buried category? there was some mention of a pvc pipe cache in CO I think that had to be archived? What about pvc pipe that is pushed into the ground with the top showing? This is being done a lot so needs to be addressed specifically.***


    I just did one of these yesterday...it was a new one, approved on 7/12/2007.

  5. When I was looking to placing a cache...I had this gut follow and watch me all the time. After several days researching the park and having this guy follow me...I finally asked him "Whats Up?".


    We talked a bit and explained to him what I was doing...he was interested and I made him a part of the cache listing. The cache is still there and sometimes if he is there when I stop by...he says that he sees people finding it.


    See at the bottom...#1 in the "Muggle Report".



  6. Then when you post your find...add a comment in your entry saying what you believe the rating / difficulty should be.


    I have lowered some of my cache ratings and raised another based on comments.


    What I think a "5" is...others may think it is a "1"....and visa versa (or something like that).

  7. ***First, one thing I don't really understand is why you need the text of the audio. Did a reviewer tell some other cache owner to do that? Did the cache owner provide it as a courtesy because the audio isn't as clear as it should be?***


    Yes....because of the new rules...there has to be an alternate way to do the cache. If you look at sound advice, you don't even need a GPS to do the cache...which I thought was required. However, it was explained to me that the text and audio files were alternate ways to do the cache...that people could download if they wanted.


    As of Feb 2007, there are NEW rules...here is the part that affects people if they want to create a Pod / Audio Cache.


    ***In the interest of file security, caches that require the downloading, installing or running of data and/or executables may not be published.***


    The link I gave for "Sound Advice" was published Jan 31, 2007....a day before the new rules.


    ***You've already done the technical work for this cache. It seems to me that all you need to add is the "traditional" way to do it, and send it to your reviewer.***


    I might add the Traditional way as the "Alternate method". Search for PodCaches and you will see a number of them approved and listed here. They all involve downloading Wav and MP3 files that people can take with them and play when they are looking for the cache. They give you clues when in the "Field"...but all before Feb 2007.




    As of February 2007, you are not allowed to do this anymore...because of the above new rule.


    ***I'm probably the target audience that GURU4HIRE is dealing with on this cache. He wants people to try a new kind of cache but he has to deal with GC and people like me. I know enough to be careful, but not enough to say I know what I'm doing. ***


    Yes, YOU are the target audience that I am dealing with...no problem there. I'm sure others have your concerns too.

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