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  1. Why don't they just give you an option to renew for X number of years.


    Right now, all I can do is renew for 1 year. Let me pick how many years I want to renew for.....Drop Down List Box?




    <Lets just round it down to a nice even $1000. Of course with some kind of over 55 discount - maybe $500>


    the problem with a Life Time Membership is that If I pay $500 bucks for a liftime membership and I croak eating a HotWing....then I'm out $500 bucks.....LOL

  2. <I think you mean Waymarking.>


    Wherigo....it is waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom....just above the Waymarking.


    This was promoted a while back...but you need a garmin 300 and up to play it. It is advertised on even the new garmin 550's as a geocaching game....(Outdoor GPS games: yes (Wherigo only) ).




    Very little effort was put into this and no one seems interested in promoting this any more. There are only 18 within 500 miles of Dallas.

  3. <Keep in my when cachers go to find the geocache they assume that permission has been received>


    I have seen caches stuck to those green power transformers, Hi-Power towers, Cell phone towers, power meters....etc.


    All of which I doubt had permission to place there.

  4. Did you log the TB in so it shows up in your inventory?


    Then go to the web page and Log Your Visit


    Write Note


    Say drop off TB and highlight the TB in your inventory box.


    Click OK....or whatever that button says.

  5. When I was in Madison, WI....I've had the reviewer make me change a couple spots of a Multi-Cache....but I never complained or appealed....


    I've also had the same reviewer help me with some web-page stuff to get my cache going....


    And No problems down in the Dallas area....except I placed a cache too near a multi-stage a few times and it wasn't approved.


    So, I can't complain....

  6. I was looking into the 550 at one time to do a Wherigo cache or two....but there seems to be little interest in that....and even the Wherigo link is Waaaaay down at the bottom of the Forums web page where no one scrolls to....just one step away from Waymarking (sp).


    So, the PN-40 will probably be it....

  7. <a cache in Las Vegas in the window of a drive up wedding chapel, placed there with the blessing of the Nevada tourism commission (or something to that effect) which literally screamed (come to Vegas, get married and gamble in our casinos).>


    Folks....Please make sure you are signing the Cache Log and not a Marriage Certificate.

  8. Depends on where you live and the rules of that city. When I was in Madison, WI.....I had to get a permit to place a Geocache in a city park. I gave them pictures and coordinates. A few times I was asked to place it in a different spot in the park because of what was near by that area....Wildlife hung out there, special flowers grew there etc.



  9. <I was really into HAM Radio>


    Ham radio is way different today than it was back in the 60's when I had my Hallicrafters SX-101 receiver and HT-32 Xmiter....and I hung out on the county hunters net...14.336.


    My other hobby was Metal Detecting, I had an old Tube Fisher M-Scope and used to go out and find coins and stuff. A number of years ago I bough a Fisher CZ-70 Pro....but then I started to see metal detecting being banned in parks and other places....people would dig holes looking for stuff and just leave them....not cover them back up....defacing the park, making a mess.....so metal detecting kinda died out.


    Then when I was up in Madison, WI....they had a segment on the news about geocaching....wow....something new to try, I bough a 60CSX and went out....OK...this was more fun because you knew you would basically find the treasure at the coordinates.


    But now I kinda see geocaching heading in the same direction as metal detecting....people placing caches in areas that can be defaced, placing caches where it scares the public and bomb squads are called....I sure hope cities don't start to ban Geocaching in parks and other places like they did with metal detecting....then I would have to find something new to do.

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