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  1. ***I had a dream once where I kept DNFing my house.***


    I once had a dream whee I had to reach someone by telephone...it was an emergency....but everytime I tried to dial the last digit of the number...I pressed the wrong button....so I had to start over again.


    Over and over and over....

  2. ***Perhaps we all shouldn't be so interested in popular posts***


    Ok, I'll post the DULL ones to free up the system.


    (Just Kidding)

  3. Depends on how much $$$ you have and what you want to do with it.


    You may look into the new Garmin Colorado...if you want to play the new "Wherigo" stuff.


    You might even check out the For Sale GPS equipment too...on one of the GPS threads.


    My first GPS was (and still is) a Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx...because I use the street maps for driving. I don't have Topos on mine...I don't do heavy back woods hiking where I would need that.


    I'm looking to get the Colorado 400t.

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