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  1. Out of 9 TB's I released:


    7 are MIA.

    1 is still in a Geocacher's posession (2 months).

    1 is in a Cache.


    I won't invest in any more TB's...and certainly not in expensive Geocoins.


    If I see TB's, I'll move them. But that is all.


    I bought some Drooling_Mongoloid wooden nickels to drop off in a cache...as a calling card and if someone wants it...go for it.

  2. I have Type II for a couple years now...I first took Actos but stopped after a friend died from taking pills for about 10 years (liver damage)...so now I go to wallmart and buy that injectable Relion Type "N" and "R" insulin to use (No Prescription Needed).


    When I go Geocaching, I always carry a tube of those Glucose pills to chew on...just in case. I keep it in my camera pouch...that I take with me on all the caches.

  3. I have several Wheelchair caches...


    This one has 1 Star because the park is made for Handicapped people and is paved with only a short distance to the cache.




    This one is 1 1/2 stars because even though it is smooth, you have to wheel yourself several hundred feet and up a very small incline (still on a smooth surface)....so the extra 1/2 star lets them know.




    Also, you can out a Handicapped Icon at the top that connectes to a web site and let people rate it....see the 2 sites.

  4. ***If this is the future of geocaching, then I'm going back to the hobby I came from:


    Metal Detecting ***


    I used to do a lot of metal detecting....until they started to get banned from parks because many people never covered back the holes they dug.

  5. ***Do you know if there is a similar map to that but for counties within a state? I don't see myself getting many states beyond about 8 along the East Coast. I live in South Carolina which is small enough that I can see myself getting one in each county.***


    You may look at different Geocacher's profiles to see if they are using for maps.


    I looked quickly at some and ran across this Geocacher. He has state and county statistics and mentioned that he was using a particular site:


    Here is his profile:



    Here is the site he mentioned:


  6. I was stopped late at night comming out of the woods. A police car was parked behind my car and the officers were yelling to my wife (sitting in the car) if she was all right. When I came out of the woods, I had that GPS in my hand and that stirred them up.


    After I expllained that I was Geocaching and showed them the cache page printout...they relaxed. They had seen a segment on TV here in MAdison, Wi about geocaching. We talked about geocaching for about 20 min, I let them play with my GPS...and they left. No Problems.


    Here is my entry: March 30, 2007 (and picture)



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