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  1. ***True, but then I thought you would have stated that you wanted to replace your current GPS with something else, in a year or two. I got the impression you were ready to jump ship right now.***


    Yes, I was ready to jump ship. I have a 60CSX and was ready to get the Colorado as soon as it was available...but after seeing all the problems...I'll wait a while now.

  2. ***You've realized that the revisions will most likely come just as soon, or late, whether you already own the unit or not?***


    Yes, but what happens if they need to do a hardware/firmware change (new chip) to handle some of the fixes/features...the unit is new and a lot can happen yet.

  3. ***I hate them and refuse go after them***


    Why start a new thread? The other "I Hate Micro" thread is just under yours...




    But just so you don't have to search thru hundreds of posts to find my previous message...I'll spell it out here.




    Plain and simple...just filter them out and have this thread closed.



  4. I wanted to replace my 60CSX with a 400T...but after reading all the reviews / comments I'll wait until some revisions come out.


    I wanted the 400T for the "Where-I-Go"...but I'll probably buy a PPC to start working on a cartridge for now...maybe that Mio-350 that was used for the "Where-I-Go" development.

  5. I wanted to add in this forum thread (by Trainlove)


    that all those other lines are called isogonic lines, i.e. I live near the 15°W isogonic line.


    If one looks at an aeronautical chart one sees the isogonic lines 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5... but if you look at a VOR circle the Magnetic north there looks to be different a bit, that's because around here the 15° isogonic line looks to almost be 15° west of north itself, just plain luck.

  6. I've seen them where there is a small slit on one side of the cap...about the width of a coat hanger....and a Bison tube hangs on a coat hanger on the inside of the pole and the cap is then put on top (the coat hanger fits into the slit).




    A small chain is welded to the inside of the cap and a Bison tube hangs from that...so when you lift the top off...the chane and tube goes with it.

  7. ***I live in the Great Lakes region, and MN and TN differ by 11 degrees here. That seems like a lot for being on the agonic line?***


    What part of the Great Lakes area? Look at the chart that Markwell put up and the Agonic line is the darker "0" Line. If you are at the Great Lakes in Ny...then you would be 11 degrees (or more) difference.




    Don't worry about Isogonig and Agonic lines....just follow your compass...or GPS.

  8. You use magnetic north....but Magnetic Declination varies across the USA.


    The variations are called "Isogonic lines".


    The one line where there is no variation between Magnetic North and True North is called the "Agonic" line....and in the USA it runs from about Florida up through the Great Lakes region.

  9. ***The added impact of these things on the area is why I don't like them.***


    If the problem is an environment impact problem (people ripping apart bushs and plants to find them) then eliminate them before a bigger problem is created (banned geocaches).


    I remember going metal detecting years ago...until it was banned in many parks because people dug holes and never covered them up again.


    I would rather do a Virtual Cache over a Micro cache. At least the virtual gave a challange of finding additional information. Sometimes you had a chance to learn something from the questions and answers...and you didn't need to rip anything apart to enjoy them.

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