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  1. ***Ok so I didn't mean I bought just 1 rock.... I bought crap loads to landscape my yard and then I had a thought of turning one into a prop. So hence the orginal question.***


    Not to worry. We, "The Forum People", are experts at picking apart a simple post and creating a major controversy.


    Don’t take it personally...

  2. Geocaching is for FUN...it is not a competition for a grand prize or TV series. Sure, I took time to place the cache and still have to maintain it...but Geocaching is for FUN.


    If people email me for a hint, I'll give them another hint and tell them to email me if they still need more. I'll even send them a picture of the cache if they want. I want the Geocacher to have FUN too.


    All I ask is that they properly re-hide it.


    Finally, They still have to go to the cache and sign the log.

  3. ***I know people who will leave for work an hour early to get a FTF on the way, or head out on their lunch hour so they can bag a FTF.***


    I have done the same just to get a new cache bagged...but the way the geocachers are here...waiting for that lunch hour or leaving work 1 hour early makes it too late.


    No arguments from me...as stated previously, I don't rush out for a FTF. If no one shows up by the time I get there...then I'm a FTF (Happened twice) otherwise...I'm doing my thing...Geocaching.

  4. ***Everybody can be in on the fun if they are motivated enough. If you want a FTF sign up for instant notification and be willing to drop what you are doing at a moments notice to head out after the cache. If you aren't willing to do that then sorry, you aren't likely to get a FTF. This isn't a kindergarten where every kid wins so we don't bruise their self esteem.***


    It is not if they are motivated or willing to drop what you are doing...it is a matter of people having to work and they just can't drop everything. So, if caches are published during the day "Most" can't go head to head with a person who stays at home.


    (I know people work at night too....so I'm saying "Most")

  5. ***If, by your questions, you are implying that I am trying to protect the status quo because a change in this regard would represent a threat to the way I geocache, you are way off base.***


    I've been off base more than once. I was just gathering thoughts.


    I am not a FTF hound...I have only 2 and that was probably just by accident that no one showed up before me. One of them (90 degree) was there for a week before I got around to doing it.

  6. ***The FTF race is a game-within-a-game played with varying degrees of intensity by a subset of people who geocache.***


    Are you in this "Subset"? Someone that is able to sit home and wait for the New Cache email to come?


    Will allowing a different way to post caches make more competition for people in this "Subset"?


    ***It's not an officially recognized aspect of the GC.com website, and there are no features that even directly support or address the concept. In other words, it's a player thing***


    If it is a "Player Thing"...then why do you not want more interested players to play?

  7. There is a guy up here that has 55 FTF's.


    I think there has to be some way to publish caches that are fair game to most...that way the people that work have an even chance against the people that stay at home all day waiting for the emal notifications.


    There has to be someway to make it an even field for all people / all working shifts.

  8. I once found a Spanish Cache. It said "EL CACHE'O" on it.


    and the French one..."ZE CACHE".


    Oh Yea...The Pig-Latin one..."Oy Tay Cache Tay".


    As a Radium ++ Member...I get a translation book.

  9. ***because I don't want to be the subject of a witch-hunt, in case the cache is stolen***


    Did you post that with a straight face? Because I can't read it with a straight face...


    You seem really afraid of something and Mentioning a "Witch-Hunt" sounds mighty suspicious to me.


    When I get back down to Dallas this year and place some caches...as soon as I see someone watching my cache...I'll just automatically assume it is you.


    Now...lets dig a little deeper into your thought patterns.


    What makes you such a suspicious Geocacher?

    Why would you be on a witch-hunt list for watching a cache?

    Are you considered a Cache Thief in your area?

    Have you been caught doing this stuff before?

    Do you watch a cache to see who the first Geocacher is...that reports it missing?


    For me...A Fellow Geocacher would be the last person to blame for my missing cache. Everyone I have met seemed really nice...do you fit into that group?


    Good Grief...Surely...you have to have a better reason than that.


    Oh Oh...Be Warned...that When I get down to Dallas, I see that some of your caches are near my area (Near The University)....and I'll hunt them down....and sign the log...and cover them up again.


    PS...if people do watch my cache...I feel honored. I assume I have something that others find so interesting that they want to watch it.

  10. ***About how long does it take to find out if your request has been accepted/denied? and how will i find out?***


    I sent an email about 9 at night and they responded back the next day...and after verifying the info...it was done in a few min.


    Your milage may vary....

  11. ***Just because I can sit outside a bank and write down the license plate numbers of everyone who goes there, doesn't mean the bank has to tell me how much money is in their accounts.***


    But with that license plate number...you can get to that information and more...without having to ask the bank. It was done on TV several years ago to show people that your identity and personal information is not secure. Here is a starting point:




    Look at all the information I can get by just using your license plate number...your name, address, mariage records...etc. The right people can use that and continue on with more information gathering...like the credit bureaus...and eventually your bank accounts (Identity Theft).


    Because of "idle curiosity"... I clicked on your profile. Do you think you should have been warned of that breach of "Privacy"?


    Anyway...I don't care who is watching my caches and I don't watch any ... except for mine which is automatic. I was just interested in "WHY" people think it should be a secret when everything else in the user profile is available....including pictures.


    Happy Caching.

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