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  1. I've emailed and called GS and always have been treated great.


    The reviewers (Wisconsin / Texas) have gone out of their way to get caches approved and posted.


    Now on the other hand, my posting privileges were once suspended for a sarcastic remark I made to a moderator...after they first made a sarcastic remark to a question I asked.


    But, that is all in the days work as a Geocacher.

  2. Mine started like that a few weeks ago....and sometimes the Bearing Pointer points the other way...even though the distance is decreasing as I walk.


    I had this issue also and I just recalibrated the compass and it was back to normal. Did you recently upgrade your unit to 3.60 firmware?


    I always recalibrate the compass after changing batteries....and I've had 3.60 on it since is came out.


    Maybe it is the heat in Dallas.

  3. **My current 60 Csx is weird. It bounces all over the place. When I'm walking (with track on) it on a sunny day with no trees, no buildings, open field if I walk a straight line, the track will be a zig-zag of angles. When I stop it will continue as if predicting where I would have gone.***


    Mine started like that a few weeks ago....and sometimes the Bearing Pointer points the other way...even though the distance is decreasing as I walk.

  4. A year ago or so, I was at Niagra Falls and went back and forth across the border several times one day...which I guess triggered a flag. The 3 Canadian Border Agents made me pull over so they could search my car.


    My wife and I had US Passports and they took them.


    They were friendly and actually did very little searching. They looked in the trunk and my Geocaching bag in the back seat...that had a GPS, Camera, Flashlight, Cache printouts...etc.


    They didn't make a mess and put everything back where it was. They gave us back our Passports. We talked for about 10 min after that...they were curious of how much houses cost in Plano, Texas compared to where they lived in Canada.


    We were told to have fun...and we left.

  5. Have not been on CB since the 60's. Used to have a Johnson Messenger II with a Turner +2 and a Super-Magnum Antenna.


    Back then, the hangout was channels 9 & 11.


    A bunch of us hooked Oscilators to the mike and learned Morse Code up on channel 23 and got out Ham Radio Tickets.

  6. What would you broadcast with that FM transmitter? You would have to transmit some kind of audible sound instead of just a carrier...so someone could hear it to triangulate on. However, To triangulate, you might need some kind of directional antenna....a simple handheld loop, beam, quad...but that might require some tech background to build and connect it to a radio.


    Go search for caches by KEYWORD = RADIO. You might find some other caches there like the one below.



  7. I've seen my 60Csx show 9 feet on occasions.




    After 2 years with it....it seems to be getting slower for some reason.

    The map redrawing is slowing down. I have the latest upgrades. The only thing I can figure out is that when I was up in Madison, WI...there wern't as many roads to show on the map as in Dallas, TX.

  8. When I moved from Madison, Wi to Dallas, Tx....I did not want to go the Oklahoma way (shorter but slower and speed traps galore), I wanted to go the Little Rock, AR way (better, faster highways)....but google earth kept taking me the Okie way.


    So, I had to create 2 routes to do that. 1 From Madison to Saint Louis, then from Saint Louis to Texarkana to force Google Earth to go that way.


    I didn't know of other ways.

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