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  1. ***OK, how about the time I was surfing Geocaching.com Google Maps, clicked on an MOC (which of course I had no idea was an MOC) 3,000 miles from home, and received an email from the cache owner a few days later asking why I looked at their cache page?***


    That was YOU? ... Now, if any caches go missing somewhere around the world, you are #1 suspect.....LOL

  2. ***Sadly, there is a minority of people who would use an exposed Watch List as the starting point for a witch hunt, shoulod their cache be vandalized or stolen. ***


    That is an Odd reason. You could also use the last person to your cache too as a starting point for damaged Caches, missing TB's, Geocoins and anything else that happened since the last person was there.


    ***So, while there are good reasons to keep the list private, I've never seen a good reason to expose the list. I don't consider idle curiosity to be a good reason.***


    I have yet to hear a good reason to keep the list private.

  3. Ok, I re-loaded the maps with the services turned off...and in the 60csx I turned off "Points" (Setup, Map, Points=off) to stop the POI's from drawing (1000's of them here) and I set the detail to More (instead of most)...and now I get decent redraws again.


    Yea, Dallas has a few more roads than Madison, WI.


    Thanks to both of you....

  4. My 60csx is about 2 years old and have the whole USA loaded into it on a 2 gig card. I have the latest 3.70 software updates, new batteries...etc. I also have WAAS on (always since new).


    When I drive and turn, the maps used to refresh at a pretty good speed and align itself to the way I am going (Map set to North at top, Off-road).


    Now, I bought the 60 CSX up in Wisconsin and I see the slowdown here in Dallas. Sometimes it takes 20-30 seconds to redraw the new direction I'm going.


    Is it because there are more roads here in Dallas to redraw? Or more POI's that have to be loaded?


    If it is the number of POI's, can I load maps to the 60CSX without the POI's (since I use this for Geocaching only)?.




    Also, in the last few months. I have noticed that the course pointer sometimes points in the opposite direction of the cache even though the distance shows a decrease in distance. I've calibrated the compass (2 turns).


    What gives there?

  5. I stay away from Play grounds where there are people and kids...I'vd had parents be afraid and tell me to leave when they see I am carrying something looking in bushs near them.


    Because of the terrorism stuff, I will usually skip the Caches stuck to High Power Towers and Transformer Boxs.


    Otherwise, I'll play it as I see it...and I have driven by caches that were just a few yards away because the location could make you look suspicious...like looking through bushs next to a business or house.


    I've had nighbors come out and ask what I was doing:



    I've had the police called on me at night in a park:



    Yep, I've skipped several because it just didn't look right.

  6. ***I think adding a feature such as a distance checker would be a great addition to the sight, but in this case they hiked out, hid it and found out later it was to close so not sure that would work in this case.***


    But you would have to know where the final coordinates to a Mystery Cache or Multi-Cache to know if you were too close to one of those.


    I was denied because I was too close to a Mystery Cache final...that I didn't have coordinates for.

  7. I had that happen a couple times and my cache was denied because it was too close to a "Mystery Cache". So, even though my gps and the downloaded coordinates showed I was good, the mystery cache was not at the published coordinates. So, what appeared good to me...did not appear good to the reviewer because he has all the coordinates.


    I wish Geocaching.Com would have some kind of distance checker where you could test before you go thru all the trouble of setting up a cache. All they have to display is something that says "Too Close To Another Cache"...and you can move on and find another spot...instead of having the reviewer waste his time telling you.

  8. ***I'm also tired of waterfalls. They never put the cache in the cave behind them.***


    Have you tried my "HorseShoe Falls cache"? You have to take the Maid of The Mist to the base of the Falls, then jump off. Then you have to swim under and to the back of the falls to reach the cave.

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