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  1. *bump* The sale isn't advertised on their website, and if you browse the color etrex models they all list the regular price, but if you add them to your cart you see the discounted price... Venture Cx - 169 legend Cx - 199 Vista Cx - 219 I called my local store and they only stock the Legend Cx and Vista Cx...if you wanted to pick up the Venture Cx locally, you'd have to have them order it for you and pick it up, or order it yourself off the website.
  2. I just got a sale flyer from REI for their anniversay sale. While their gps prices are inflated over what you could find on the internet, the sale could make their prices very competitive. Just applies to color etrex units. Maybe they're discontinuing the current etrex models. For example - Venture Cx is reg. price 229.95 , sale price 172.46 *edit* - oops sale starts friday 5/4 and runs through 5/13. I assume they'll sell out before the sale ends.
  3. I've seen something similar happen to my explorist 210 one day. The tracklog was way off (1/4 to 1/2 mile) for several miles on an east/west road, then I turned 90 degrees and it suddenly was dead-on. And is hasn't happened since.
  4. regarding how best to search your area for green jeeps... My method involves scaling/zooming down the cache search page until you can see the full page without having to scroll (I'm using opera, so I keep hitting the "-"/"minus" key) this makes the text unreadable but you can still make out the green jeep icon quite clearly. Then you keep clicking on the 'next' link until you've looked through all your search pages. I search in a 30-40 mile radius which results in about 90 pages. Using this method I can get through all 90 in only a couple of minutes. Eliminating the need to scroll is the key.
  5. I don't think it had anything to do with the handwritten labels, or mish-mash of postage stamps. I just got mine yesterday, and the postmark was Aug 2nd from WA state. Quite quick, only 2 days from WA to WI. So it appears many of the jeeps didn't even go into the mail until this week.
  6. Is there a way to search for green jeeps that may have been placed in your area, other than just browsing through the cache titles and looking for the green jeep icon?
  7. You can install a product emulator for the H2O on your PC so you can play with the menus and buttons. If you use something like EasyGPS, you can even download some geocaches and load them in the emulator to see what it looks like. http://www.lowrance.com/Software/PCSoftwar...H2O/default.asp
  8. I've noticed both issues...the lines between the pixels that look like scratches or pixel flaws are visible when the backlight has been used more often (at night). During the day when I don't use the backlight, I really don't see them The vertical dark lines during device bootup don't bother me at all. It's just the way the screen looks during power-up.
  9. I might as well add my feeling on the 210 as I just bought one about 3 weeks ago from REI (210 bundle for $185). It seems well worth $150 after rebate. Generally a good tool to show you what GPS can and can't do for not much money. Playing with tracklogs in USAPhotomaps and GPS Visualizer has been the most interesting for me. I have put a bunch of geocaches in it, but haven't actually gone looking for any yet. I have had a few glitches here and there (power up unit but unit shuts off...have to power it back up again). Seems other brands units exhibit some 'flakeyness', so I'm not concerned about that. I am worried that I made a bad choice by not picking a color unit (etrex * Cx). I have toyed with returning it for a fancier handheld, but the more I think about how I use it, it makes sense to have multiple units for different uses. I'm thinking of picking up a Streetpilot for car use. I can't imagine a handheld replacing the utility of a dedicated car unit.
  10. Say I have a explorist 210 and have loaded it with a few adjoining detail maps. From what I have read, if I were to drive out of the active detail map, my 210 would not automatically switch to the bordering detail map if there were one there. How do the Garmins handle this? If I had a non-expandable legend or vista where you would have to keep the map sizes smaller, do they prompt you to switch maps when you leave the active detail map?
  11. The map viewer isn't responding the same as before the makeover. You used to be able to zoom and recenter all in one click.
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