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  1. Hmm...all I got was the "Things I like About Winter Caching" & "Worst Excuses For Not Finding A Cache."
  2. The local library cache in our area was a big hit. Everybody saved it for their _00th cache. We had a great time doing it, even though on our first attempt, we didn't even go inside!
  3. New Zealand, in part because I've been there. Its really a great place. When you're driving, everything's covered in this lush green grass. I'd really like to go back, even if I wasn't caching.
  4. Last summer, my family and a friend's family were at a family camp. (I will try not to say "family" again) We were walking on a trail to one of the camp's many attractions. I started skipping or frolicing, just to be funny, ahead of the group. I'm about 10-15 feet ahead of the group when my friend's dad halts the group at once, telling everyone to stay where they were. It turns out, I was inches away from frolicing right onto a baby rattler (which are more dangerous than adults since they can't control their venom). So, I stood one one side of the snake while everyone else stood on the other, like I had just leaped across a gorge or something, as my friends dad nudged the snake off the trail with a stick. Everyone was a little shaken, but we had a great time that week.
  5. OK, makes sense. Doing 200+ caches a day & taking all of the bugs in caches would probably mean about 25-50 bugs (at least) that you would (probably) drop off in other caches throughout the day would cause an unearthly headache. Personally, we take all of the bugs in caches that we find, so that could be why our max for a day is 9 . edit: gramer
  6. About FullCT, the guy who did the 200+ in 24 hours, isn't it kinda strange that he only has one TB find? I'm not saying he's a fraud, he might have just left the TBs in the caches, but that's kinda weird.
  7. Looks cool. I'll try to join in the near future.
  8. tree/greenery removal??? Yes, one of our caches was located deep in a fallen stump/tree, and it was removed. Our other cache was simply hidden in a large area of some plant/flower thing, and this was removed by the park, also.
  9. Great post. It is hard to take your mind of the goal of finding a cache & just try to have a good time. I'll try to think of this thread at our next DNF, which come somewhat often.
  10. Its not unusual, and I don't see a solution on how to prevent it. If it was in a more populated place, a muggle might have/probably took/taken it. Also, two of our caches have been lost due to tree/greenery removal.
  11. "....yep, all kinds of caches, virtuals, micros, mutli's...say, I was doing a great multi the other day. Now, this wasn't any ordinary mutli cache, no siree, we're talkin' FOUR stages, each of 'em ten miles apart, all of them with a 3 terrain. OK, so I print out the cache page, oh, yeah, we just got a new Epson printer. Super-fast and super-quiet, and we hit the road in my brand new Jeep that I got just last week. Its got leather seats, AC, power windows, a 6 CD player, everything you could want, and at a really good price. And I'm drivin' down the road, five miles under the speed limit--would you imagine goin' TWENTY-FIVE around your neighborhood...LEGALLY?--and I got on the freeway towards the first stage. Now, my GPS, which is sittin' on this great sandbag thing that I got for Christmas that goes right on your dashboard, tells me that its only 5.67 miles away, and its straight ahead. So, 15 minutes later--I'm still drivin' at 20, just to be, y'know, cautious--I pull into the parking lot of Willingham Park. Its a great park: trails galore! Its teemin' with hikers on weekends. Great place for families of the community to spend some real quality time, y'know? And my GPS tells me that its about half a mile away. So I start to hike--of course, with my standard gear: GPS, 8 extra AA and AAA batteries, my 64oz. water bottle, say, you're just reaching into your pocket, right?
  12. Yeah, and you could also have pictures to go along with it (like this) instead of having to click on a link. Also, you can have a more personal, original account than what you have on geocaching.com.
  13. I came across this the other day (more about it here) and I was wondering if anybody has set up a geocaching blog.
  14. In Southern California? The occaisional muggle, and sunburns! They're absolutely horrendous!
  15. We did a comic-strip themed cache (take a comic strip, leave a comic strip), but about two people actually followed the theme.
  16. A more established hider in the area hid a cache that was located in a fake book in some remote corner of the local college's library. This was a virtual about a local elementary school, well, before it was "moved" to a more northern location
  17. Went to Australia & NZ a few years ago. Resume topic.
  18. Your apology is accepted. And, my sincere thanks goes out to you for bumping this. At first glance, I thought that your posts came immediately after carleenp's & were pointless. But they weren't, so thank you. I've edited my post above.
  19. About 30 within .5 of a mile. We've only hidden two or three of them, too.
  20. Yeah, that's something that I think is correct that I didn't say.
  21. Were you searching for this? (we found it...on the second or third try)
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