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  1. Shame, shame, shame. Always wear a helmet while riding your bike.
  2. Where in the midwest is Miami, FL? Here. The latest news on Snideswipe's profile:
  3. Didn't USGS use landmarks to find the benchmarks? To be on topic: I think its not in the total because the total is "Total Caches Found." Nothing against becnhmarking at all. Its just an orange in a land of apples.
  4. I found no caches. Yet, I am vigorously enjoying my three-day weekend of which these forums are a large part of.
  5. Student. But, I don't post at school. There's very strict rules for venturing onto "non-educational" sites. I mean, c'mon, GPS is in school everywhere, right? By posting, I'm interacting with a community of people who regularly use a GPS, and do some serious thinking at a supreme-o puzzle cache. Its more like I'm helping my education.
  6. I have to say that I don't. There are several people out there with several hundred finds. In some cases, thousands. Besides, while caching, I've acquired a bunch of great views, and a bunch of great memories. Big numbers are good, but depending on your view, having a good time like I have is really what its all about. edit: 138, one of which I haven't logged
  7. ...this really sin't an addiction. I mean, I can stop whenever I want...In fact, I'll log off the boards right now. I'm gonna click "Log Out." And I'll do it right now. There goes the little pointer.... But, um, before I go, I'd be, uh, willing to stay here and talk to you all about caching. If...if you really want me to. Does anybody want me to stay? Please?........
  8. You can find out by clicking on my name (wray_clan) and then clicking on "User Stats" at the top.
  9. Forum tester. Don't laugh, this would be a very demanding and arduous position. It would require no less than three hours of looking and posting on the forums to make sure that the system works correctly every day.
  10. Southern California: Yes. Of course, in our area, there's some caches in the middle of business parks . This, obviously, shortens life expectancy like cancer.
  11. I think that we can place too many caches only when muggles go extinct.
  12. its already archived, I did it a few months ago when I had no intention of replacing it after it got washed away You could create an entirely different cache.
  13. I have an essential that I don't think was listed before. Pants.
  14. Don't archive it at first, but temporarily disable it.
  15. Yeesh.....just because I'm not an ammo box, just because I'm invisible means I don't get any respect?!? You probably just know me as "number padding." How would you like to get called 'matress stuffing' your whole life?!?! Oh, and, look, there's that "Yellow Jeep" hotshot. "Ooh, look at me, you can find me all over the world so pay a lot of attention to me. Blah blah blah blah blee blee blah." Gosh.... (This is supposed to be a disgruntled virtual. I have nothing against locationless or virtual caches.)
  16. But wait, that first geocache, its buried! Now how did that get approved....
  17. fake library book pinecone wood post under fake faucet/post thingy two-gallon bucket (not at ground level) That's all I can think of right now.
  18. I think this was hidden under one of those. In the middle of Downtown San Diego. If you look at the logs, I think that we're the only DNF.
  19. Geez, there's waaay too much snow down in here in Southern California . I'll never get to go caching!
  20. I'll probably sit here, like I am now, for a while. Do my homework . Eat food. Maybe I'll even log the cache we did over Christmas break. But, I'm very for this glorious three-day weekend. May we remember the courage and bravery of Martin Luther King Jr.
  21. Tried this on our very first day of caching. Seven more tries and a month later, we found it. Also, check this out.
  22. I was reading this & I thought about an article in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated about bird-watching (A Fowl Obsession). On the top of the page, which I'm looking at now, it says: Bird-watching is a brutal sport. One of the quotes from the article was: The birds came at a high price: 16 miles of biking and 10 of hiking through snow, sleet, mud, and 40-knot winds, So, is bird-watching a lot like geocaching? In both cases, you're hunting for something, some take drastic measures to find their desired bird/cache, and the game can be played at whatever pace & intensity the participant chooses. Now, I've never biked or hiked nearly that far to find a cache, but some of the marathon-enthusits days may be equivalent to this. So, if geocaching is somewhat like bird-watching, can geocaching be considered a sport? If not, then what can it be called?
  23. Geez, this thread is absolutely not pointless
  24. You know you're geocaching in Southern California when a long hike is half a mile.
  25. Our first got moved most of the way across the country (Florida to California)...but it hasn't reached its goal....yet.
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