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  1. I'm not sure, but hasn't this article been discussed in past topics?
  2. I think that Criminal had this idea a couple days ago. This is a pretty good idea. Then when people find the cache, they could post a log entry for others to read about their experiences. We could call it geo-something. Maybe someone will run with this. It could be international. F_M Maybe we could even make a public discussion area of sorts where people could ask questions and get answers!
  3. Oh, man, but that was gross. Sorry to break up the fun, but does this belong in the "The Hunt/The Unusual" forum?
  4. underneath-starfyler 59 the painter-ln (I am) made from the wires-joy electric Great topic.
  5. See what happens when you click on "New Poll." Besides, fifty options would have been over the limit anyway, and then you factor in international countries.
  6. You could name yourself scarymaninbushes. edit: This may belong in the "The Hunt/The Unusual" forum.
  7. I think that FTF prizes that are a cut above the norm are great, but just not champagne. Even more so with the guidelines and all.
  8. If we DNF it, we put a DNF note, and when we find it, we create an entirely separate found it note. There was one time when we did not find the cache put we saw the hiding place and we knew it was the hiding place, so we posted a note.
  9. boom I don't know if that helped, but I tried...
  10. That's absolutely incredible. Congratulations for meeting this monstrous milestone.
  11. So, when I've made a typo, messed up on a link, or add a sentence (these are just examples) to my already published post, should I add the little "edit: spelling" thing at the bottom to be courteous, or should I just edit it?
  12. This was hidden in July, I think. I approached the area of the cache once and I couldn't even begin to start to puzzle it.
  13. A fake sprinkler & pinecone with caches inside were pretty good. Just interested, why is there a heart at the top of the first post?
  14. -Tuvalu -Anguilla -San Marino -St. Kitts and Nevis -Gabon ...and many more here. What I found funny is that all but one (Gabon) are smaller than my city in population, and my city isn't all that large.
  15. GPS's are used for more than geocaching and are primarily used for more than just geocaching. They are used so one can locate oneself anywhere on the planet, which can be helpful in extreme places like the Amazon river, Africa, Antartica, etc. With a GPS on a plane, you could now where you are precisely, as opposed to just anywhere over your route.
  16. Have you ever found a cache by accident? I know some came into geocaching by finding a cache as a then-muggle and then going on the site, then registering and hunting with a GPS. But I, as an expirienced (100+ finds can be called expirienced, right?) cacher, have found a cache by accident with no GPS, paper, anything. I thought that this was very odd, weird and unprobable and I was wondering if this happened to anybody else. (oh, and the hokey-pokey is what it's all about)
  17. That's what it appears to be. And that's just too bad. I just wish that I could see one, just one picture of OP. I mean, they could be a high schooler, a retired grandma with a lot of time.....who knows?!?
  18. I have found some of Otis's caches so I can tell you a lot about this fellow. For one, Otis is one of the most mysterious cachers there ever was. There is not a picture of the cacher anywhere in their gallery, just the Pug, Otis the Pug. Nobody actually really knows what gender this person is (most think without thinking that it is a male, since the name is OtisPug, but that may just be the name of the Pug), the age, appearance. Nothing. This cacher has never showed up to an event cache and probably never will, just to keep the mystique. And then there's the caches. These caches are devious in nature. For example, we have tried eight times before finally getting it right on a cache of theirs that was ranked a three. OtisPug may be the pioneer of the cache in the library book. Otis has put out fake water spigots in parks with the cache underneath. Otis has also made a cache that is a three-gallon bucket very, very hard to find. One has been placed in a fire alarm that may have been fully functional. There's about 50 OP caches and many more that have been archived, very few of which are not mind-blowing in their difficulty. OP caches were repeatedly saved for milestones. Despite the legacy Otis created (OP inspired caches like "The Pug Trap," created by another hider) most of the caches now are archived and I'm not aware of any new hides. Sorry if that was unfocused, unhelpful rambling, but just know that OP is one of the most mysterious to ever be and redefined the term "urban camo" around our area with hides that always made you chuckle when you found it after about an hour of headaches.
  19. ...kind of like stepping on an alkaline battery in a hallway and then finding out that Al Kaline got into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
  20. I followed your advice, because I thought it was a good idea. And I usually follow advice if I think that it's a good idea.
  21. I have now logged out twice, which, somehow, did not work the first time, and I will now see if it worked... ...and it did! I hope that you enjoy/enjoyed reading that small, witty line that hopefully brightened your day a bit.
  22. Nothing happened. grumble
  23. This is a post which is being used to test the stature of my signature, which I have just chagned. If this test is successful, my modified signature will appear at the bottom of this post (and all my other posts), and I will browse through some more forum topics, or maybe go and do my homework. However, if my sig is not modified, I will probably grumble to myself and try to fix it, which may be a fruitiless act despite the easy-to-use steps that Planet has provided for clueless people like me. Here goes.
  24. There's one that's currently archived, but was placed in a book in the local college's library. That was pretty nifty.
  25. blogger.com forums and then a wide variety of other grand locations which I go to at random, uncoordinated times
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