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  1. That was a great story; thanks for sharing it.
  2. Are you implying that off-topic threads like this one are merely here for us to boost our post count? No. Sometimes there's some really funny stuff on AS that help make the forums a fun place. I think I got the norm unless somebody sneaked in before me.
  3. Sorry. That's just how it appears to be at times. And, I mean, post boosting is not a bad thing. Well, too much of it is. Strawberry milk is the best of all the milks.
  4. Maybe we could just talk about milk. That would be pretty sweet, this 100-page-long thread about milk. But no. I say no more endless threads. Personally. I think that one post-boosting zone is enough. I drank milk last night.
  5. You can't ban McToys. Then there would be nothing for the kiddies. To a child, a McToy is as great a find as a TB, FTF or a GeoCoin is to the adults. Well Said PandyBat My kids totally agree. Aside from that, many Asian families would starve if they didn't get the income from making those. McToys have a special place in the world.
  6. I don't think they're the same person. No. Definitely not. But I'd like to thank both of them since their creative innovations have made life a better place.
  7. I don't think you got anything, but there is and are guides on the geocaching site.
  8. When somebody registers to be a geocacher, they would get a grand booklet/message by mail/email and it would have all of the rules, a guide to hiding and finding your first cache, a miniature dictionary with all of the terms, etc., etc.
  9. This topic has been previously discussed: Geocaching Blogs
  10. Extreme Geocaching Oh geez, that's hilarious.
  11. You're not supposed to leave food in caches. I don't know what dom. p is, but it sounds like a food, as it comes in a bottle.
  12. There are no more burials in this cemetary, it filled along time ago. There are woods surrounding the whole cemetary and the cache tombstone would be off in these woods. -Trailwalker Ah. Then otherwise I think it's a grand idea.
  13. Having a funeral getting interupted by this guy with his kids that are upearthing material around a mysterious tombstone wouldn't be all that great.
  14. Wow! California is the winner by a landslide! I mean, an avalanche!
  15. It's illegal to use the computers for "non-educationl purposes" at our school. And I'm not gutsy enough to do the separate-window thing.
  16. As far as I know, you just have to tally up all the individual state caches (this can be done by selecting a state near the top of the hide/seek a cache page). Alabama has 637....
  17. Look! I'm flaming flask! nyuck, nyuck...
  18. Geez, but that's hard to do. I can hardly handle those scissors and I if I did know how I don't see how I could make much at all. AH, as for your works, that's pretty incredible. I'm in awe.
  19. I admire your tenacity as you got up at 5. You probably shouldn't have to climb over barbed wire to get to a cache. If that was the only possible way, it should be archived. Yeah.
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