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  1. I would like one for the Puget Sound Chapter.
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    How ingenious! Thanks!
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    I'm still not able to get it! All I see when I click on the link to the October calendar is the September one (Ayers Rock) and earlier desktops. What am I doing wrong????
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    I'm having the same problem!
  5. So do people actually lift the cement to get to the cache or does it slide out? Do you by any chance have a picture of this that you could post? I could see where this approach might provide better camo in some terrains than paint or tape would. Have you ever added rocks, sand, twigs, etc. to the cement?
  6. Wow! Thanks for all of the replies. I've got tons of ideas to work with! I've never seen that type of duct tape, but will have to buy some. One of the cahes we're looking to hide will need to be painted though as the terrain is more of a sandy dirt type and the duct tape would actually stand out. I'll print out all the recommendations and see what our hardware store has to offer and experiment some. Thanks again to everyone who replied!
  7. We just bought some large Lock and Locks after being very impressed with their seal. We would like to hide them in places where they would stand out if we don't camouflage them. The only camo that I have seen used on Lock and Locks has been black tape, which really wouldn't be appropriate for the location we're looking at. I'd like to paint them, but the paint on plastic caches that I have found always seems to be peeling off. Does anyone know of a type of paint that really adheres to plastic? Thanks for any advice you can give!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I didn't make myself clear as I should have... I mostly just want to know WHY one is not allowed to edit logs after an hour. I don't want to dredge up a hot topic, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere. Given that the policy is so different from GC.com, I am assuming that there is a specific reason for it.
  9. Hi! I am totally new to Waymarking, almost totally new to forums and fairly new to geocaching, so I beg your fogiveness if these questions have been answered before. I tried reading all the old forum messages and coulnd't find the answers. This weekend, I started logging several waymarks without realizing that different ones had different requirements in regards to photos and so forth. When I realized my mistake, I wanted to change my logs to a note and then when I coul upload a photo, change it back to "visited". I didn't want to delete my logs as I had spent some time and energy writing them. Also, what if I made a typo or wanted to add something to my log? Also, why can't we trash/delete our photos like we can on GC.com. I accidently uploaded a photo to the wrong log (the log just above the one I was trying to upload to). Now I can't delete that photo (or at least I can't figure out how to) and it looks kind of stupid as it has nothing to do with the catergory or log. Finally why can't we rotate our photos like we can on gc.com (one again, maybe I just can't figure out how to do it)? I have several vertical pictures that look kind of weird when viewed horizontally. Given that much of Waymarking is about photos, it seems like it would be nice to see the photos in their best format. While I could edit the photo before I uploaded it to make them horizontal, it would mean cropping them weirdly. Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much! I did it and it worked! Yeah!
  11. How/where does one store an image while editing a submission? Thanks!
  12. This is a great link! In it he talks about puzzle caches with embedded images. He says to use graphics editing software to change the color of one box to a different color (in the sample he refers to, there are two boxes that are almost the same color, he says you should change one box to red and then you can see it). When I copy the image he refers to into a photo editing program, I can actually just read the message w/o doing anything, but I want to know how to actually change the color of the two boxes as I am trying to solve a different puzzle cache that I suspect uses the same or a similar technique. How does one go about getting software to recognize that there is a two-layered image there?
  13. I also hope that your apology is accepted. I am new and have no idea what an alien coin is, and certainly don't want to dredge up anything, so I may not fully understand the severity of what was done. Still, I don't think you could have been more sincere in your apologies. And it was very brave of you to do it in public, not once, but twice.
  14. Multiple DNFs just inflate the ego of the hider. Caches with coordinates deliberately a hundred feet off. Yes, we all know that they exist. If it's a honest cache, I will log my DNF, even repeatedly. If it's just nasty, all you get is one DNF, no matter how many attempts it takes me. So sue me. Sorry, I don't seem to be able to quote this previous post correctly. Wow! People really do that! Why would someone like people to DNF on their cache? Sorry to seem stupid, I am still fairly new at this. There is this one cacher near us says that multiple DNF's means it is a good hide, he calls his hides evil and I must say I have enough trouble with "well behaved" cahes without trying for evil ones. I have kind of wonered about some of the people who call themselves evil and have hardly any finds, but lots of hides. I wonder if they really understand what it feels like to DNF... Maybe they have more finds actually, but use a sock puppet account (I'm still not sure what that is)?
  15. I also watch any of my DNF's. I am still new to this (trying for #100 tomorrow), and I like to see if a DNF is because the cache is actually missing or due to my inability to find it. Also, sometimes someone will later mention something in a log that will help me realize what I did wrong. I guess I could just as easily start bookmarking all of my DNF's instead of watchlisting them. Sometimes I put them on my ignore list if I am pretty sure they are missing. One day, I suppose, I'll get good enough to report caches as needing maintenance or should be archived if I have searched for them on multiple occasions and am still DNF'ing. For right now, I'd say my DNF's have only about a 50% chance of actually being missing. We recently placed our first cache and were just wondering yesterday why people were watching it. Now we know why.
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