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  1. I've had some go missing. I then suddenly started getting notices of people finding it.  Sent an email to one of them and they said they didn't actually see the coin but were at a gathering where people were sharing the tracking codes of coins so others could 'find' them. Locked the coins and have never sent any more out. Might at some point.

  2. I joined back in 4/2001, Been in and out of geocaching over the years.  Looking at my finds I see that the first does not show up until 3/2003. I was living in Northern BC and as geocaching was relativly new they were far and few. I can't recall which ones but I did make some finds before 2003.    Probably  nothing I can do about it but has this happened to anyone else?

  3. OK, this may be a stupid question. where in the 64s do I put the GPX file? just lob it into the GPX folder or GPX/Current? or GPX/Archive or create its own folder?

    Just bought a premium membership and I have been here for 3 hours trying to get PQs to work and figure this all out. I have not been this frustrated in a very long time. Their step by step video is nothing but a smarmy couple on a road trip.


    I'm going for a walk and look at leaves :)


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