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  1. Ciao a tutti, in Italia la community di geocacher é un po' limitata (e questo forum non molto visitato), ma nel caso qualcuno ancora lo legga, volevo annunciare un evento il 10 di Gennaio a Varese: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5HY6V_wish-upon-a-lantern-buoni-propositi-2015 Vi aspetto numerosi!! Simone
  2. Hi, does anyone know what it's happening with the API program? No new access token released since more than a year, and now also the list of 3rd party app disappeared. And on top of this, the official apps suck... What's happening? Simone
  3. Did you realize that it costed you more in term of "billable time" to open the browser, login to the forum and write this comment, than paying 1.99USD for the application?
  4. This is really annoying as none of the application out there (at least for iPhone and WP8) handles multi-caches correctly, not even the official ones. I'm a software developer and would have liked to implement my own, but without the possibility to call the API it's almost impossible to do that. Simone
  5. Hi, I recently bought premium account for Geacaching, and I was really happy to see among the features the possibility to add a personal note to the cache: really helpful to keep track of hints discovered or partial coordinates. But if would be cool if could also store images and coordinates directly bound to stages of the cache: this way I don't have to copy the coordinates to create new waypoints on a smartphone. Simone
  6. Indeed... I guess it made sense with hardware GPS devices. Now I guess it would be more important to track which application people are using since an app works the same in every smartphone that can run it. But probably they track it already by the signature with which every application uses when calling the geocaching APIs. But giving possibility to review geocaching apps would be a cool feature too
  7. I know, but these Lumia are the most popular Windows Phone devices around, and I guess that is someone is using the WP app, there is a 50% chance they are using one of those. Second, why not allow people with devices not on the list to add them themselves? Simone
  8. After a while (I guess it was in the afternoon) the distance became correct... and now it is correct. I guess I just needed to wait more Thx Simone PS: is there a way to change title of the thread so that I can mark the bug as "solved"?
  9. Dears, I wanted to add my new Nokia Lumia but I noticed that only the fist generation of Lumia are available (610, 710, 800, 900), the ones running Windows Phone 7. Now there are many more Nokia Lumia available, the second generation: 520, 620, 625, 820, 920, 925, 1020. Here you can find more information on the Lumia series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumia_series Regards Simone
  10. I've updated the position of my "home location" and the "My Home Location Statistics" have not been updated even if I changed the home location more than one day ago, and forced update of stats more than once. I know it's wrong based on the fact that I have a few caches very close to the location I put but the one showing as "Nearest to home" is still the same, and at the same distance of before (when my home location was city center). If I go to my profile, the home location appears correctly. Thank you Simone
  11. Hi, not sure this is the right place for sending a feature request, but couldn't find any other more relevant forum. Now, when doing multi-caches and you want to add the coordinates of a new waypoint you have to stay in the map, add a new WP and add a name to it. It would be maybe nicer if one could add the new waypoint directly from the list of "additional waypoints" so that the name is already pre-filled (and maybe also the fixed figures of the coordinates). Simone
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