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  1. Is there a way to track travel bugs in cachemate (palm os)? I know that I can enter the TB# but I was wondering if there was somthing as simple as selecting it from a list of item that I have in my posession similar to the GC website? Thanks Raymond
  2. The 60cx is a much more powerful unit and will give you many more options as you learn to use it more. I have a Garmin 276C that I can move between my boat, ATV and truck. I use a 60CSx (it has an electronic compass built in) for most of my caching as it's much easier to hang onto than my other unit. I'm sure what ever one you choose that the more you use it the more familar you'll become with it's features. As someone else said in a previous post make your house a waypoint and then walk to or from somewhere else back to the waypoint that you created. Most people don't learn to trust a GPSr until they do this type of experiment. A few years ago a friend of mine was convinced how useful a GPSr is when we're out ice fishing. We went out in a snow storm, you couldn't see 30 feet due to the blowing snow. And I drove direclt to the last spot that we'd been fishing and we had a great evening of fishing. When it was time to come off the ice we drove directly back to where we had come onto the ice. You couldn't see anything due to the blowing snow. All I did was follow the same trail back into the shore that I'd take out.
  3. I used to use the same set up. If I remember correctly you have to import the file into cachemate once you have transfered it to the iPAQ. Have you tried to look at the FAQ on the cachemate site for pocket pc users? BTW. I've since switched to a second and Palm which I find to have a much better interface. Regards tool_guy
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    oops...my mistake. I meant Mapsource which is Garmin's sorftware. Not Mapquest.
  5. On the 60cx there is a geocaching mode that you have to enable in the menu. I can't recall exactly where it is in the menus. But you should be able to find it in your manual. The other thing that I've found is that I have my best luck exporting caches to mapquest using GSAK and then use mapquest to send them to the gps.
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    Another thing to try is try turning on the gps after you connect it to the usb port.
  7. I was just wondering where I could find camo tape or other items to help camo a cache container? thanks tool_guy
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    If you open Mapquest can you transfer items between the GPSr and computer? Have you tried another USB port and just for the fun of it even though you said the cable is good try another cable.
  9. Is it still for sale and where abouts are you located?
  10. Does anyone know if I can download and install new waypoint icons, such as the treasure chests onto my Garmin gps276C? Thanks
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