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  1. My wife and I started Geocaching back in the summer of '02. While she has continued to tow the proverbial line when it comes to caching (she's developed an eerie sixth sense that she uses out on the caching-trail), my interests have veered more toward benchmark hunting. The thing I enjoy most about it is that it requires a certain amount intuition & lateral thinking to be successful since (as you have discovered) the text descriptions are often outdated or somewhat less than pin-point accurate, & it's not as if your GPS will lead you right to what you seek. Most of the time, I don't even use my receiver except to get me to the general area. It's the act of finding a marker IN SPITE of all this that I have fun with. But then again, this very morning I was out in the Cajon Pass with a list of five markers that I planned to find & log... struck out on ever darned one!!! That's OK too... it's the act of persuing them that I enjoy (but I DO like to find 'em when I can) Brian (1/2 of OHD)
  2. Just last week I purchaced an MFJ-941 tuner (with integrated SWR/power meter) & I absolutely love it. As Poindexter said... the point at which the Forward Power and Reflected Power meters intersect vis-a-vis the SWR lines that are screened on the meter's face indicate your actual SWR. I really appreciate this arrangent since the user isn't required to recalibrate the needle every time there's been a change in parameters (antenna length, power level, etc.). As I'm sure you already know, you want the reading to be as low as possible (i.e., the lower-righthand area of the meter of an MFJ product) Good luck, Brian (KA6WSR) Riverside, CA
  3. O.H.D.

    Which PDA?

    OK everybody, here's where I stand at the present moment... yesterday, a friend offered to (essentailly) give me a used (but perfectly functional) Casio BE-300. How useful might I expect one of these unit's to be vis-a-vis goecaching? Any assistance would be appreciated. Brian (1/2 of OHD)
  4. O.H.D.

    Which PDA?

    Hi everyone. After months of going on Goecaching adventures with a loose-leaf folder crammed full of print-outs of cachpages, I'm beginning to think that it might be time to invest in a PDA. I know absolutely nothing about PDA's, so what I need to find out is exactly what features I'm going to need (or more specifically, which models best lend themselves to the needs of the average Geocacher). Also, I might mention that price is a consideration since I'm planning (at least for now) to use it only for Geocaching/Benchmarking. Thank you! Brian (1/2 of OHD)
  5. Hello form Riverside, California! The name's Brian and I've been a licensed ham for twenty-one years (as KA6WSR). After remaining at "Technician+" for eighteen of those years, I decided to take advantage of the newly written rules regarding license upgrades and get my General (which I did sucessfully in April of that year). I recently got ahold of a very nice Kenwood TS-520S & have been having a great time on HF (I'm even working on honing my skills in CW... it seems a lot easier now that the pressure's off!). Brian/ka6wsr/ohd [This message was edited by ohd on August 13, 2002 at 07:10 PM.] [This message was edited by ohd on August 13, 2002 at 07:11 PM.]
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