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  1. I like it. It's a much more modern design and works well on my mobile phone too. My only suggestion is that the ad at the bottom of the mobile version of the page might look like look better centered than aligned left. https://s22.postimg.org/uih7i77v5/Screenshot_20170516-230836.png And yes, I have just bought a car!
  2. I can't seem to find the KML file. Does it still exist? [EDIT:] Never mind, just spotted it. (I was clicking the wrong link)
  3. I usually use http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ This one allows you to choose maps anywhere around the world and download them. Very useful, and it's free to download and use.
  4. I seem to be one of the ones who has been sent to the search page on my desktop. I think it looks much more modern. I usually use the map to search for caches so I don't expect to use it much, but I would like it to stay for the better design (and mobile friendliness). But my Android phone still displays the normal homepage. Same account, same browser (chrome), refreshed at same time. I've also tried clearing the cache (data cache, not geocache). Any ideas what's happened?
  5. Have you tried 'Geocaching Map Enhancements'? http://geo.inge.org.uk/gme.htm It has many features which are only designed to work in the UK, but it does put a list of caches in the side bar which works worldwide.
  6. I'd quite like the option to choose how often I get the emails, just like in the forums. With a 30 minute gap, some messages could be missed for some cachers when they get quick replies within that time gap. It might also be nice to be able to reply to an email and the reply goes straight to the message center. I'm not sure how that would work, but it would make people who prefer to email much happier. But it is quickly developing into a great product! Thanks for the hard work!
  7. Great to see more improvements to the BETA messaging system and more modern designs for the rest of the site. Keep them coming!
  8. It's really up to you. You know what caches are like and what is popular in your area. Even with 40 finds you should have some knowledge about local caches. My suggestions would be: Attached to a tree Attached to a fence Up a tree (High terrain rating)
  9. Have you tried using HTML? http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/htmlcodes.html
  10. Thanks kunarion, you have solved my squircle problem. Looks like it just happens for cacher's who uploaded icons in the old 48x48 pixel sizing. Not sure if it's technically a bug now.
  11. Simple problem: My icon in the message center next to a message that I have sent doesn't seem to be rounded. This is probably a low priority bug.
  12. Where I am (South East England) Caches the size of film containers are usually considered micro. From what I've seen, different parts of the country would have different ratings for D/T and size for exactly the same cache. If that cache was near me, I would change it to a micro. In your situation it appears to be the same, but you may want to check the size of other similar caches nearby too. I've also found this image on the web which may help:
  13. JamesA60

    Web map bug

    I visited the geocache map using Internet Explorer on Windows Phone (running Lumia Denim) and discovered a slight problem with the site. When the left arrow is tapped to view the map, some of the navigation bar seems to disappear. This only seems to happen when the webpage is refreshed with the search panel open. This doesn't affect the functionality of the map, but it just doesn't look quite right so will probably be low priority. Screenshot of bug: Edit - This bug doesn't seem to occur on iOS or Android
  14. I personally think it depends what the owner wants. If the owner of the trackable uploads a photo and says something along the lines of 'Feel free to discover' on a social network, then I believe that this is acceptable. But if it doesn't say this anywhere, I agree with you, it shouldn't be logged. I wouldn't be happy with random people logging a trackable which I didn't want lots of people to log.
  15. I like the new messaging system. Now that images can be sent, it will make it much easier to communicate with others about geocaches and trackables. It also seems to have a better design. It seems more modern, so is likely to attract younger geocachers. I don't see what people mean when it is slow and not user friendly (although the whole site was slow earlier), I think it is much better than the email system. There are only a few things I would change: Remove the character limit as 1000 is way too low, and allow more images to be uploaded. I don't see what everyone else is moaning about. Groundspeak seems to be adapting the website to keep in line with modern trends and fashions, which they need to do to keep the sport of Geocaching alive. Edit - I'd also like to point out to other cachers that this in in BETA stages of the development of the website. This means it is being TESTED and they are asking for your CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, not just saying to take it down because you don't like it. Tell Groundspeak how to improve the messaging system.
  16. You can try them. Go to http://staging.geocaching.com
  17. Firstly, I would like to point out to the less observant of us that the recently visited and older pages can still be accessed by clicking on the username. I would also like to thank Groundspeak for making the design look more modern. It is much better with the smooth stylings and design than the old HTML-heavy design which looked very clunky. It is also great to see more of the site being mobile enabled, as more people are beginning to use their phone to browse the internet and find geocaches.
  18. How can non-premium members change milestones? It seems to have been moved.
  19. You can now do exactly the same thing with geo.co . It seems to be running the same software as coord.info, but uses a shorter domain name. Example: geo.co/GC50B7D
  20. While browsing through the site a while I found the 'Find a Benchmark' link on the bottom of the webpage. I was disappointed to find that I would not be able to log any benchmarks because the UK database had not been uploaded. I think it might be a nice idea to try to import the UK trigpoints into the Groundspeak database so that a wider range of people can use the system. I have managed to find some databases and spreadsheets which contain trigpoint information: http://www.trigpointinguk.com/ http://www.lonewalker.walkingplaces.co.uk/files/Lonewalkers%20UK%20Trig%20Point%20Database%20v1.0%20(Feb%202014).xlsx http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/benchmarks/ http://www.bench-marks.org.uk/ I understand that whoever is importing the databases will need to get permission to use it, but I'm sure one of the databases will be usable. After looking at the benchmarks in Seattle, it looks like all the information that is needed can be gathered from the databases that I found. If Groundspeak don't have the money or time to re-code the system, I have some experience with PHP which can do almost the same things as ASP, so I would be happy to help if needed. I also think it would be a good idea to include a map so that users can find out exactly where the benchmarks are. I think this wouldn't take too long to make because most of the code would already be in the normal geocaching map.
  21. I've just found a problem in the previous version of the app which I am not sure if it has been fixed. The "Check for updates" option still says that version 1.0.2 is most recent. Even though version 1.0.3 was released today.
  22. Italiano: Hi ilTozzo! Scusate se questo è difficile da capire, ma ho dovuto usare Google translate per cambiare questo da Inglese a Italiano viceversa. Per risolvere il problema, avviare l'applicazione quindi scegliere i tre puntini in basso a destra dello schermo. Successivamente, è necessario fare clic sulla scheda Impostazioni e deselezionare la casella che dice 'Solo Caches tradizionali'. Spero che questo aiuta! English: Hi ilTozzo! Sorry if this is hard to understand, but I have had to use Google translate to change this from English to Italian vise versa. To solve the problem, start the app then click the three dots in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next, you need to click the settings tab and untick the box that says 'Traditional Caches Only'. I hope this helps!
  23. I've just deployed the app on my phone (Nokia Lumia 710) and almost straight away I have run into a problem. When I try to connect the app to skydrive, I manage to log in and allow the app to access my data but afterwards when it is trying to connect I get an error message saying 'Plop'. After this happens, when I start the app I get the splash screen but the app freezes and closes almost straight away. I have tried re-starting my phone and re-installing the app but this won't fix it. It seems to do the same in the 512 mb emulator. I like Mangatome's sense of humour with the error message, but it would be nice if all the error messages had a bit of humour (like plop) but also had an error number. I find this very useful when programming with PHP because it allows me to quickly find where the code has gone wrong.
  24. The map on the search page is displayed, unlike the last topic, but does not focus on the right place. It goes straight so the Groundspeak/Geocaching HQ in Seattle. This only happens in Google Chrome. It seems to work properly in IE and Firefox.
  25. NO! Keep the intro app. I think this is the only way to get most iPhone users into geocaching. If the app was removed no one else would find out about geocaching and geocachers would die out. You also seem to be unaware that there are many free geocaching apps on Android and Windows Phone which are just like the normal app on iOS, so if it was removed on iPhones there would still be people using the free app on other operating systems.
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