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  1. Using Google Earth I saved the image of my hunting area . I then made an "Image Overlay" of the area and saved it as a KMZ file. I imported it to Basecamp where it can be saved in the "My Collection" files and viewed as a Custom Map . My question is : Can I load this on my Garmin 62s and will it display the satellite imagery with no problem ?




    If the JPG was not a progressive JPG, and if you save the KMZ file in the \Garmin\CustomMaps\ directory on your 62s, yes.


    More info here.

  2. I've been having issues recently with my Garmin eTrex 30 losing track data; sometimes recoverable via USB after forcing it to rewrite the exported data by deleting the generated GPX files, sometimes they're just completely gone.


    Yesterday I recorded track data going up a mountain then saved the track and cleared it so I could record the rest of the hike separately. I initially gave the saved track data the default timestamp name but decided to rename it, and then when I tried to View On Map the button was unresponsive (it didn't change to Hide On Map) so I power cycled and when I went back into Track Manager it was gone. Couldn't see it from my computer back at home either.


    I'd also loaded a bunch of geocaches onto my GPS via ExpertGPS but when out in the field my eTrex 30 said there were no geocaches loaded, yet when I got home and plugged it into my computer via USB I could see the GPX file with all the geocaches right there.Annoying!


    Not sure if I actually have the 2.8 update; will check that this evening.


    I'm over the digital compass now. Switched to using lithium AA's but doesn't help much. Maybe it's because I usually have the unit upside down in a pouch on my shoulder? Maybe tri-axial isn't as tri-axial as claimed …


    Actually, Garmins software for many of their uber expensive top of the line GPS units have suffered greatly in the past twelve months.... They are producing pure GARBAGE right now, while focusing on pushing out new products and all but abandoning the current market....


    They may not realize it now, but if they continue on the current path, in another twelve months they will not enjoy the market share they do now.


    I am not buying any new Garmin products any time soon....

  3. The \Archive\ directory stores past track recordings of where you have been - Save these files for future reference, and/or delete them at will.


    The \Current\ directory contains the Current.gpx file which is the current track log of where you are now - If deleted, will be re-created at each power on.


    The \Nav\ directory is where the Montana stores your desired destination when you are navigating to a specific waypoint.

  4. Hi folks out there in forum land. I have an Oregon 450. Is there any way in which the page sequence can be altered? When I select a cache and press go it takes me to another map page; I would like it to go direct to the compass page from the go page. Any advice gratefully received.


    The Wobbly Club


    I am unaware of any method to alter which application (page) is activated when selecting 'Go' from a cache description. but you may find the information you need at the Garmin Oregon wiki.

  5. Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70:


    Fixed issue with trip odometer where distance between two tracks would be incorrectly added to the total distance.


    NOT FIXED. I was hiking today and still getting the excess mileage on my trip odometer. It's the same incorrect functionality it's been doing since inception. I know not all agree, but I just don't get the logical sense for the units to log mileage and tracks in this fashion. Contacting Garmin, for what good it will do.


    This was my experience also.


    I reported to montana.beta@garmin.com

  6. edit: two nuggets of advice


    Kkeep your pocket queries on the micro SD card. Occasionally I've encounted some bug which loses most caches on the display due to batteries running out or inexplicable behavior. If the query is in the internal memory it must be removed, rebooted and rewritten - a difficult task if the malfunction happens in the field, which has happened a couple of times. With the queries on the micro SD, simply power down, remove micro SD, restart, power down, replace micro SD and then start again. It should load all caches and waypoints again.


    When replacing pocket queries I highly recommend hooking your unit up to the computer, delete old queries, power down and restart before adding new query files. I have on more than one occasion observed the Oregon 450 not showing all caches contained in the queries if overlapping queries are added and removed without restarting.


    Excellent advise. I have had similar experience, and now do exactly as you suggest.

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