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  1. Were you watching the geocaching dashboard compass instead of using the actual compass application? The Geocaching compass ALWAYS points to the nearest geocache.
  2. The Garmin Oregon 450 or 550 (if you want a mediocre camera) will serve you quite well. Either can be had for $200-$250 USD if you look hard enough.
  3. Such an open ended request. Let's narrow it down a bit.... What is your budget?
  4. I could live with 3, but when I was out this morning, best I was getting was 5m, with it sitting around 7m most of the time. Even tested with it on a park bench with an unobstructed view of the sky. My cell phone was getting 2m to 3m. Tough to find a micro with a 7m accuracy and it's reading GZ in the middle of a parking lot and bushes on the edges. I don't expect it to drop me on the cache, but at least give me a rough area to look in, instead of the middle of nowhere. I have found micros in the middle of parking lots before
  5. It is a violation of Groundspeak Terms and Conditions to place Geocaches and not use a GPS device to retrieve coordinates. Those who promote such behavior are only doing themselves, others, and the entire Geocaching community a disservice. Please read this post, and then review the entire thread.
  6. Most GPSFileDepot maps are not downloaded as IMG maps but rather installed into MapSource/BaseCamp before they can be sent to an external device.
  7. Do you have a link to MapInstall in the Garmin directory of your Program Files list? Or are you using a Mac?
  8. True. The reason I used this example: Is because when my Oregon x50 is reporting EPE of 7ft, and you change the display to metric, 2m is less than 7ft, so the unit displays 3m instead (rounds up).
  9. Click this link to answer your question.
  10. I think your Dakota was being a bit, shall we say, optimistic. The best I have ever achieved with the Oregon x50 is 3m, or 7ft - which is pretty good. I also have a Dakota x0, and never have I seen it out perform my Oregon x50.
  11. Yes. Nobody has ever sold a Bluetooth GPS in the USA. Funny, I used Bluetooth GPS units with my Sony Ericsson T68, P800 and T616 phones more than ten years ago, in the USA!
  12. And if not? Are you going to denounce Garmin, throw out all their products you already own, and switch to another brand? ;-)
  13. If you are both using the same account to log the same cache, why do you need to do it from both phones? I suspect only one mobile device can be logged into the account at any given time.
  14. Do you mean every single map was enabled? Don't you just hate that? No, the profile settings were all changed. The map settings stayed the way the were before. The basemaps were still disabled and the OSM was enabled. My geocaching profile got switched back to using the basic fields and not the Geocaching dashboard that I had it previously configured to use. My automotive profile got switched to use the automotive dashboard. Nothing major, I was just surprised by it when I arrived at a new location to go caching and had to do a reconfig in the field after strapping on my snowshoes. I have to check the other settings, but nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. Oh... That's even worse. I really hate that!
  15. My OPINION is that the Oregon series is constructed of much higher quality components and materials than the Dakota. I have both, and particularly the USB 'flap' and sloppy mechanical power button on the Dakota seem severely poorly executed. Examining both together in person will reveal what I am referring to.
  16. Indeed, they have not finished FCC approval. Still a few (?) weeks away
  17. Thank You T!mberwolf for your fantastic explanation. Sounds like you have i all just the way you need it now! ENJOY!
  18. Do you mean every single map was enabled? Don't you just hate that?
  19. Pleae elaborate more... What was the issue, and how did you solve it? Would be nice for others with the same issue who find this thread to know what you found and how you solved it
  20. Would Free OSM routable maps work for you?
  21. OK, now I am confused: Your quotes do not agree with each other. You never said you sent the other maps to your uSD card, but you do say they show up on the uSD card, but not in the Map Select Menu. Can you please clarify?
  22. All Garmin handhelds that allow renaming of *.img maps allow spaces
  23. Can you please run JaVaWa Device Manager and see if any errors are reported? How many maps are loaded onto your GPS and uSD card, and what is the total number of map tiles when added together? JaVaWa Device Manager will give you all this information. If somehow you have more than 4000 map tiles total between your Montana and uSD card, they will not be available for selection.
  24. I own both, and would choose the Oregon over the Dakota any day! Really, the Dakota is just a smaller screen version of the Oregon with less features. There is nothing the Dakota can do the Oregon can not do, and plenty vice versa
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