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  1. Do you delete through Basecamp -- or pop up Windows Explorer and delete all the GPX files in the GPX folder? Actually, if you have a minute, can you explain your process for cleaning up old GPX files on the 62S? Thnkx. I clear out old geocache GPX file manually, via Windows Explorer. Download/install JaVaWa Device Manager, run it, let it analyze your 62s, and it will warn of errors and inform you how many GPX files are loaded, and offer a method to delete unwanted GPX files as well.
  2. Have you been clearing out old geocaches? If you load more than the unit can index, new GPX files will be ignored.
  3. I don't think they have the 49 state version on DVD, if you want DVD, it's North America. Yep, you're right. I guess I'll have to spend the extra 20 bucks. You guys are a huge help, as I don't much about mapping software! Did you see this page yet?
  4. my nuvi has all of North America, but if you only need the lower 49, that will serve you well. Then you can do a one time lifetime update purchase and apply it to the unit you put the lower 49 on and you'll get free updates once every quarter.
  5. Are you sure the profile setting is supposed to include such things? If so... it amazes me that such bugs can go through even the briefest review. Is there no systemization or structure at all? Is the source code just one big heap of spaghetti? With meatballs!
  6. Your GPSMap 62s does not know, nor does it care if you have a premium membership. Either you were not properly logged in when you downloaded the geocaches or you downloaded them in the wrong format. Did you load GPX files, or LOC files to your GPSMap 62s? What was the process you sued, from beginning to end? If you had geocaches loaded PRIOR to upgrading to premium membership, they will ALL have to be deleted from the GPSMap 62s before you send newly downloaded caches.
  7. What type of batteries are installed in your 62s? Are the correct type selected in Setup > System > Battery Type? They WILL have an effect on the compass behavior.
  8. Yes, it is. Give them some time before sending a follow up.
  9. Happy to help but I only have the oregon 300 with the latest updates, im sure the files should be the same but take no responsability if they are not. Would you like me to send them? Matt Yuh thx, I like to try them. I still have 2 working GPF's from the 450 so it will function when they dont fit. Screen sizes are equal, i'll guess it only misses the recalculate route option in the GPF's :)Just got a post from a dutch forum where someone is making a zip from the original 450. Will post the link back here if I receive them. Do not use the Oregon 300 profiles in the Oregon 450, wait for the Oregon 450 profiles.
  10. Car navigation device that allows direct copying of GPX files similar to Dakota 20. Hmmm.... Montana 600?
  11. This confuses me a little. Before we had GSAK, we were dragging the PQ into our 2 Garmin gps units, but I dont remember unzipping. And do you have to pick where you send it to theunit or is it done automatically? On Garmin GPS the PQ.GPX MUST be unzipped, and must be placed in the GPS:\Garmin\GPX\ or uSD:\Garmin\GPX directory.
  12. Keep trying, and contact Garmin, see if they can help you resolve the issue. Perhaps you will have better luck than I
  13. ANT+ has never properly worked on my Montana 650, and I have had it for 16 months. I have sent many reports to Garmin, still no fix. Was trying to use it again this weekend, and still is inop as of firmware 4.70.
  14. Should be a Help File / User Manual from Garmin ON your GPS: [GPS]\Documents\Start_Here.html
  15. How are you going to get to the cache if the GPS is kept in the car mounted on the windshield?
  16. Exactly This: THEN add new geocache GPX files.
  17. Nope. Because the Garmin Oregon 600/600t has no camera, you will have to buy the Oregon 650/650t to get a Camera. (see here) The Oregon 650/650t have the best camera Garmin has ever put in a GPS to date. I would not factor in the camera in a Garmin GPS as a "better camera". If you care at all about the photo quality bring another camera. If you want to take photos of codes on logbooks and cache lids, and have them geotagged to the location you took the photo, sure use the Garmin GPS camera. Mind you my opinion is a bit biased - I go caching with a Nikon DSLR. If only the Nikon would log caches? No GPS will ever accomplish what your Nikon does, nor should it!
  18. Unfortunately, I do hot have the exact model you do, so step-by-step detail may not be helpful, from myself. However, you can check this link to find tons of great information about your GPS and how to use it.
  19. Nope. Because the Garmin Oregon 600/600t has no camera, you will have to buy the Oregon 650/650t to get a Camera. (see here) The Oregon 650/650t have the best camera Garmin has ever put in a GPS to date.
  20. Have you looked at the geocache_visits.txt file in the Dakota 10\Garmin\ directory to see if they are listed? If they are not, and you are sure you logged them with that GPSr, do you remember if the unit had an unexpected shut down or crash around the time of the last logged cache you can not find? The file may not have been saved correctly if the unit suffered from an unfavorable behavior event. Does your GPSr also have a Dakota 10\Garmin\geocache_logs.xml file? If so, open it with Internet Explorer and see if the missing logs are present in this file. Whatever you do; DO NOT SAVE the geocache_visits.txt or geocache_logs.xml file after opening them for viewing. They will not be saved properly, and will be corrupted!
  21. Everything you need to know about maps for your Garmin GPSr, and where to get them can be found right here. I was referring to a mention of free maps. Just don't know if they work or not. ...and there are many dozens of free maps available from the link I provided. Why would everyone go to all the trouble to reverse engineer Garmin GPSr, collect all forms of data, compile the maps, provide a portal for others to view and download them, and ultimately put them on their GPS units if they didn't work?
  22. Everything you need to know about maps for your Garmin GPSr, and where to get them can be found right here.
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