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  1. Yes, create the list/Folder group First, then import the appropriate data into that list/folder group. And, Yes, delete from, not remove from, to permanently clear data from BaseCamp.. Also, you CAN still open your GDB in MapSource, export only the tracks and waypoints you want as GPX, then import those GPX into BaseCamp
  2. Didn't see where you solved the mystery, but the image clearly shows the Main Menu Drawer is open
  3. Apparently it is possible, but therefore your unit seems to be buggy, as eTrexes 20/30 with current FW 2.90 are. Read here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=308686&view=findpost&p=5222711 Yes, well, they just resolved that bug in the Oregon x50's, and I assume they will do the same for the eTrex in the next firmware release as well!
  4. +1 for the Oregon 450/550, which were just updated again today!
  5. BaseCamp is not all that different on the surface, just different how it runs under the hood. Each piece of data exists singularly within BaseCamp, but you can reference every data item as often as you like, and sort these reference into groups called lists. The lists can be further organized into groups stored in Folders. So, create a List named 'August 2012' and import your data for that trip into that List. Create a new Folder named '2012', and drag the 'August 2012' List to it. It is really quite easy to organize data any way you wish within BaseCamp, very similar to the way it was stored in MapSource. You just have to remember, each data item only exists once, in My Collection. The Folders and Lists are all just different groupings of that data. More info here.
  6. Unfortunately, there is no way to have all tracks be displayed by default. The reason is quite simple. Each GPSr has a limit to the number of tracks it can actively index and display on the map, and if the number of tracks you loaded on the GPSr exceeded this number, how would the GPSr know which one to index and display?
  7. Yes, but you MUST have the device ID for the GPSr that last programmed the chirp. More info here.
  8. Host it here, then insert the image link in a post!
  9. You are what I like to call an 'optomist'. Nothing wrong with that. I am also excited about this new direction in handheld GPSr from Garmin. I can't wait to see the revised Montana!
  10. Sounds like you have the Favorites Dashboard active. Tried that to no change.Bummer. Post a screen shot, please.
  11. Sounds like you have the Favorites Dashboard active.
  12. Actually, unless you work for Garmin (doubtful), few really know if the number you suggest is true or not. Your "16x over" is based on a claim that Garmin can load that amount on their site, using their format (GGZ). There aren't four million caches in the World. For most people,"they say so" usually isn't good enough to say it's true... I have an Oregon 650 in my possession with more than 30,000 GPX caches loaded, and have no reason to doubt that it will index the number Garmin suggests.
  13. Since your asking..... This One No, not really... Actually, yes... really. 16x over, really. Really. You're telling someone there is, when the truth is, it's not even out yet. Does it have to be out for my statement to be true?
  14. Since your asking..... This One No, not really... Actually, yes... really. 16x over, really. Really.
  15. 10,000 waypoints per track, 200 saved tracks. Auto Archive means, when the current track (the one being recorded) gets near the 10,000 waypoint limit, the Oregon 550 will automatically save (archive) it to the Garmin\GPX\ directory, and continue recording a new track log right where the last one left off. It will continue to do this so long as it has battery power and space on the unit. Currently, auto archiving can not be set to write to the uSD card, only the internal memory. One you return home, you can load all the tracks into BaseCamp and reconnect them, creating a single track log of your entire trip, and match your photos up with that track. Make sure you GPS and Camera have the same date/Time settings
  16. You're in luck! From the Main Menu on your Oregon 550, select: Setup > Tracks > Track Log > Record, Show On Map (will always show recorded track log on map screen) or Record, Do Not Show (Still records track log, but without displaying on map screen) Setup > Tracks > Record Method > Auto Setup > Tracks > Interval > Auto Setup > Tracks > Auto Archive > When Full Now, make sure you are always in the profile you just adjusted, and be sure to adjust all profiles you may be using to use these settings. When you are ready to begin recording for your trip, select Track Manager > Current Track > Clear Current Track > Yes to clear out any old track data you do not want. Make sure you keep extra batteries on hand, and if you are not using the GPS much, adjust Setup > Display > Backlight Timeout > as low as possible to conserve battery power. Also, to prevent accidents while carrying the device, you can short cycle the power button to bring up the status page, where you can select 'Lock Screen'. After, you will need to repeat the same procedure again, selecting 'Unlock Screen'. And finally, when you no longer need to record any more tracks, make sure to select Track Manager > Current Track > Save Track > {Enter} to make sure the final portion of your trip is saved! The Oregon 550 will continue to record track logs so long as memory is available on the device!
  17. Wow, 123 views and nuthin'... Surely someone has experience with the app. Most certainly many here do, but I (for one) am a premium member, and thus can not offer any experience using the application without premium membership.
  18. Funny you should ask. I use that very function about 80-90% of the time. I always record track logs (because I can) and generally I do not want them cluttering up the screen. Usually with my GPS, it is about where I am going rather than where I have been. If I want to see where I have been for any reason, I can briefly switch to 'show on screen' as necessary.
  19. Do you delete through Basecamp -- or pop up Windows Explorer and delete all the GPX files in the GPX folder? Actually, if you have a minute, can you explain your process for cleaning up old GPX files on the 62S? Thnkx. I clear out old geocache GPX file manually, via Windows Explorer. Download/install JaVaWa Device Manager, run it, let it analyze your 62s, and it will warn of errors and inform you how many GPX files are loaded, and offer a method to delete unwanted GPX files as well.
  20. Have you been clearing out old geocaches? If you load more than the unit can index, new GPX files will be ignored.
  21. I don't think they have the 49 state version on DVD, if you want DVD, it's North America. Yep, you're right. I guess I'll have to spend the extra 20 bucks. You guys are a huge help, as I don't much about mapping software! Did you see this page yet?
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