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  1. I doubt most will bother with a screen protector once they have an Oregon 6xx in their hands, and have used it some.
  2. Based on your search parameters, he Montana is it. No other GPSr like the Montana is produced.
  3. Map Datum should never be changed unless you are using your GPS with a map that was created with a different Map Datum, or you are navigating to coordinates created with a different Map Datum. The most commonly used (and considered the standard) map datum in use is WGS 84. Unless you have specific information indicating your maps or coordinates were created with a different Map Datum, DO NOT adjust your GPSr away from WGS 84. Doing so will only lead to much grief and anxiety.
  4. I think everyone here is confused about what exactly Map Datum is. I believe the OP simply wishes to change the Position Format.
  5. That was almost a year ago already... Did it happen? or are we still waiting?
  6. I paid for GSAK and use it all the time, and consider it a great value. However, if you want to look for other similar software titles, several are listed here. One of my favorites is MGM.
  7. Exactly. Return to the same location on multiple days, at different times of the day, and re-average the same waypoint each time, with the waypoint averaging application. I would believe the Montana reported GPS position to be more accurate than a nuvi.
  8. Yeah.... How about Number Nine?? It is used like this:
  9. Are you a writer by trade, or did you just stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
  10. Yes, you will have to let the unit set outside for 30 minutes or more to download GPS data. Also, you can name your maps anything you like, so long as they use the ".img" extension
  11. Please--what was the problem and what was the solution? In case I have the same issue on mine. Also, what is the Main Menu Drawer? How do you see that it is open? And what does that mean? Sorry for all the dumb questions--I'm new to the Montana and still learning about its features. Nancy, try looking here for information about what a Main Menu Drawer is
  12. Garmin Express will handle firmware updates for handheld units, as well as language files, etc.
  13. My apologies, I did perform a search and no direct answer could be seen, thanks for the response. Perhaps they will build that feature into future GPSr's or data manipulation programs such as MapSource or BaseCamp. No apology necessary. Just seems this is a popular question as of late. The reason it can not be done is because each GPS has a unique limit to the number of tracks it can actively index and display on the map screen. If the user loads more tracks into the device than can be indexed, how is the device to determine which tracks to 'show on map' and which to ignore? Ultimately, these decisions must be left to the user, and manually adjusted.
  14. Each map has a 'draw order', and generally, City Navigator is set to draw on top of most other maps, except transparent maps, which are set to draw on top of all other maps. I just checked and GPSFileDepot has no transparent topo maps for Nevada.
  15. Get yourself some nice rechargeable eneloops, or Duracells, as shown here (I use both). As for Pocket Queries, try this link.
  16. If you are loading 300 individual GPX file on your Dakota, they are not all being indexed. The limit is 200, after that the Dakota just ignores the rest.
  17. What happens is each map is saved with the same file name, and you likely are overwriting the first map each time with the second. Newer versions of BaseCamp/MapInstall have resolved this issue. What versions are you using? Look here for a step by step tutorial.
  18. Seems like someone asks this question at least once a week. The short answer is no, you have to manually set each track to show on map.
  19. what about those who already pre-ordered 600 for geocaching ? Are we in good shape then ? I can not tell you how much you will like it, or not. But I can tell you I am very impressed.
  20. I can not at liberty to disclose any specific information yet, but I want to warn those thinking about buying any other GPS for geocaching, you really might want to wait until after you see an Oregon 6xx in action, and then make your decision. Just sayin'.
  21. I doubt it is you. Sounds like Magellan is outsourcing some work to Garmin software engineers Contact Magellan Support yet? Thanks for the response! I did shoot Magellan an email since I couldn't find anything on their site about it. Haven't heard back yet (it was only 1.5hr ago) but when I tried searching on Google found this thread and thought I'd give it a shot. Will post anything I find out here in case it comes up for someone else in the future. Here is a more direct contact, may get you quicker response: Jeff Caulfield National Product Trainer/Brand Advocate Magellan Outdoor GPS 801-816-5774 jcaulfield@magellangps.com
  22. I doubt it is you. Sounds like Magellan is outsourcing some work to Garmin software engineers Contact Magellan Support yet?
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