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  1. I have only been "geocoining" for a few months and just starting to build up my collection. Here are a few of my recent purchases. I like bright colours and animals. Oh, and Scottish themes! Boy, this hobby is addictive, and expensive!
  2. I received the gorgeous Shadow's friend coin from Sweetlife in the Easter Mission so would love to take part in this. I picked up Irish Flag Geocoin from a cache very near my home on 18/2/13. I was only 2 weeks into my geocaching hobby then and the cache was just my 14th find. It was the first geocoin I had ever seen! It had been released in Dublin the year before with it's goal to get to Glasgow. Just by luck I was going there to meet friends for lunch the following week. I was taking my new hobby very seriously and was determined to fulfill the mission. I had to search the map to find a cache that was not a micro or nano that it could go into. I took the train into Glasgow especially early that morning, then got the underground then walked to the cache. It was muggle central that day, I remember sitting for ages on a wall trying to look nonchalant waiting for people to pass by so that I could retrieve and replace the Kelvin Mill cache . Success in the end but I was a wee bit late for my lunch! I see that the coin has since been to Germany and has a wee trip to the Maldives. Jane
  3. That's my first mission over, it was all very exciting. I can't wait for the next one.
  4. Well that's it sent. I hope everything is ok. (I'ts my first mission).
  5. I am absolutely delighted with my Easter goodies, the card is amazing and the bunny coin is gorgeous. Thank you so much Valerie. I feel bad as I've not posted mine yet, I'm waiting on an item arriving from Amazon. I hope it won't be long
  6. I like animal themed coins (hope that's not being too cheeky)
  7. Very excited, I got my email today. Can anyone tell me how I edit my post to put in the dates?
  8. Please sign me up for one mission, I am a geocoin newbie, this will be my first mission. Very excited. EMAIL SENT: 24th Feb 2015 NAME RECIEVED: MISSION SENT: MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: MISSION RECIEVED and FROM WHO:
  9. I received the 5 cheeky chappies from the first batch today. So cute! Thanks.
  10. Very interesting topic and one I've had first hand experience with recently. I've been caching since Feb with my Galaxy S2. Recently I got so fed up with it having an unreliable GPS signal that I arranged Santa to bring me a Garmin Montana 600. After a few days of playing with the Montana I've decided to return it and update my phone instead. I found it heavy and bulky. The touchscreen is awkward to use. The screen display and resolution is nowhere near as good as the phone and the OS map is not as detailed as my back country navigator app. I also find it awkward to download geocaches to the GPS. With my phone - I carry an extra battery with me. I have an impact proof case for it and some of the new phones are waterproof to a degree. I also feel less conspicuous walking about with a phone than a GPS device especially in urban environments. So there you go. Having tried both, my vote goes to the smartphone.
  11. I have been geocaching with a Samsung Galaxy S2 since Feb and have just ordered a Garmin Montana. I was sick, fed up of an unreliable GPS signal on the phone, especially in tree cover and especially when there was no cell coverage. The GPS signal was always stronger and more reliable when I had a cell signal and could activate a data connection, however in the countryside of Scotland it's not often an option. I am expecting the Garmin to be an improvement, as far as GPS signal is concerned. I hope I am not mistaken.
  12. Oh wait - the caches are back again!
  13. Since yesterday all I get is a blank map with no caches on it. No matter what I do. Even bringing up a search for an individual cache and then clicking on it's map is just the same. I leave it sitting hoping that it will refresh but still no. I tried clicking compatibility view like someone here suggested but still no joy. Very Frustrating.
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