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  1. Yup. I discovered my first cache in 2006. It was the size of a film canister and was considered to be a micro (as it should be). Since then, I have found countless containers about the same size which have been labeled as a small. I've adjusted my search filters to compensate, but it's still frustrating to know that the older, correctly-labeled "small" caches are being filtered out. Or even that newer caches, correctly labeled by long-time members are also being filtered out. I guess it's not fair to ask the reviewers to double check the size. Maybe there could be an email sent out (like in the newsletter) to help clarify this for folks? Or they could create another size option, so rather than "other" (which people seem to think are oddly shaped containers only), there could actually be a "nano" option. I honestly think that would eliminate a ton of confusion. And the sooner it's done, the sooner the mess from the size issue is rectified.
  2. Hi all. A little over 10 years ago, I found my very first geocache while I was walking my dog. Just a year before that, I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. It can mean that I struggle with things like social and communication skills. For me personally, it also makes, traveling difficult. I have a hard time driving even on local roads. But I've found that geocaching has really helped me. When I first started out, there were so many people who were willing to help me learn the game. Even when I didn't have a GPS at first, I'd use satellite maps and hints in the logs to find caches at my local park. If I still had trouble, I'd explain my situation, and people would provide me with hints for where to look! Once, I placed my own unofficial geocache right next to a real one (not understanding the rules), and people were so friendly in signing my little piece of paper tucked inside. No one complained, and it really encouraged me to keep playing. Today (now that I have an app with a real GPS), I still benefit from the game. This time, it has motivated me to expand my driving routes. I will find many caches in my area, and then I'll look just outside of my comfort zone. It makes me want to learn what back roads I need to take, and my reward is an awesome cache. By doing this, I've actually driven myself to another state. So I guess I first just want to thank the geocaching community. Thank you for helping to create a fun, positive way for me to grow and continue to grow. The second thing I'm wondering about is if there is even more that the community can do. Has geocaching helped others with special needs that you know? Can this idea be expanded upon by the community to be even more inclusive? (If so, who should I contact?) Thank you all again. (And sorry this post is so long!)
  3. My first Geocache hide was published today! (So I'm very excited and want to celebrate! ) But the other reason I would like to post this is to ask what YOU like about Geocaching. What's your favorite part about it? And what makes you choose a cache to find? Also, what DON'T you like? What turns you away from looking for a cache?
  4. Also...I have to say: +1 to this entire statement. Especially the "I think if we are better than them, we win." Just think carefully about what you would consider to be "better". I'm starting to realize that giving them attention, complaining about them, just worrying about them in general....that's what they want. They want to suck the fun out of the game. But again, I'm realizing that only I can let them do that. I found a cache once where someone had written something immature in the logbook. What I loved was that, well....people ignored it. No one CARED. People just kept signing the log as usual. I think that's when I figured out that I should do the same. Rise above!
  5. +1 to that!!!! The only issue I've noticed is that it's hard to keep track of the ones you've physically found versus the ones you found AND logged when using the app. If I don't get the online log, it doesn't show up on my app that I've found it, even if I've been there and know where it's located. So when I go to look for a new location, I get very confused! But to argue over the actual number of finds...well, if that's really what matters to a person... Like I said, I'm more concerned about keeping track of locations. Gas is expensive, you know!
  6. Just adding a bit to this one.... I have noticed the same issue in my area. MANY of the basic membership caches seem to be either trashed, missing travel bugs, or just missing in general. Not to mention the inappropriate logs people are writing. I know I should not assume things, but when you see that someone has found maybe 5 caches and are writing nasty logs...well, it's just disappointing. (Do they really have nothing better to do with their time?) It also worries me because now I'm thinking twice about where I put my travel bugs. I just recently put my FIRST one in a cache. It's been less than a week and it's already been stolen. Is there ANYTHING we can do about these muggler members?
  7. I did a search for this one, and nothing really came up. (If I missed a topic already posted, please feel free to remove this one and direct me towards it!) Today I'm going to my first geocaching event in several years. (I've only been to one other.) And I have no idea what to be prepared for. It will be a regular event. (NOT a CITO, but just a dinner gathering.) What should I bring? Do I need to bring swag, signature items, or something for the host? (I really have NO money to buy anything right now. Not even $1 to spare really.) Is there something I should watch out for that may be against the rules? (They mentioned to bring trackables there to discover. Is this okay for me to do?) Just looking for a little guidance in preparation. I don't want to be the ONLY one there who didn't bring a certain item or something like that!
  8. Does a dot count? Because sometimes that is literally ALL I can get in. Honestly, these logs are FULL. Can't fit a date OR a name, let alone both.
  9. This one kinda bugs me sometimes. Every once in a while, I will happen upon say, a micro/nano cache. The log is full, and there is no way to replace it. I've found the cache. I have a pen. I TRIED to sign the log....but it wasn't my fault that I couldn't do so. Does the smiley face go away THEN? (I know it's up to the person in charge of the cache, but I think you see what I mean with this.) If the log is sign-able....I sign it. Otherwise, I mention that the log was full, but mark it as found.
  10. So I see a lot of suggestions for "cheap" items as swag. Or gear. Or containers. (Etc.) But I'm on a REALLY tight budget. (I'd say I can spend less than $5 per month on this hobby, and that includes the premium membership.) I've been trying to come up with ideas for the cheapest stuff (not garbage) that I can do for swag to trade, signature items, gear, etc. And I can hardly come up with anything. I see so many EMPTY caches, and I want to fill them up with fun things. But (as I've stated) I really don't have the money to get these things. Heck, I hardly have the gas money to find them. Does anyone have ideas for geocaching on a really tight budget?
  11. I actually have the same question. Looking at these links made me wonder if you can't ORDER signature items from anyplace online. I'm not sure I could make them myself. The photos of all the signature items look beautiful. But how were they made, and where can I get one made like them? Are there "Do's and Dont's" of making signature items? Sorry for so many questions, but I just can't seem to find these answers on my own...
  12. Popokiiti, thank you for the welcome. It truly means so much to me. And yes, I'm now realizing I need to be a bit patient as well. This is a bit off topic here, but you may have noticed the "Asperger" part in my name. Yes, I have Aseprger's Syndrome - a form of autism. Basically, this means I think a bit differently. Sometimes this is helpful when I'm out looking for a cache, because I think of places a cache would be hidden that others don't think to look! But sometimes, I get confused and misunderstand people or don't know how to express myself correctly. For example (to get back on topic): I'm currently trying to figure out how to hide a new geocache in my area. It's very confusing as to what I need to do FIRST. Contact my local reviewer? Contact the person who is in charge of the land (a park)? And every time I read more information about what I need to do, I feel like it gets more confusing! I'm trying to do it the proper way, but I feel very stuck. Thank you to everyone for replying to this!
  13. Actually, I have the same thing going on with my account. I just figured it was because the website has changed so much that maybe it messed with my found caches on my account. I started back in 2006. After a year or two, I stopped to focus on some other stuff in life. Just recently, I'm getting back into it. My cache count was literally at zero when I signed in.
  14. I felt like I needed to post this one. While I have been a member since 2006, I stopped after a year or two (for personal reasons) and have just recently started back up again. It seems like things have either changed a lot since then, or I never really understood the game in the first place. The point is, I'm still learning. I make mistakes. Even after reading every rule, trying to follow every instruction, and watching every how-to video, I STILL make mistakes. And I think a lot of others are in the same boat, trying to learn from mistakes. For example, I might have already seen the link you posted in answer to my question, but I'm here because I didn't quite understand it. Please, just be patient while we learn.
  15. Wow! I found my first geocache around 2006, and I just recently got back into the game. I should be receiving my first official travel bug tag in the mail today. I was excited to send out my little bug into the world, but now I am realizing how COMPLICATED this is! (Or is it?) I guess what I would like to say is that - as both an old-timer and a newbie (if that makes sense...) - please be patient with me! Let me put it this way: When I found my first geocache, the only words I could see were "official game piece". I thought I had won something, but I didn't have the time to check it out. So I picked it up and brought it home. Luckily, it was part of an event that was already over. But as you can see, confusion is very common. It wasn't my goal to ruin the game. But I still ended up feeling bad for something I just didn't understand. I think I learn best by doing and making those mistakes. And for others to get upset at newbie mistakes, well, it's not really fair. So again I stress that PATIENCE is key. We are playing a game of chance, and it's for fun. Let's not worry so much over the rules and regulations, and try to have a good time.
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