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  1. We always set the log date to the day we actually found the cache, but we do that more for us than the cache owner. I've seen it done both ways on logs for our own caches - I think it's really up to the cacher and/or cache owner. As far as I know, there are no hard and fast guidelines for it.
  2. I am for sure. It is far and away my most prized geo-possession
  3. *snip* Back on topic ... I'm not sure which coin would work well on a hiking stave, but I like the idea. Any idea as to how you will mount it? Will it be drilled and attached with screws? Will it be carved in the shape of the coin and recessed? You've given me an idea and I think I may try carving a hole the shape of my coin all the way through a staff then mounting it inside so I can see both sides ... hmmmmm ... Heck, I'll trade you one of mine if you want! I was lucky enough to have a hiking staff hand made for me by eastriver, the owner of Canada's first cache. The coin is mounted in the top of the staff, with gorilla glue, I believe. The side of the staff has my name and the tracking number for the coin. If I can get a decent pic, I will share it Cheers, Paul
  4. Stacey is looking for a scouting coin to put onto a hiking staff. Does anyone know how many scouted related coins are out there??
  5. While in Newfoundland last fall, we got a FTF on a cache that had coordinates off by about 400 m. Talk about an unexpected find! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...8d-b9036ba87f44
  6. Not from PEI, but only 45 minutes from the bridge, so have cached there a few times. Favs are fairly subjective - are you looking for scenic? Good camo? Well hidden? It's all there! My experience has been that PEI has the highest quality (in my subjective opinion) caches in Atlantic Canada, so it's hard to go wrong! *Edited for typos*
  7. I think that the main issue here is consistency. If a guidline exists prohibiting certain things on cache pages, logs, etc. then it needs to be applied across the board. If it is a guideline or rule that is too difficult to apply uniformly, then the guideline may need to be revisited/reworded. Ultimately, the decision lies with Groundspeak, but clarifications, etc can only help in the long run.
  8. We found a cache in Newfoundland that was off by 400 m. Seems the cacher entered a number wrong while submitting it. We posted our coords and sent an email to the owner. A reviewer corrected them a month later.
  9. Is this four threads? There is a trading thread. Use it.
  10. The Stargate we have near here is a regular cache (ammo can). The owner takes responsibility (and cost) for moving the bugs to the desired Stargate cache in this case. Not sure if they all do, but I imagine so. There's a limit on close they can be to one another, so they are pretty special caches and help bugs move pretty quick.
  11. I've had a few experiences of visiting an area and doing a specific cache because I thought there was a TB or coin in it to find it missing. I then read old logs and see it has been missing for ages and ages. I've emailed the trackable owner and the cache owner and it isn't removed from the inventory. Is there a way to get it removed ?
  12. I missed out to. Had gone to bed before i saw the posted response. Dagnabit!
  13. The geocoin bunny, geo-leprechaun and geocoin secret agent have all visited New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
  14. 8.00 shipping to canada ? or are we included in USA shipping??
  15. Yay! We received our Laptop coin today, thanks ParentsofSAM ! Also, we got our Arctic Nomad coins! Beautiful!
  16. Trapped TB Log Here's one message I posted. Seems to have gotten some response.
  17. I think so. Including the jeep. But I could be wrong. As I have been wrong before. Often. Not wanting to cause trouble here, just curious on thoughts.
  18. Good idea for sure. What about these caches that are "virtual museums" and leave lists of their coin numbers (or jeep tag numbers). Virtual logging is frowned upon,, yes? Is it considered ok to report the clearly hijacked jeeps? Thoughts?
  19. In looking at going to some out of province events, I did a "nearest cache" search and saw a couple of jeeps (white jeeps, even) and thought "wow, wouldnt it be cool if they were still around". Then when I looked at the cache pages, it seems as though they are in a "virtual museum". Essentially, the cache owner has claimed them as part of their personal collection. They sometimes have the tracking number of the jeep and some f their coins available in the cache at times, but you dont get to see them. On occassion, they take the jeep, etc to events to "share" Is this even close to being ok?
  20. We are now the proud owners of Pot o' gold 198 after a visit from the geo_leprechaun to on eof our caches. WoohoO!
  21. We're gearing up for Caleb's b-day (which is the 18th). As well, Caleb's little brother is named Tolkien - if only there were some way to connect that to New Zealand. Think, think, think!!! Sigh. Happy birthday! NZ is number one on our "places to visit" list. Someday! Cheers, Paul and Stacey
  22. Bump. Anyone receive their coins yet?
  23. dhenninger MWGB Frog Prince strawberry cheescake geojelly root beer geojelly austrian geocow 28 sig token yesterday i received 911turbos micro
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