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  1. Did anyone actually receive anything from this contest? ever?
  2. GC16ZA5 WWFM South Eastern New Brunswick when approved
  3. Hoping to submit one for Moncton today, if it hasn't already been submitted!
  4. What was a good concept that was "piecemealed together" very quickly? I'm not sure I follow. Also, if there is a "major" overhaul of rules, isn't it then a different game? Sounds like a niche that could be filled by someone passionate about it.... *Edited to add question mark.*
  5. Those are definitely examples of inflciting pain. Beating someone to a FTF and letting them discover that fact on their own, while annoying and perhaps childish, isn't really the same as any of your examples in my books. While I mightn't choose to cache with individuals who find it amusing, I wouldn't label them as having a mental illness either.
  6. Then use your hand to evacuate the dirt... or if the land owner gives permission, let the land owner dig the hole and you place the cache in it, then you are using a pre-existing hole. Sigh. You can argue semantics or look for clever little loopholes all you want. I think Kealia has it right.
  7. "If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate." I'm thinking "no".
  8. All right folks, I was looknig for general consensus and I got it, I think. Thanks for all the input. I'd like a mod to close this thread now as it's served it's purpose, thanks!
  9. I haven't come across anything like that, thankfully. Our caches are, you find 'em, you log 'em. I've had people sign on-line and not sign the book, others the book and not on-line, etc., etc. I don't have the time or energy to create (or more importantly, enforce) such restrictions.
  10. I usually only sign name and date and if we took or left a trackable. I write longer, mroe detailed notes online. I'd hate to write a long and witty physical note and have the cache muggled, etc to have my remarkable stories lost forever
  11. What is ALR? Also, the cache pointed out to me is a Mystery (although still at posted co-ords), but it's on other caches in the area as well. Someone said another one says "more than 150 caches, etc". Does it make a difference if the person sets their "tolerance level" higher? (Legitimately asking here...)
  12. Yep. Cache owner has posted it on the cache page. It's also on a rural route with over 100 caches on it - designed for power caching, essentially.
  13. Here's a note that was pointed out to me recently. "Note to Power cachers: I reserve the right to delete all finds to any cacher who exceeds 50 finds on the day when this was found " Any thoughts?
  14. We always sign the log on the first space available on the earliest page. We've also stared leaving smaller log books or cut down logbooks so that we can make logs for several caches from one notebook. If people aren't going to use the entire page on their own, why give them the option of wasting space?
  15. Well, I guess it could work if the people knew when the date of publication was going to be so they could sign the logbook with the appropriate day. Otherwise, they'd have to guess wouldn't they? Plus, if I get to a cache shortly after it's published and see a bunch of signatures I'd probably guess it was hidden as a group and FTF was still available. But maybe that's just me...
  16. Nah, they'd know they were FTF after publication. I've gotten coords a couple of times in advance at events or to test a cache and not claimed FTF.
  17. I've seen in done around here too - not something I would do, but to each their own.
  18. What? English obviously isn't his first language, but it's pretty clear what he's saying. It's not that I don't understand the question. I just find the request ridiculous.
  19. Actually, there is a process now by which you can apply for a name change. If your reasoning is sound, it's permissable by TPTB.
  20. Actually, there is a process now by which you can apply for a name change. If your reasoning is sound, it's permissable by TPTB.
  21. If you're worried about the accuracy of your actual finds, you can also log a find on one of your own caches. I've seen several people in disputes simplay "find " their cache with a log saying "logging to replace deleted log on cache GC????. This was you have an accurate number, and you dont worry about a pi$$ing match with a crabby cacher.
  22. Public Awareness by Cashekicker Spring Garden Ammo Can by fishing fanatic Thinking Like a Camo Queen by fergus pals Only in Halifax...Don't you Know by Plasma Boy There are 8 or 9 caches in Point Pleasant Park, which is a beautiful walk as well. They can all be done in a couple of hours - seach for "mucky puppy" by skeg and check out the caches in the vicinity. If you're going to have a vehicle the "Easy Street" series runs from Halifax to Peggy's Cove and is 50 fairly quick caches.
  23. I can't possibly be the only person who finds posting about how we should be outside caching instead of in front a computer being bothered as ironically hilarious.
  24. Finding temporary caches is uslly a part of the event, for prizes and such or just as demonstrations to new cachers. I can't imagine claiming an event multiple times to account for the temp ones. Official caches = a find, non-official or demos do not.
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