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  1. In that case, I would guess that you aren't doing paperless caching or using GSAK printouts where you typically only have the last four or so logs. Even aside from that, I can't imagine anyone truely enjoying reading "bug drop!" logs, even if they aren't bothered by them. Fair assumptions, I guess. But wrong. I don't enjoy reading them, but they don't bother me.
  2. Never really bothered me. Seem more like a personal preference thing than an education thing to me.
  3. Ok, I know this is a bit of a repeat, but as I wanted to keep the locations/info separate, I started two threads. We'll be in Quebec City for the Mega and want to do some caching. We're looking for nice trails, interesting containers or historic/interesting spots. We've got two children, ages 6 and 4. They can handle moderate hikes (5 km and under) and enjoy trading. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  4. We'll be in Ottawa in early August for a few days, after the Quebec Mega and want to do some caching in Ottawa. We're looking for nice trails, interesting containers or historic/interesting spots. We've got two children, ages 6 and 4. They can handle moderate hikes (5 km and under) and enjoy trading. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  5. You know, I don't mind the restrictions, whatever they may be. In our region, we've been asked to be careful not to create power trails. I didn't agree necessarily given the location and length of these trails, but once we were told "try to have caches .15 to .2 miles apart" I was happy - knowledge is power, right? Now I see people having caches turned down because they've hidden too many in a particular area? Again, if them's the rules, them's the rules - but it would be nice to know it prior to going out, hiding caches under what we understand to be the guidelines and being told "Oh by the way, this cache doesn't meet Unpublished Guideline X, and as such, cannot be approved." This is my main problem with "guidelines" - I'm not psychic and can't guess when these things are going to change. Maybe I'm just to simple, but I like to know the rules before I play a game. Cuts down on disagreements and angst by at least 3.14159265 percent (because I like Pi too). I'm certainly not going to archive my caches, but it does make one think long and hard before putting in the time and effort of hiding any more. (Falls of soapbox due to exhaustion)
  6. Using the "search for caches" advanced features one option is to put in coordinates. It will tell you how close you are to other caches.
  7. OK. So I guess there is nothing else for me to do. As I am now bitter, please feel free to add sarcastic or Maggie bashing comments to this thread to make me smile a little.
  8. OK. So I guess there is nothing else for me to do. As I am now bitter, please feel free to add sarcastic or Maggie bashing comments to this thread to make me smile a little.
  9. I have quite a few suggestions for Moncton/South Eastern New Brunswick. E-mail me through my profile if you want. Always happy to help out.
  10. Try the Canada Forums. Not sure if anyone from The Rock hangs out there or not, but it's worth a shot.
  11. Very useful suggestions, but sadly, I've tried them all. How much did the whole motherboard replacement cost?
  12. Ok, so I got an explorist 500 from a friend who bought 2 on ebay. While out caching the other day, it froze - wouldn't even turn off. So I removed the battery. Now it won't power up. Any helpful suggestions? (Comments such as "buy another one" or "buy garmin", etc don't count.) Not to be picky, but I'm looking for practical suggestions. This is really stressing me out.
  13. This is a very cool accomplishment and I appreciate the guidelines you've listed. Throwing around a phrase "world record" with so many self-imposed guidelines is the only iffy thing for me. For example, I'm pretty sure I have the world record for most caches found by a guy named Paul who was born in Newfoundland but now lives in New Brunswick - 79 in one day. Beat that, other Paul's from Newfoundland who now live in New Brunswick!!! Seriously tho, well done.
  14. If you're going to use a real cache for the outing, it should be one of your own. I definitely would not take a group of kids (any age) to someone elses cache (at least not without the owner's permission).
  15. Living within 2 hours of Fundy for 4 years and having never been there, I think this is an awesome initiative. We took our two boys there and had a blast, even tho the water wasn't totally cooperative. Anyone who is thinking of heading to Fundy to do the caches (and earn a merit-based geocoin only available at the park) will not be sorry! Great job by the Parks Canada group at Fundy and the ACGA. Excellent, excellent, excellent!
  16. There is no searching involved in finding an event. I don't have any special knowledge that allows me to attend - I just attend. Therefore, I log that I attended.
  17. My brain hurts... To keep it simple and reply to the topic... They aren't cheating. You feel cheated. That's the difference. Oy...
  18. In atlantic canada, there have been no incidents of this nature to my knowledge, although I do know of quite a few experiences of people being questioned by police while caching. This story reminds me of an experience that had when caching a few months back. When I went to the cache location, I looked around for a bit and lo and behold found an ammo can. It had a hazardous waste symbol on it - "odd" I thought. It was hard to open and when I managed to open it, I found no swag or logbook, just mud and water, basically sludge. "oh no" I thought...muggled". As I stand up to leave, I see a burlap sack. "What is this?" I thought. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I check it out. It's the cache.... What the heck was the ammo can? I still have no idea. I don't blame people (cachers or not) about being wary of a marked container of any sort, I know I'm more cautious now.
  19. I'm sure that this topic or something similar has come up before, but here goes. One of our older caches (and our most frequelty visited) is a MKH on a seemingly random and old guardrail. One time when driving by, I noticed that there was construction, and the guardrail had been removed. I figured that the cache was long gone and meant to archive it, but got sidetracked and forgot. A few days later, I got a notification that he cache had been logged. Sceptical, I drove the 15 minutes to check and was surprised to find a brand new guardrail, with the original cache ,replaced exactly as it had been in the older guardrail. Any similar experiences?
  20. I don't care how many hides or finds anyone has other than me really. There are plenty to look for and plenty of places to hide 'em. It would be like caring how someone plays solitaire.
  21. Only one person is this thread has resorted to name calling. On topic, the cache should be reported to gc.com if there are concerns or to your local authorities if you feel necessary. Off topic, you lose a lot of credibility when the first critical comment you receive causes you to react in such a way.
  22. Our first gps was an Explorist 100 that Stacey named Harriet. We got an Explorist 210 a few months into our hobby which she promptly named Bill. As to why she chose these names, even she hasn't the foggiest.
  23. I love how there's a tendancy to look for "something deeper" or ways to discredit an OP when a valid question like this is posted. If you a)hide a cache and b)it meets the guidelines and then c)the reviewer approves it then what is the issue? A cache hide is between reviewer, hider and, if necessary, property owner. Anal retentives need not get involved. I'm pretty sure you could find some opinionated/bored cache somewhere that could find an issue with pretty much every cache owner and hider. Find the caches you like, hide what is allowed by the guidelines and play your own game. Yeesh.
  24. I agree it's always best to use up to date data, but most of us have had older queries in our gpsrs, haven't we? I know it's up to the owner to decide on legitimate logs, so I know there's not a whole lot that can be done. I guess I'm just a little annoyed as people leaving their wet/damaged/unmaintained caches out there seems to be more of an issue lately.
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