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  1. Just to let people know, I can't access the email associated with gc.com from work, so it will be a few hours before I can respond.
  2. If you have any questions, please post here or contact me through my profile. Thanks! 10 Dollar Coins Cinema Boxers Geocoin –activated 2006 Christmas Ornament Geocoin – unactivated Fox and Hound –activated Ultimate Cache Geocoin – activated Paris Meridian da Vinci Geocoin – activated TNT Dragon Series Geocoin – Activated Ice Rose Geocoin – activated Luxembourg geocoin – activated Virtruvian da Vinci geocoin - activated Dragon Series geocoin (white) unactivated Climbing and Caching geocoin – activated Caching Dragon geocoin – activated USA/Canada Celebration Geocoin – activated Canada’s First Geocache 7th Anniversary Geocoin – unactivated Jenga Caching Canada Black Nickel geocoin – activated 5 dollar Coins Cape Breton Wooden Geocoin - activated Irishtown park wooden geocoin - unactivated Open to Offers Earth Turtle Geocoin – Unactivated South Eastern New Brunswick antique silver – unactivated Fundy National Park – unactivated (2008) Coin only rewarded after finding 5 caches in the park requiring over 20 km of hiking. Anthus laptop geocoin – unactivated Podcacher 2007 geocoin – unactivated Paperless caching geocoin - unactivated
  3. Do you mean coins with a dog on it or is there a specific coin?
  4. So, should I list them with prices or just list them and see what people offer? And I'm guessing people still prefer unactivated?
  5. Hello folks, once upon a time I was quite a coin hound and amassed a nice little shiny collection. I have continued caching but so rarely look at my coins, etc that I was thinking of selling some/most. I have activated and unactivated coins that I am thinking of selling to lessen the clutter, but also to fund a new gps (as our poor maggie 500 may be on it's last legs) prior to GWS. What's the best way to do this? I don't want to break any rules or offend anyone, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks fo any help!
  6. After much deliberation, I've decided to sell of some of my coins to help pay for next years vacation/roadtrip to GW9. Rather than go the ebay route, I'll try here first. You can make offers in the thread or via geocaching email. If I don't get a reasonable offer here, I will try ebay.
  7. I have an unactivated laptop geocoin (as well as some other activated/unactivated coins) - what's the best way to sell them?
  8. We started May 20 2006 and hit 1000 on March 4 2007, so a little less than 10 months. We've averaged aout 100 a month to date.
  9. Could it be another hamster caching accident? Won't somebody please think of the hamsters?!! In all seriousness; a) ew if you suspect someone, don't give it anymore publicity c) ew
  10. Shelter II? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...42-50cefd524dc5 That's the one!! Thanks so much!
  11. I saw a topic here ages ago that was about a really chalenging cache with waaaay more dnfs than finds but I can't remember it's name and I can't find the thread. Can anyone help? I think it was called "only a shelter" or something like that. Any help appreciated!
  12. You don't have to find them all. Don't like puzzles? Ignore 'em.
  13. Can anyone tell me where/who to call to try get get replacements for our explorists that died recently? We got a second-hand 500 in April, which died in June. Today, paul called to say that the 210 we got about a year ago died, too. All we have left is the 100 we got started with (no USB port!) and plans to go to the mega event in Quebec in three weeks! At this point, I'd gladly trade the two broken Explorists for anything they'd give me...
  14. I know you posted this like, two years ago - but ours just did the same thing. It just quit. What did you have to do to get them to replace it?
  15. Wish I could have said it so eloquently. Well put, Ambrosia.
  16. They are distributing a coin for free, presumably paid for out of their own pocket. If it's your cache, delete their logs if you want - otherwise, you'll just have to accept it. it's between cache owner and cache finder, simple as that. Again, what exactly do you expect the owner the cache owner to do? Delete the log? Get them banned? Again, I say, yeesh. Talk about missing the point of the mystery cachers...
  17. They're giving something back to the caching community - what do you want people to do, delete the find?? Yeesh.
  18. When caching with a friend we found a LARGE rubber...um...toy about 5 feet from a cache. And it was wrapped in red cloth that turned out to be LARGE underwear. I thought it might be the cache first and nudged it with my foot. Ewwwwwwwwwww. The worst part? It was about 10 feet into the woods at a car pool area. Who.....why? Oh man....more therapy for me now recalling this....
  19. I can nail a cache close enough to find a half dozen different ways all without a GPS. There is always another way. The GPS is itself a guestimate of location or it would be more accurate than 20'. A gps is a guesstimate? I guess that's one opinion. Seems like much less of a guess than what the OP was suggesting. Congrats on your half dozen ways of geocaching without a gps tho - terrific stuff. I guess I'll stick with my guesstimating technology both when finding and particularly when hiding.
  20. I can't imagine how popular a hider would be if all of their coords were done via the "guesstimate" method. Oy.
  21. There are a couple of caving NB sites on the web. Try contacting someone from one of those. If someone was going to know, it would be them. I'm not to far from there, and haven't heard of a "new" cave, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.
  22. Also, I should add that paperless caching and GSAK have little to nothing to do with event caches, which is the main type of cache mentioned by the OP. I don't see why you need to use your palm/ipaq/whatever or past logs through GSAK for an event. Again, just seems like a preference thing to me.
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