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  1. The GCSA has been a busy cacher! Hope to see some drops in Canada...especially with all us being hammered by a late winter storm to hide the footprints!
  2. According to Geolobo, the coin is numbered, but is a non-trackable. It's still an awesome coin though, as are many of the personal, non-trackables. I like the icons, but some coins are just too neat to pass up!
  3. I doubt that we will ever see the GCSA near Sackville, New Brunswick either....but one can always hope!
  4. Danoshimano - You ordered 1 gold and 1 silver and payment has been received. I have tried to send e-mails to people as soon as the payment has been received, but yours might have been missed. If you have any questions, please let us know! Cheers, Paul
  5. Going to have to check the profile addy....it's ticking me off! I did get the message through the alternate email i sent and have replied! Thanks again!
  6. Not getting anything here. I always check inbox and filtered e-mail as well, just in case. Hotmail has been very slow for me on occassion, but I have't gotten any e-mails from you . I posted here because I assumed they weren't getting through, but it seems like I'm not receiving the replies. Curse you Bill Gates!
  7. Well, thanks for the quick reply here, yay technology! I haven't gotten any of your responses for some reason...I'm guessing it's something to do with hotmail on my end...grrr. Have you tried just contacting us through our geocaching.com profile?
  8. Have sent 2 emails and have not received any reply
  9. It was certainly something to see. Some people were quite quick to run out and get ftf's as well, but all the cachers were winners!
  10. The coins are being shipped on March 10th from the mint, so I should have them in hand on the 13th or 14th. They will be all shipped by the 16th presuming delivery from the mint is on time! Thanks for all of your patience to all of those who have pre-ordered/pre-paid. There is a small amount of coins still remaining for sale or for trade. Cheers, Paul
  11. Yesterday we got a little hopper micro coin, a geopumpkin and a blind acorn!
  12. Yesterday was the best mail day ever for us! Monarch Coin Blue Geocoin Racer Saffier Personal Coin Evil Micro 2006 White Bear Bite Me (oooh, glowy!) Lizard and Toadz Decypher Coins (Gold) Woo hoo!
  13. I'd be interested. Gotta do something with all the free time I have
  14. My thoughts are if there is a FTF "prize" or "gift", then you don't need to trade for it. That's what is implied by the words. If it is a premium-type cache with very nice swag (which is designed to be there for trading), then you trade equal or better.
  15. fairyhoney - 2 gold paid for Atlanta Gal - Yep, thanks! Hoping to have a delivery date for everyone ASAP. Thanks for your patience!
  16. Danoshimano, you have already ordered this coin (1 antique silver, 1 antique gold) TSF, there are some antique silver coins remaining. Cheers, Paul
  17. Hi all, After a few minor delays, the coin is being ordered from the mint tonight. As soon as I have a delivery date confirmed I will post it in this thread. Here is the final proof on how the gold coins will look.
  18. We got a Tempting the Fates coin and a 2006 Quebec coin today. Both are very nice!
  19. I would definitely be interested in this coin! Put me down for one!
  20. 1701eh coin May 2006 Signal (Had to get it , as it's when we started caching)
  21. Tracking Time Prague Both are very pretty and well done. Received in trade, thanks!
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