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  1. The first encountered by the Tau'ri was Hathor who, based on dialogue within the episode, might have been the oldest of the Queens and the first to spawn the Goa'uld as they are known today. The second queen encountered was the Tok'ra Egeria, who literally gave birth to the Tok'ra rebellion. The last was a nameless Goa'uld who was in league with Anubis in his plot to create his newly formed Kull Warrior army.
  2. Big kudos for doing this, Damenace!
  3. Shucks, more than 5 already. I seem to miss these by minutes.... Congrats to the lucky recipients!
  4. Glad to see the coins still making it to their destinations. Still holding my breath on a few more ...fingers crossed!
  5. kayakerinme silver set tiki mojo's hoard 5-star climbing
  6. Well...this is making me feel a little better. Maybe all of my packages will get there??
  7. Asked this in our coin thread, but thought it may get more attention and responses in a separate thread. Is there usually a variance in how long shipping can take? Some of my orders got to BC in a few days, others sent at the same time to Ontario have not arrived. Some of the orders to Europe got there in the same week, others haven't arrived almost two weeks later. Is this something I should be worried about, or is it normal?
  8. i'm a little concerned about about the slowness of some of the mail deliveries. is this normal? any feedback would be appreciated. Some of my coins to europse go there the same week, others hav enot been received, same with some of the US coins and even some in Canada have not been received....
  9. SO...is there anyone staying at the Days Inn??
  10. Congrats to the latest finders! Enjoy your beautiful coins!
  11. Curses! Well...how far can it be from whichever of the days inns we're staying at? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?
  12. Apparently, we are staying at the days inn. But there are 3 in Raleigh...and I can't find out from our driver/arrangement maker which one is the one we're in It's the one mentioned on the site...I think. Which I can't find reference to... Man...i should get more involved with the specifics of our planning!
  13. Got our Kootenay Pirates geocoin today! Thar be treasure in tha post office, yarrrrrrrrrrr!
  14. Hmm...I'm not sure where we are staying. Need to check with the driver....
  15. Perfect! Thanks windrose, merci beaucoup! Mods, please close this thread now.
  16. Tried sarching the threads and looking online. Just wondering if anyone knew?
  17. Don't forget Ohios other NHL team. Go barons!
  18. We got an awesome silver puzzle geocoin set and a Pengo Family personal coin. Great additions to our collection!!
  19. I'd be wary of leaving actual money in a cache. And I certainly would never mention in a post that I had left money. If muggles or others not involved start thinking there's cash in them thar caches, it could draw the wrong type of interest. My thoughts, anyway...
  20. 1st Find 500th Find Our little dudes are the best caching buddies and have been with us for a lot of our finds and almost all of the events/dashes we attend!
  21. Cant wait to see the coin in person! Thanks for the update!
  22. A special coin for kidlers! How cool is that? Congrats Bella!
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