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  1. #5 was one of the auctioned ones , I can't remember the other. Also, islander1988 has #162, who met #163 at a rendez-vous point in Nova Scotia for a swap
  2. I hope that people don't change their minds on your coin, OshnDoc. They will be well worth the wait! Our two tone is one of the most precious coins in our collection!
  3. I would say that you should do whatever you want with the coins as well. If we had to keep everything we had bought, been given or traded for (coins or otherwise) in our life, things would get out of hand. Once I trade or give something to someone, it is theirs to do with as they please. I don't have the time or desire to keep tabs on every little thing I've given to people - I'm just going to enjoy what time and things I have, as well as the people around me. Good luck with the yard - post some pictures!
  4. Team Sand Dollar 2.5 Matte Black, very nice thanks! 9Key, received in trade and mobing on to a friend who has beenn looking for one for ages
  5. Got my order in! These coins are looking great!
  6. I'd like to know a little bit more information as well. I like regional coins and personal coins, especially if it is a cacher/coin designer of note. There seem to be more coins for the sake of profit springing up. More power to you for doing this, but I like some story or meaning attached as well. Why no finds, etc and all of a sudden a coin? What's the motivation behind the coin? How does it tie into caching? I'm not meaning to be rude, but they're questions I'm legitimately interested in knowing the answer to, if possible.
  7. Got ours today. The coin is really nice, but I absolutely love the icon! Loving the penguins lately!
  8. Steel City Babes personal coin Geolobo/Bluegirl personal coin Two great additions to the collection, thanks!
  9. Very good information! Thanks geoSquid and everyone else who has replied. If others want to share their experiences, please do!
  10. Email sent. Not sure if I have anything you're interested in, but never hurts to ask!
  11. I got an ArcticNomad personal coin today! This is the first coin that I ever thought - I have to get one of those! See where it all lead? Ack!!!
  12. Out of Africa The Sting Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  13. That was a lot of fun! Congrats to the winners and thanks Parents of SAM!
  14. 2 guesses per question? doh! Always read the not so fine print! Sigh Ever hope you were wrong? Hate to get it right after all that and miss out.
  15. i'm sticking with osiris and ba'al
  16. Osiris and ba'al? gotta be my last guess...
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