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  1. We have just started a group "Saudi Arabia Geocachers" and have had an extremely good response and fantastic growth rate in only 5 days!


    Chapters have been set up in the Western (Jeddah), Central (Riyadh) and Eastern (Dammam/Dhahran and Al Khobar) provinces with a local manager in place to organize local, and later on, national trips and events.


    We are already planning geocaching trips - log on and be the first to know what's going on.


    If you are a geocacher in Saudi Arabia, log on at: http://groups.google.co.uk/group/saudi-geocachers

    and request membership access.


    Happy geocaching! me N u (group owners) :laughing:



    just finished applying on your group.. hope you'll approve.. hehehe..

    i'm pinoy and started geocaching last year. stopped for a while because it's dangerous going solo (i found almost all easy caches, the remaining needs 4wd or buddies for a long desert walk) and also became busy at work..

    happy geocaching.. :laughing:

  2. I have basically the same phone the Ipaq hw6955. I have installed on a 2Gb memory card, Cachemate, which will store all of the cache pages with hints etc. as well as it will give you that handy dandy little follow the arrow to the cache feature. I have also installed Garmin GPS10 using it with GPSproxy as a fully functional Garmin Que which offers voice turn by turn navigation with the appropriate Mapsource maps unlocked for it. As well you may be interested in mobile.google.com for a mobile gps enabled version of Google maps and Google Earth.


    :o i have an ipaq 6515c which is basically the same as the new 6915.


    i downloaded "navio" software and it works well with gps. you can either use a blank map or a scanned map which you will calibrate. it has compass, speed display, altitude display, track log, all features of etrex except auto routing. you can download navio in ipaqchoice or handango website. :blink:

  3. to mhfares,


    got to the gps shop and purchased the etrex personal navigator w/ pc interface cable and car mount. later i will come back for the car adapter.


    i am still trying to get interface with the pc but until now, no luck. just inputted all the coordinmates manually. by the way, i got them from darmoja.


    thanks also for the maps of riyadh and dammam. i already downloaded them in my ipaq/navio and its great. i have to cut it to have 2k x 2k pixels.

  4. i got an hp6515c and a carmount cradle. there was no problem mounting the ppc but i have not installed the fuse. the cigarette lighter (poweres along with the clock, stereo, dashboard) has 15amp fuse in the panel and if i changed it to 2amp fused (suggested by the mount supplier), i cannot use the lighter anymore.


    i thinking to replace the 12v plug with the one with built-in fuse inside. i think this will solve the problem.

  5. thanks.


    i have already a city navigator 'destinator pn 5'. what i need is a gpsr for geocaching which is usually off road and therefore will cause error in the navigator software.


    i already visited their website and found it useless. i remember sending an e-mail to them before but they have not replied. again i sent an e-mail yesterday.


    i will try to visit the shop you mentioned on friday afternoon. i still have not decided if we will go geocaching this weekend.


    anyway, ill check the shop for garmin gpsr. i prefer the one with data cable for pc connection.

  6. can you give me the contact for the agent of garmin here in saudi, darmoja?


    the only garmin gpsr i saw was the etrex (first medel) which does not support maps.


    although i already have destinator pn with 6 gcc maps (by navteq) and navio (using scanned maps -farsi (i got from jarir bookstore)), i still want garmin gpsr for its ruggedness.


    the maps you have given are interesting but navio or megalith tuner can only use 2000x2000 pixel maps.

  7. :o hi! yesterday i got my first and second cache find. the lawrence and the riyadh airport as per your suggestion. the lawrence was indeed a good start-up for new geocachers like me.


    we tried to get a third cache, the aftermath but made a mistake in the approach. we tried to use the tarmac road but at 1.5km near the cache, we were stopped by the quarry guard. another try anothey route again lead us to the quarry site. i think the only way was to go around the quarry by foot.


    we will have to re-schedule the trip on an earlier time as it was almost noon and the heat was already unbearable.


    with regards to the software and maps, right now i am using an ipaq 6515 loaded with tiny stocks navio and maps scanned. i found this software very easy to use. i have also megaliith tuner software as a back-up.


    i am planning to get an etrex later for further security.


    furtgher, i got destinator pn loader with 6 gulf countries including saudi arabia. i found it useful although some roads are not shown especially the new ones.

  8. hi! m nu also in geocaching! m planning my vacation end of this year nd already checked all the caches der. i hope i could catch at least 3 cahes during that time. for the meantime, i'l start hir in ksa.

  9. You can manually load them too...I've been doign it on my 60C for the last couple weeks because I'm too lazy to download, open a program, get thr cable out, blah, blah....


    i am planning to get the etrex yellow anytime soon (this is the only unit available her in ksa). the problem is the cable which is not included in the package. still i have not tried to order anything from the inet.


    i have a ipq hw6515c which is not made for rough use. hopefully, etrex will solve this problem. i just wish there is other models i can choose from.

  10. :unsure:


    m a new member and still have to find my new cache. i recently bought a hp hw6515c ppc for its gps functionality and now have enough softwares and maps to start my geocaching.


    for weeks i am studying all the nearest caches located near my accomodation and planning the best cache to start with. also considered getting a more rugged gpsr for this purpose (only the old model yellow etrex is available in riyadh). m located at riyadh (N24.5289 E046.9084) and presently working here for the past 5 years.


    my car is a toyota hi lux 2w pick-up and not sure what cache is easily reachable.


    can you give me an advice where to start? i dont mind hiking for 1 to 2 kilometers. i am thinking of GCVYQF (Wadi Laban Bridge), or GC8DG9A (see of birds), or GCG05Y (water hole).





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