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  1. My compass was blank as well till I did the calibration (needed it for a offset cache). Don't let anybody see you as you look real silly spinning around in circles with your unit held out flat.
  2. In my experience 1 block is not enough to cause it to re-route. It takes being about 3 blocks (roughly a 1/4 mile) from the path to kick it off.
  3. Thanks, I was starting to suspect that. As if the unit did not cost enough already...
  4. Just the preloaded maps. Do I need to purchace an additional map?
  5. Help. I bought this unit mostly for geocaching and hiking, but also because it is supposed to function as a decent route navigator. No matter how I try to get it to caculate a turn by turn route I get a message that there are no roads near the starting point. Even if I am in the car and on a road. I updated to the beta software and that made no difference. Help...
  6. I think my responce would matter on how convinent the cache is. If it was real close to home, I would go look and place a service note "Cache is there in original location, never looked better, could not be happier".
  7. If I think there is a chance of understanding I describe it as a high-tech scavenger hunt. If not then I just say that I'm a geek and it gave me an excuse to buy a GPS.
  8. Why would I want to go to your cahce if the log was too full to sign? It would be just be a waste of time. It is rude to knowingly waste the time of another person, yes? Well that's just silly. Is signing the log book the only reason you cache? No. But with plenty of caches in the area, why would I not wait for this one to be ready when I get there? Yes I enjoy the hike, but if I can't sign the log, then it is not a real find. Why spend time doing that when I can hike to a cache that has room on the log?
  9. Why would I want to go to your cahce if the log was too full to sign? It would be just be a waste of time. It is rude to knowingly waste the time of another person, yes? If you read the entire thread, you would see that I would delete the log after I maintained the cache so it wasn't a waste of your time. Um, also, the cache in question is two feet from a parking lot and ten feet from the entrance of a unimart. Perhaps I would ask for a sales receipt or piece of paper to replace the log. If you waited till after the maintenence to delete the log, then our views are closer than I thought. Have a nice day then.
  10. Why would I want to go to your cahce if the log was too full to sign? It would be just be a waste of time. It is rude to knowingly waste the time of another person, yes?
  11. Why are you thinking of doing anything? I doubt that he has claimed your entire area .1 miles at a time, you still have room to place caches. His rude logs will evenentually move off the page, and also 1 rude log in a list of nice ones quickly stands out as being off. Ignore him, ignore the logs, ignore him at meetings. You are only ruining your own experience. If you must do something, place a super cool cache in the middle of all his. See what cachers that hit the area say about yours in comparison.
  12. While a cashe at the even would have to be temparary one and could not be offically listed here, why not place one and post the coords in a post here and on a burning man forum. I would steer away from ammo caches and mark it well, lots of pople at the event are going to be using some heavy drugs, so don't freak them out, ok.
  13. I like what you did for him. Caches placed in honor of a milestone have some leeway in terms of the honoree in my mind. Might have felt different on a regular cache but see no problem with this one. I think the FTF mainiacs have to accept that they might not be first on milestone caches.
  14. After looking at the link, it looks like a fun and hard puzzle cache. Glad you had fun.
  15. Forget GPS the Movie, I want GPS the Game (playable over X-Box Live of course). Actually finding new places in Oblivion is a bit like using a GPS, you have a compass and as you get closer the icon gets darker. Yes, I'm a nerd.
  16. From what I remember about the original incident, no photos were posted, you are twisting the logic now. I have no idea what you are talking about. Our group always posts some photos.... I am refering to the CCC incident, which is just about the only real world example of a log being deleted in this thread. From the cache owner's post: I suppose it is possible that there is no connection between the real world example and your theoretical one, but thats where it lead me.
  17. Thanks for the details Alabama, I was able to find some but not all in the threads. I think I am going to step away from these political threads, my time would be better spent finding the best TB's to take with me to Victoria BC next month. You all take care.
  18. From what I remember about the original incident, no photos were posted, you are twisting the logic now.
  19. Darn, I would have liked to see that, just for the spike that the 99 bottles caches would have created.
  20. Lked the show, not as much as the Amazing Race, but it will do. Can you buy ammo cans with combo locks? Would be a great thing for the end of a series of puzzle caches.
  21. Can somone explain to me the signing the container thing? Do people do this when the the log is missing or full? Or is it an attemt to leave a more permament mark on the cache? For the record I like the middle ground of removing the counts everywhere except the profile.
  22. I don't know about ET, but CR has a long history of telling people that they should cache the way that he does because he does it better, or knows better. My reference to him wasn't something he'd specifically said in this thread. However he's done it in several recent threads (one about micros and one about additional logging requirements to name two). He actually may have done it in this thread too, I just haven't read the entire thing to look for an example for you. Some may be, but I wasn't. In fact, I specifically said in my post that if he wants to audit his log then it's cool. It's his cache. I am not familiar with his holier than thou history, so I will have to trust you that he can get out of hand on occasion. After reading 18 pages of this thread, I was kinda bitter when I posted. I wanted to use your post to question the views of some of the hardline "you sould not question our log entry" folks, but wrote it badly. Sorry about that.
  23. Good point. The guy holding the camera? He's not in the picture, no smilie for him. You seem to have missed the point of my adding the +1. Yes there may be a casher holding the camera.
  24. This is an interesting post: From reading this thread can you show me the examples where the cache owners (CR and ET) are telling others how to run their caches? It seems to me that a lot of others are telling them how to handle the caches they (CR and ET) own. I think that is bogus. They are deleting entries that have insufficent proof which is within their right. They did not take away the experience of finding the cache, only your smiley. For the group cachers, taking a pic would prob go a long way towards proving your group only logs. Have you ever had one deleted where you sent a group pic proving that there were at least that many (+1, possibly) people there?
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