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  1. Yep I know it takes alot to get the highways up there
  2. I'm talking about clinching or are u just messing with me?
  3. Along with geocaching does anyone do this. http://cmap.m-plex.com/index.php Track what State, US, and Interstate Highways they have been on. I am not advertising this, I just love maps and stuff so much, I wanted to know if anyone does this.
  4. You may need to update your browser. The same thing happened to me.
  5. Same here, it pretty much sums up my life. The countdown probably decreased so much due to less new caches. People want that 2,000,000th I betcha. There will be tons of new ones in the last 100 caches to reach two million.
  6. Oh sorry, I understand if it is there own coin that they can keep it, but I meant the cachers who steal from other cachers like what GeoMinions said. Do any "high statistic" or normal cachers actually steal other coins out of caches?
  7. They love the game and they still collect geocoins and trackables and you aren't supposed to do that. On the blog it asked if people collect them and most of the cachers who answered said yes. What's up?
  8. Or can I only do that as a premium member? I want to check if there is a list of geocaches at confluences.
  9. Um NO, I am a new cacher and already know that that is a bad idea. It would cause many many bad caches to appear all over the place. I personally think the game would get less popular. Saturation of the whole world would end the game.
  10. I have looked at different local areas and have noticed that there are roads that aren't on the map. Several houses have been built and they are showing no roads. They were built about 5 years ago so I am wondering why the website doesn't have newer maps. What's up with that?
  11. I see tons of red lines on maps and I thought I saw something that showed they were trails. Is this true? Up and down Southwest Virginia and I am thinking "people need to put more caches there." EDIT: And I just noticed they are the oppisite of what I said basically. They are private roads haha
  12. Awesome if Groundspeak added a function to search by county!
  13. Is there an active cache in every county? If so, is there a cacher who has gotten at least one in every county? Anybody really close?
  14. And the site just updated the count of active geocaches from 1,986,208 to 1,986,180...
  15. I don't know how you came up with that number. There has been 4,658 days since the first cache was placed on 5/3/2000. One of the most recent geocaches published was GC45017, or ID 3,431,957. That is 737 caches per day on average. I might have been wrong, but I did the number of geocaches since the first one from the front page. I divided it by how many hours since the first one. Notice I am only talking about active ones, I didn't count the archived ones since you can only get active ones.
  16. I think I answered my own question. How often are new geocaches placed? Well, I found that the number of active geocaches placed since the first geocache is about 17.5 per hour. So there have been more, but some aren't active anymore.
  17. Every couple minutes? What do you think. How often are caches logged?
  18. I am just starting caching and I need a cheap or old accurate GPS. I don't want to pay much yet for a GPS. I want that doesn't cost much but is accurate. How should I go? Maybe off ebay or something?
  19. I am a new cacher turning 16 in May and I won't to know how other teens think as you as a cacher. Like nerdy or odd but don't anything personal. I am honestly addicted to geocaching even though I have only one cache. I just wanna have fun and not be judged if someone thinks I am crazy or wierd.
  20. Google trends shows it dropping, but what does it know?
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