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  1. Hi, It is with regret that I have archived a lot of my caches in the above area having lost 4 caches this summer alone, and 6 to-date this year. For those of you familiar with the area you will know my caches were aimed at walkers and as such were not in what you might describe as "Muggle territory" They were all Premium member sites and located where they could not be accidentally disturbed by wildlife. This area is now extremely popular and the cache logs were showing increasing numbers year by year. Perhaps we have a lot of "careless" cachers about!!! Regards, Charbella
  2. Hi, Although I have been caching for just 9/10 months. I am concerned at the number of caches I have found which have no TB's, even though the web site claims otherwise. Am I unlucky or is this a trend other cachers are experiencing? Who would want to take a TB, not register it, and who want to aquire it knowing it was "Stolen" and unable to pass it on? Why take a trackable , register it, hold on to it for months, and not pass it on, even though the logs show the cacher has been active? Regards, Charbella
  3. Hi, Any Geocachers using the above ? Please get in touch. Regards, Charbella
  4. Hi, Any cachers members of HamSphere? Regards, Charbella
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