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  1. I don't know if your log has GPS altitude or barometric, but FYI: GPS vertical (altitude) accuracy is much lower than horizontal accuracy. Expect, at best, +/-40ft accuracy for altitude.
  2. If it makes you feel any better...I too have used S&T for many many years in probably a similar fashion to you. Being able to color-code caches and then plan my route was priceless. Hopefully we can find a suitable replacement.
  3. I have the 100k maps and have wondered if the 24k maps are worth the money. Thoughts from those who have used both?
  4. Have you tried both apps back to back? On my HTC Rezound, some times the GPS quits working until I reboot the phone. Because of this, I always check the GPS Status app (separate download) to verify the GPS is working and I have a good signal before going into any app that uses GPS.
  5. I bought a refurb nuvi, and while it worked great most of the time, I had an intermittent problem where the device acted like someone was touching the screen when someone wasn't. My belief is that the unit was returned due to this, the repair guy couldn't replicate the problem, and then they sold it to me as a refurb. The problem now happens frequently enough that I'm looking for a replacement. On the other hand, I've bought other refurb items (no GPSrs) that I've never had any problems with.
  6. The 62s is a great unit, though it does have its bugs. I would recommend getting your current one replaced since it so new. Like bamboozle mentioned, a bad GPX file could cause it to power off on it's own. Though that should be noticeable on your first boot after loading the file. Do you happen to use BirdsEye imagery? When I have that enabled, mine powers off all of the time. :/
  7. Thanks! I'll have to keep my eye on that one. Is it usually in the Concord area or does it move around the state each year?
  8. Just thought I'd mention that a new GPS satellite was launched a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it will be ready soon for our use. When it is ready (and it is overhead), you should see it as PRN 30 on your GPSr. Full story: New GPS satellite put into orbit by Delta 4 rocket
  9. As a fellow charter member (though I sadly never achieved the "charter member of the year" award), I know how to browse events in the calendar. However, I don't have a particular date in mind and I don't want to look at every single event and try to guess if it is a large event. A lot of areas have large annual events that could be easy to recommend to someone from out of state. For example, if someone asked the same question for Colorado, I would mention the annual 4x4 event. New Mexico has the Valencia Fun day and probably others; South Dakota has the Black Hills camping event (and probably others), etc.
  10. Are there any large caching events in North or South Carolina? I have friends in family there I would like to visit, and it would be great to attend a big caching event while I'm out there.
  11. Does putting the phone into "airplane mode" disable the GPS receiver? If not, that would be the safest way to use it.
  12. IIRC, there used to be an annual Potters Pond (UT) event. Is that tradition still going and will there be one this year?
  13. LightSquared files lawsuit against Johne Deer, Garmin and others: Bankrupt LightSquared sues Deere & Co, GPS industry titans
  14. I generally limited myself to one cache a day so I wouldn't run out of caches to find. So I supplemented my token 1 cache with as many benchmarks I could find in the area near the cache. I can still remember a time where there were 2 caches in the same park, but I forced myself to just go after one of them the first time I was there (even though the second one wasn't far away). It worked out well as I was able to return with a friend to introduce him to caching. So he got to find two and I got to find the one I skipped the last time.
  15. This gets into some pretty gory details, but it's cool to see they're testing the new signals. Once we get some more newer-generation satellites up in the sky and we get some new handheld units (which can use the new signals), we should see improved accuracy. Link: 2C or Not 2C: The First Live Broadcast of GPS CNAV Messages
  16. I had a similar discussion at an event last night. People were amazed that I had been caching for so long and that I'm still an active cacher. It is interesting how the sport/hobby has changed over the years. When people ask why I still do I tell them that I started caching because it made hiking more fun, and that's the main reason I still do it today.
  17. What if you bought the item before the policy was changed?
  18. 2 interesting points. The MH-C9000 charger does not seam to have any way of changing the voltage setting and the Eneloop batteries that are listed as 1.2 volts have 1.34 volts on them out of the box. I charged 2 batteries on the brake in cycle and they now have 1.43volts on them. Did I destroy 2 batteries? ~1.4V is a common charged voltage of a NiMH battery. 1.2V is just the nominal rating for the battery. Any decent modern battery charger can properly charge NiMH batteries.
  19. I got frustrated with Express the first time I used it. So I uninstalled it and re-installed 'Garmin Lifetime Updater.' It still bugs me to install Express, but I plan to continue to use GLU until it no longer. works.
  20. Wow. Interesting to know. Do you kow about how many there were at the peak?
  21. does that mean we are getting moldy or drying up? Oops! Of course I mean 'breed'.
  22. I visited him just last month and signed Geocache seat #6!
  23. I'm still active! I'd love to have a commemorative coin! Are there enough of us to make it worthwhile to mint such a coin? Anyone know how many active Charter members there are? When I met Jeremy this summer he said that we were "a dying bread" but I didn't ask for numbers.
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