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  1. At $379 for my 60csx (from gpsonsale.com, but now $399), I didn't consider it too expensive with the features it offered. AWESOME SiRF chip (fast and it works indoors and in canyons w/ tree cover!) Auto routing Compass Altimeter $40 more to add 1gb memory (from ebay) nice color transreflective screen USB proximity waypoints trip computer waterproof to 1m
  2. The lack of 24k topo maps is Garmins #1 weakness IMHO. I wondered not only your question, but also... Why haven't other mfgs stepped up to fill this gap? Is there some sort of legal reason why NG topo can't doesn't make a product that allows Garmin uploading of maps? Why are private individuals able to painstakingly create/upload maps and not a product for sale? Thanks, Marco
  3. Garmin 60csx works good in my living room on the couch, while I upload/download maps/waypoints from my laptop. Conditions: the blinds are closed on the windows which are about 10' away there's 2 3'x4' skylights at about 4' and 12' away (and 12' up on vaulted ceilings) there's more windows behind my about 20' away, but behind the couch and no direct line of site FYI: stucco exterior with clay tile roof and 5/8" type X sheet rock interior Reception: gps just turned on 3 min ago 10 good satellite locks (03,07,09,14,15,18,19,21,22,47) 9 of the 10 have "D" in them (all but 47) 1 more satellite is on/off/hollow bar (01) location accuracy +/- 18 feet
  4. I used to ride dual sport and tried something similar with an HID flashlight, which was not meant to be handle bar mounted. Nevertheless, I understand the vibration issues of a dual sport. I own a 60csx, but don't own my old KTM anymore, however, I've been reading about my 60csx. I've read about the maps 'freezing'. This is an isse with the microSD card coming loose (out of contact) under normal use. I would assume this would likely occur under high vibration. The fix was to cut a sponge and place it between the batteries and the card. I would like to recommend calling the Tempurpedic mattress advertisement and getting a free sample of that material or going to an RC hobby store. Good luck, Marco
  5. NiMH batteries discharge over time while sitting around. New technology has been recently developed and manufactured to dramatically reduce this self-discharge. SANYO ENELOOP batteries claim a 15% self-discharge over a 1 year period. This is a huge difference from the norm. Currently they are hard to find and you MAY need a good charger in order to charge them. I'm on a flashlight forum and found them there: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showth...ghlight=eneloop If you're just looking for the best performance (w/o self-discharge concerns) or if you'd like more battery info, look here: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showth...ghlight=eneloop Marco
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