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  1. If you see a cache that you think is breaking the rules then post a should be archived note to it. What on earth is the point of posting a forum thread when you don't notify either the cache owner or the local reviewer that there may be a problem? That is what the logs are for.


    I did not do the reviews on all of this persons caches but the ones that I listed met the guidelines at the time based on the info given to me. If it has changed or was misrepresented and you know it then please post a log to the cache pages.

  2. Bronze

    Antique Bronze

    misty bronze

    Shiny gold

    Antique gold

    misty gold

    shiny silver

    antique silver

    misty silver

    black nickel

    antique nickel

    misty nickel


    antique copper

    misty copper





    real silver

    real gold

    and a few more I can't remember off the top of my head.

  3. What nielsenc said above is correct. I believe there are 4 of us now that are "official" and have agreed to Groundspeaks guidelines for the usage of their logo and bug numbers. If you look at the recently released geocoin policy there are four links to places to have coins made.


    I have never heard anything about the term "geocoin" being copyrighted and with it's ubiquitous usage I don't think that is likely.

  4. If you are a member they re-sell the coins at a later date.  They just did a sell of the ammo can, benchmark, and one other.  They sold out in like 50 sec.

    No telling how many are minted.

    The recent member-only resells were to clear out excess inventory from the original coin runs.

    Care to answer the blatantly obvious question in this thread, too? If you guys wont say how many are minted just tell us that and the issue will be closed. Ignoring the question and people who have asked only makes you look bad.

    We have answered some emails on the question but I'll say it publicly. We do not release mintage figures. I will only say that we mint enough to cover the monthly subscriptions with a minimal overrun to cover shipping errors, give-aways, etc.


    I think the important thing for many people is that if you're a collector bidding way up on an eBay coin you don't need to worry about a couple thousand of them sitting in a warehouse waiting to be dumped on the market.

  5. Is that the "official name" for this coin...."Old Man Winter"? I have been looking on the coinclub site, but can't find anything related to the name.


    Any info would be appreciated...


    Happy Holidays

    I don't think we came up with an 'official' name but Old Man Winter or just the Winter coin is how we refer to it. :anibad:


    This was just a 'fun' coin, we wanted to represent winter caching but not necessarily stick to a holiday theme and came up with Old Man Winter. I'm happy to hear that people like it.

  6. Depending upon the coin size you can ship 5-10 coins in a small flat rate Global Priority mailer for $5.00 US. The mailer is free from the post office and the customs form 2976 is very easy to complete.


    Downside is that you usually have to take it personally to the post office and in some areas that can be very time consuming so people are adding a handling fee to cover the hassle.

  7. If it is trackable at geocaching.com it will say so around the number box. The original coins did not say trackable.


    If it is trackable at gc.com then you go to the geocoinclub.com site to retrieve the activation code. That is a free service offered by the club and does not mean they are affiliated with the coins using the service.


    BTW.. there is no such thing as a 2004 or 2005 MiGO coin, they are simply trackable or not trackable there is no other difference... yet.

  8. MiGO Winter- 100

    MiGO Spring- 100

    MiGO Summer- 100

    MiGO Fall- 100

    MiGO Silver- 10  rarest migo coin ever!

    These are already on the list :anibad:



    MiGO Silver - numbered not gc trackable - 50 but only 10 have been distributed, these can only be earned.


    MiGO Gold - not numbered - 5

  9. You guys amaze me. I had expected this batch of coins to last us a month or two and it didn't even last 24hrs. I never even told anyone I was putting them back online in the store, I just did it quietly. All I can say is WOW and thanks for supporting Michigan Geocaching whether that was your intent or not.


    There may be a few dozen left but it was so fast & furious that I shut it down until they are all packed up and the dust clears. I expect to put 20-40 back online in a day or two. We will have one more batch of this coin before the end of the year and that should be in early November. That will be the end of the line for this MiGO design so watch for it.



    MiGO Store

  10. I talked with Rusty (Rusty & Libby) about designing coins. He used to do it for two coins but now is at $50. He's moving towards being a one stop. He wants to do the art, the tracking codes and sub the coins to his coin partner.


    Rusty has a nice portfolio, he's done the MiGO coins as well as personnel coins. See Blind Avacodo for example.

    ??? I'm not charging for designs. I thought about charging people that had me design their coins and then bought them somewhere else but since my coin prices are lower than anybody else I haven't had a problem with people going elsewhere. I do still ask for a coin for my personal collection.



  11. Just a comment. Coins that are unactivated but valid could lose the ability to be trackable once the automated way to get the activation code is removed. There is no reason to think that the EU page, or any other will remain around as long as GC.com.


    Unactivated coins are more collectible than activated coins, but the potential to activate it for the first time is what makes them more collectable.


    So, thanks for those who take the time to put the activation code with the coin.

    If people would get retrieve the activation code when they get their coins the problem would be largely resolved.


    Placing coins into the geocoinclub.com database is free and if you have ever personally applied activation codes (I have done many) it is worth every cent!

  12. I've been accumulating data on trades that have completed on Ebay.  I've left off the "charity" autions as they are not necesarily representative of the value of the underlying coin.  Missing also are, of course, coins that have never traded on Ebay, some of which are no doubt highly prized.


    Here is a list of the Top 10 average price in order...


    MIGO Spring 2005

    MIGO Winter 2005

    Geowoodstock 3 Pewter

    Missouri 2004


    Tennnesse (Silver)

    Midwest Geobash 2005

    CC Selective Availability

    Tennnesse (Gold)

    Colorado 2005


    I'm not clear on whether the MiGO Seasonals are Trackable, but of the others all but 2 are trackable.  And the two non-trackable are older state/org coins.  Interestingly, only 3 coins on this list are what I would consider "Manufactured Collectables" (i.e. made primarily with collecting in mind)


    Another interesting thing is that there is about a $10 gap from the last coin on this list and the next coin, suggesting that these coins are indeed in a category of their own.

    The first 2 MiGO seasonals are not trackable on gc.com that was before it was made available to groups and they were trackable at Travelertags Summer and Fall coin are gc trackable.


    Nice list, I made 4 of those 10 coins and I suspect the other 2 MiGO's could be on there if they made it to ebay more often. :)





  13. Overall, my coins came to $1500ish for 200 coins --

    You should be able to get 200 coins for under $1000 regardless of colors.


    The thing with shaped coins is that they are going to be larger than a standard 1.5" geocoin often 2 1/3 inches accross. Larger coins cost more and that is the reason shaped coins are a little more expensive, not the shape itself per say.





    Yes, the geobones are indeed larger and heavier than your standard coin. They aren't a coin at all. In fact -- they cannot be used for currency anywhere in the world except "Lemon Fresh Dog-land" -- a very happy place just above and to the left of my right-eye.


    My shape is a play on the DOG part of my caching handle. Even though my token is an odd-shape, I am not really a big fan of the odd-shaped items. The geobone is NOT an odd-shaped geocoin. It is a PERFECTLY-shaped GeoBONE. :laughing:


    You CAN attach them to dog collars, backpacks, fellow cachers (especially when they aren't looking), and children. You can also attach Travel Bug tags to them -- which is very handy in letting people know which ones are intended to travel. (the bones -- not the children)

    Yes-sir-ee it is a GEO-bone! And a very cool bone at that :blink:


    My above statement should have been edited to say you can get 200 shaped (geo-bone or any other shape) coin/token/medallions for well under $1000 and they would most likely be larger than a std coin. :ph34r:





  14. Overall, my coins came to $1500ish for 200 coins --

    You should be able to get 200 coins for under $1000 regardless of colors.


    The thing with shaped coins is that they are going to be larger than a standard 1.5" geocoin often 2 1/3 inches accross. Larger coins cost more and that is the reason shaped coins are a little more expensive, not the shape itself per say.





  15. just received my september coins, they look realy cool, with those laser cuts.

    Does anyone know if there is also an edition of this coin with "inaugural member" or something like that on it?

    There is a version of the Selective Availablity coin without a date that was sent to new subscribers in September it has a green ring around the outside instead of red. The FFD coin in August is the only one made with Inaugural Member on it since you can only be first once.

  16. There were 100 fall coins made and the one on eBay now is the first available anywhere. The buyer of the coin on ebay will be the first person to own one. On Oct 1st MiGO is having a Fall Fun Day event in Midland Michigan and the coins will be sold to members with a one coin per team limit.

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