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  1. I hid three scuba diving caches here in Okinawa.
  2. These summertime GS souvenirs promotions. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with having enough unfound caches in my area to achieve these points. So either i not cache all year and wait for summer to go for all the souvenirs or cache as normal and not get to receive all the summertime souvenirs. Super lame GS!
  3. Early in my caching career, I too was very hesitant about entering private property. Nowadays, I'll go straight to GZ to make the grab. Usually its well maintained and highly favored. Occasionally you get the hides in which the original CO moved and I had to explain my presence. Awkward!
  4. I rely on my pockets for a pen, iPhone, extra logs, pocket knife, car keys, pistol...
  5. Are hiders free to create these types of caches now or are they still under special testing by GS? Thanks in advance.
  6. Not sure about the other apps/services, but on the metaverse webpage, you can run experiences on any web browser such as Chrome
  7. For those interested in a group in Okinawa: https://www.facebook.com/groups/168594801854/
  8. Edited for post space. Thank you so much for developing this. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I've booked marked it and created a shortcut on my phone. I can't wait to test it out later today. Again, thanks a lot! I'll be sure to report any bugs and/or positive experiences.
  9. It's very similar to the way you've retrieved them. I use the iPhone app and it'll let me scroll through the different log options (Retrieve, Discover, Drop, ect). If you don't use an iPhone, you can also login to the Geocaching web page and log your drop there.
  10. rb is the initials to my name. I was the 9228 person to graduate Military Free Fall Jumpmaster course in Yuma, AZ and awarded that sequence number.
  11. The only injuries I've suffered from is not physical, but mental. It's during those dreaded DNF moments, especially on D:1, T:1
  12. Greeting all, I've started caching at the beginning of the year and have been lurking these forums the whole time. I'm enlisted in the US Army and stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. I wish I'd have started caching before I deployed to Afghanistan as it would've been cool to grab those few out there. I don't remember how I've started caching but am always hungry for the next hunt. I have yet to attend an event and am looking forward to doing so, hopefully soon. I'm looking forward to reading your experiences, opinions, stories, and adventures here. rb9228 (rb=initials to my name; 9228=the number awarded to me when I graduated the Military Free Fall Jumpmaster course)
  13. I use the compass view when I'm relatively far from GZ. I'll switch to the map when I'm close to help me zero in on the cache or if I'm totally lost on GZ.
  14. All items mentioned from the other cachers are really good ideas. I carry a Springfield Armory XDm calibered in .45ACP when caching. Never know if a snake, rabid dog, or hobo attacks you.
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