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  1. I'm teed up for Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard in July. Outbreaks in the first two, so far none in the last two. Have to play it by ear I suppose, it's four months yet. The flying part is actually the more concerning; being penned up for several hours with "who knows where they've been" doesn't engender confidence. I'm in the statistically high risk age zone, too. Luckily I did all the booking myself and almost everything is no penalty cancellation. I'm also planning on Seattle in August... the epicentre in the States right now, so I'm hoping that situation cools off by then, as well.
  2. No, you haven't. I just got a message about one of my puzzles with no image, and I see now that a bunch of them have been rendered useless. Your perhaps well intentioned but ill executed changes with no warning are wreaking havoc. Poor show, and certainly not very professional. Now to see what hoops I need to jump through to salvage some of them.
  3. skramble

    GPS in Tibet

    Does anybody have any recent experience with using a GPS in Tibet, or having it on you when going through Chinese security for a short layover in Guangzhou en route to Kathmandu? I've read some horror stories that are now quite old, and a recent thread pertains to mainland China, but I can't see any specific mentions of Tibet or simply passing through Chinese airports. I'm particularly concerned because of the current political tensions between our countries (I'm Canadian). Thanks.
  4. The earth on a turtle's back is also from Native American mythology. The specific concept of a gigantic turtle supporting four elephants supporting the world wasn't original to Terry Pratchett either, per this link.
  5. Sorry to see the new restriction that logs must be "enclosed within a container". I've seen some very creative caches that weren't.
  6. You usually pay extra for a GPS model with preloaded maps, and have to pay more to get periodic updates. Whatever configuration (touchscreen, jog dial, etc.) you settle on, if it's a Garmin, you will be able to load free OSM maps onto it, and keep them updated as often as you like. Even if you can find one with free lifetime updates, they will in all likelihood be annual, which (especially for trail maps) is IMO inadequate. My $.02. YMMV.
  7. On GSAK's "Filter -> General" screen, about halfway down you'll see "Available Status" and one of those check boxes is for "Archived".
  8. The ability is still there. https://www.geocaching.com/track lets you enter the trackable's code, and if you hit search without entering anything you can search by keyword, cache number or username (found or owned).
  9. If a topic is moved to another forum before being read, and all other topics in that forum have been read, the forum title is still bolded, and the "mark forum as read" icon lit up. The "unread messages" indicator must be manually reset.
  10. Sorry, you're in bondage again.
  11. I recall past weeks' emails arriving sometime early Wednesday afternoon Pacific time.
  12. It's off topic here, but I'd be happy to take this offline and help you get it working. IMO it's an indispensable tool. Message me if want to get started, but don't expect a reply for a couple of hours or so, it's about time for my 10 km morning stroll around an Otter Point block.
  13. Happy birthday, NanCycle, and many more! I'm pretty close in your rear view mirror, and am cheering you on.
  14. In this case, for Basic folks who can't use PQs and who are unable to get the Communicator working, installing GSAK would be a preferable alternative to manually entering coords IMO. If the collection of caches (as a single GPX file) they send from GSAK is always named the same thing, it'll always overwrite the old, no need to manually delete anything.
  15. Presuming you've already successfully added "https://my.garmin.com" to your trusted sites list: click the X to dismiss this notification, and in the window behind it, click to download and install. When it comes up again, dismiss it again, accept the security alert about installing software, and try the Send to GPS button again. This time there should be a security challenge at the bottom of that small window asking if you want to install the addon. Do it and you should be golden.
  16. You indicated you'd selected "Traditional", and you shouldn't be able to get the coord box without selecting a type, but it's strange that "Traditional" isn't highlighted, and that no map is displayed. Try disabling any browser addons you have enabled.
  17. Try this: With the cache which has the fcount of 2 highlighted... "Geocaching.com Access" -> "Refresh Cache Data". If that doesn't work, delete it from GSAK, and get it again via "Geocaching.com Access" -> "Get Geocaches" -> "GCXXXX Code"
  18. Just a Silly Wild A** Guess, but maybe it's Stuff We All Get?
  19. You know you're a GC fanboi when you flash out 25USD for a movie you've never heard of, and whose trailer looks pretty sappy. Can't wait to see it.
  20. Shoot, now I'm confusing myself... yes, you DO want the fake coordinates published, but not the real. Here's where you should be starting... ...then change Stage 1 to Virtual.
  21. No, you do not want the bogus (virtual, final) coordinates on the cache page. That's the whole point of the puzzle, no?
  22. Shoot, we don't need no steenkin' Emily Post. Seriously, though... it's completely up to you. Wait until they leave if you prefer. If the person looks approachable and you feel like socializing, say something like "muggle alert!" and show your GPS. If they want company, fine, if not, give them their space. You could also demand in a stern voice to see their "Geographics Hunting License". then grin widely when they look alarmed. If you're feeling mischievous, you could sidle up to them and ask timorously whether they're the wildlife officer sent to catch the large anaconda. Just have fun.
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