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  1. I also have recently started using Firefox and have run into the same problem with geocaching.com as you have. Several times this occured but I haven't determined a pattern with certainty yet. It *may* occur after my ISP drops my connection and I attempt to access the "logged in" pages after reconnecting (and having a different IP address). A machine reboot seems to take care of the problem for awhile though. However, I haven't yet concluded that Firefox is the source of the problem. Is the use of FireFox the only recent change you made to your computer? I also have recently updated my firewall software (Zone Alarm Pro to version and Norton SystemWorks 2004 via their LiveUpdate. My computer sits behind a router which connects to the net via dial-up. I haven't tested with IE after the problem appears in Firefox yet. Perhaps in the next couple days I'll take the time to do that. I have found that I also have trouble with loading some images from geocaching.com. For example, when I view cache pages, the mapquest maps will load for awhile and then later they don't load when I view other cache pages. The images that people upload when they log a cache or benchmark find sometimes do not appear in my browser when I'm looking at the page that shows the large image with the thumbnails below it. (These are on the "View this log" page if I recall correctly.) The two problems may be related. Maybe not. A machine reboot takes care of this problem for awhile too. I used to have this problem when I used Mozilla 1.7.3 (and earlier) too. But I never tested IE in this case either. I usually use IE only when absolutely necessary. The problem(s) may also be due to my ISPs proxy server or my firewall and/or router permissions for particular traffic. There are so many variables that it will take me some time (and patience) to isolate the problem. So far, I haven't been annoyed enough to engage in serious troubleshooting. I don't know how helpful this post may be to you but at least you can find comfort in knowing you're not the only one.
  2. Maybe even multiple networks could be formed. One network could specialize in transporting LARGE TBs among LARGE cache containers.
  3. Thanks, Rhonda. That set took me about 45 minutes to prepare for upload...probably more time than the average BM junter is willing to spend. I enjoy editing the images however. Besides, I think adding details to the images makes visiting the benchmark easier for anyone else that decides to use the images. I use Paint Shop Pro (PSP) for editing photos. PSP is packed with features similar to Adobe's PhotoShop but PSP is a lot less expensive and easier to learn (IMHO). PSP's learning curve may still be a bit steep for the average user but if you like to play with software, you might want to try an evaluation copy. It's a HUGE download though.
  4. I read this thread recently and I agree with BDT that the County, State location info may be helpful. Therefore, I will be posting images of BMs with the location info in the NAME field. In fact, I just finished with today's BMs. When I photograph BMs, I think about the people that may want to use photographs to locate a BM. I loosely follow the convention for naming image files that is specified on the NGS website in their Requirements For Digital Photographs of Survey Control (designation, PID, date). I put this info directly on each image. It seems photos with designation, PID, date would be helpful for a surveyor to carry in the field. Perhaps surveyors will use images posted on www.geocaching.com if we can agree on a common method of identifying survey stations on geocaching.com. Here is a sample of one of my recent BM finds and documentation. [This message was edited by Kurt in MI on June 10, 2003 at 03:28 PM.]
  5. quote:Originally posted by jgilliland:Thanks to you both. Kurt, I'm curious - why did you select the R&R package over the others? It would seem that the new version of MetroGuide might be the best general purpose package, but perhaps not the best Geocaching package. Thoughts? I purchased USR&R because it shows more detail that is suited to geocaching and it also works well for benchmark hunting. USR&R displays small lakes, streams etc. (helpful features for hiking) while MetroGuide is more suited to road navigation (and doesn't display as much lake and stream detail). In fact, the MetroGuide v.5 online map viewer doesn't even display the 2 mile long lake I grew up near. If I lived in an area where I would be doing a lot of hiking through very hilly terrain, then I would probably have opted for Garmin's TOPO cartography product because it apparently displays trails. USR&R doesn't perform auto-routing (a great feature for road navigation) but, since I have detailed maps on my GPSr and my primary use will be for geocaching/benchmark hunting, I just navigate to the best parking spot by looking at the GPSr mounted on my dashboard. If need be, I could manually create a route with USR&R and then upload the route to my GPSr. I just purchased DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 2003 last Friday for my auto-routing road travel needs. Street Atlas (SA) is a lot less expensive ($50) than MetroGuide but SA has its faults. For example, several points of interest in my locale (such as restaurants) are shown on the wrong side of the road and/or on the wrong section of road. If I search for the address of the house where I grew up, SA displays the location in the wrong section of road. I haven't tested the accuracy of SA's auto-routing with my laptop computer yet although I have successfuly interfaced the Vista with SA on my desktop computer for live tracking on the computer. Should be easy to set up the laptop. I haven't successfully uploaded auto-routing-created routes from SA to my Vista yet. I have been trying this evening with no success so far. Perhaps there's something I'm missing in the configuration of SA or my GPSr. Maybe I'll start a thread with this issue. [] I think no matter what cartography product you get, there will be some "issues". IMHO, if your primary use for your Legend is geocaching, then get US Roads & Recreation (unless you live near lots of steep terrain). If your primary use will be road navigation, then get MetroGuide. (Garmin's MapSource products are the only ones that will upload map data to your Legend, I think. Street Atlas will not.) Good luck! [This message was edited by Kurt in MI on April 08, 2003 at 07:22 PM.]
  6. I purchased US Roads & Recreation (USR&R) from Garmin a month ago. USR&R works with my Vista so I expect it will work with the Legend. I loaded detailed maps for all of Michigan into my Vista and I can see lakes, streams, secondary roads, etc. just fine. No unlock code was needed. I don't know why, but Garmin doesn't list USR&R as a compatible cartography product for the Vista. To be on the safe side, you may want to speak to a Garmin representative to be sure before you plunk $116 +S&H away for their product. Perhaps they have stopped updating USR&R. Some of the map data is pretty old. For example, the fairgrounds in my county are displayed at the old location. It must be at least 10 years since the fairgrounds moved from there. There is a strip mall at that location now. USR&R on the Vista is great for geocaching and benchmark hunting. There are some inaccuracies (such as a BM waypoint being displayed on the wrong side of a road). However, it's very useful for me to use without having to refer to a paper map or even a PC map (since there's a map on the GPSr). It's great for those unplanned cache/BM searches.
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