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  1. I am pretty sure with all gps's you have to download them, if you are a member you can do pocket quarries of 1000 which will give you a big list of the nearest caches in your search radius.
  2. I bought a magellan 610 through a pro deal and I am loving it. I have not used the Oregon so can't compare it but the 610 gets me stoked for being out on the trail either way.
  3. lol your right I thought something was odd. They answered my question and then added the rest that was off topic and did not make any sense to my question. I was reading your posts CR and your right on, thanks
  4. Wow so much feedback, forgot to check after I heard back from Groundspeak. If it is a micro or any container for that matter it should be labeled what it is not a question icon. I think you guys make a good point on just put a X on the spot so it leaves it open without any doubt. Here is what groundpeak wrote back. Thank you for contacting us. No, you selected the correct size option. The "question" mark represents a "puzzle cache", which has additional waypoints and clues to get the player to the final location of the physical cache. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Best regards,
  5. Thanks for the feedback, will switch it up.
  6. I have noticed that the ? caches are usually rocks. What about if you stuck a micro in a stick and screwed it to it, would that classify a micro or ? mark on size. Thanks, just want to play fair is all.
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