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  1. I really feel the pain for non-PM to getting back geocaching. I was an PM 3 yrs ago, mainly used Locus Map Pro (android), stopped awhile, and want to came back recently. I still keep Locus Map Pro (i bought that app before), but the API blocked most function for non-PM. I used to download all caches detail by pocket query, now i need to download by the "live map", but it can't download all cache, it only limited to traditional/event and low D/T cache. The real pain is that, i can't even download my own "hide". Even though i can use "GC Code" to download cache 1 by 1, but it is the real pain in the a** if you got 100+ hide. Official app is totally discouraging newbie to join geocaching, just wonder, how many people will paid for PM membership, before he know what exactly is geocaching? Cgeo is another alternative, true, it is powerful, but compare with Locus, it didn't got some advance feature, which is useful for CO. Geocaching is getting less popular worldwide, we really need new blood to join. Especially, we need someone willing to hide to keep the game go on.
  2. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Oh, HP Reveal... according to the summary of different apps in previous post, seems HP Reveal can't add "way-point" (not location-based), am i correct?
  3. I had been following the thread for awhile, and tried the metaverse and TaleBlazer a bit, i got a rough idea, what can be done thru these AR apps. At this moment, i guess it is very similar to Wherigo, which allow cacher to load an "experience" at predefined waypoint, ask a few question, sth like that. I just wonder, does any AR apps (3 allowed by HQ and other potential app), provide the following similar feature in the youtube ? Sorry that, i don't know the exact term of this feature, please correct me if i am wrong. Image overlay (am i correct?): The feature allow cacher to visit a predefined waypoint, there is specific "object", may be a sign or a poster (like that in the youtube), when the apps recognize that "object", it will play extra information to cacher.
  4. Just wonder, does anyone created a public bookmark to include all AR_ cache published so far? Shame it, i can't search it without PM membership.
  5. Oh, thanks for the link, then i can log PM only cache easier now. Btw, any similar easy/convenient way to "VIEW" a PM only cache?
  6. Haha, you are right, most experienced cacher use 3rd party apps, it is rather sad indeed.
  7. I had been PM member for several yrs, but didn't re-new it from this year onward as the active cacher/caches are getting low and low. Being a PM member before, i feel extremely inconvenient using the official mobile app, as there are too many restrictions on that, e.g. At official mobile app, non-PM, you CAN'T 1. View a disabled cache 2. View some cache type (e.g. Letterbox, Wherigo) 3. D/T > 2.0 All the above actions are actually accessible on web site, using a computer, but why HQ didn't sync the behavior between official mobile app and web site? Ironically, if you use a 3rd party mobile app, you won't meet that kind of restriction. Geocaching society is definitely getting small and small, in some extent, the official mobile app is a root cause. PS. if feel free to move my post, if i post at the wrong category, thanks.
  8. Yes, PQ is always the powerful tools for PM member, thanks.
  9. Just wonder, is there an easy and quick way to check all my own hide with attribute "Need Maintenance" or "Need Archive"? I can't find a function/list at original and new dashboard. Thanks in advance.
  10. I searched a bit before posting, can't find a exact thread for that, forgive me if I repeated the old question, as I believe many cachers had encountered the same problem before. I tried to test a cartridge with 3 different android phones, Samsung Note 2, LG G3 and HTC Butterfly. WhereYouGo app will crash on ALL devices when i used the "Online map", you will see part of the map being loading, then crash after 1/2 mins. And I figure out a work around to either "use blank (means no map)" or "switch the map source to Locus". Question: 1. Does it a well known bug in WhereYouGo? 2. Any proposed work around? 3. WhereYouGo support "Offline map", just wonder, how to get the map file or prepare it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Um... for the WF.Player, do i need to compile the android apps myself? Any convenient apk download?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I was really frustrated when I figure out it crash on my LG phone. Then I tried many methods, like "removing all images" to make a light version, "inactivate most of the waypoints" etc, and it still crash! Finally, I figure out, it only crash on my LG G3, I tried to run at Iphone, Samsung phones, all work perfectly... Anyway, it was good to know at least. Thanks for the help again!
  13. I am building a cart (Earwigo) with more than 10 zones at a time. I read some guidelines that suggest to keep not more than 5/7/10 zone. I tried with 7 active zone on my andrord (LG G3, 3GB ram), it crashed occasionally (not responding, need to kill the apps), so I suspected it is the problem of too many zones. And I just notice, there is an option in zone called "In range", I can set a zone visible within certain distance, say 1km, then the number of visible zone will fewer in the apps. So, I just wonder, does "Active Zone" identical to "Zone in Range"? Does it consume the same amount of resource or less? E.g. There are 10 active zone in total, I tried to limit the "zone in range" to 5, does it help to avoid the crash problem? Thanks in advance.
  14. I had a briefed search on this forum, seems it is easy to find a random function in Urwigo, how about Earwigo? Anyone can give me a simple guideline to implement Math.Random at Earwigo? Thanks in advance.
  15. Try one of my cartridges, Run to "The Outback". I used a countdown timer that expired every few seconds so I could display the current time remaining to the player. I didn't have the timer set for every second because I was worried about the Garmin units being able to keep up. This was in 2010, when many people in my area were playing with an Oregon. Thanks for your help. I used the event of "Cart Restore" to avoid cacher save and load, it works fine now. And I had tune the counter to display remaining time every 3s now, hope it work fine in all device. Anyway, thanks for your help again, you are so helpful!
  16. Ok, then I understand why, actually I am using the count up timer, but use a variable to make it run for 30s (then I can show the remaining time to cacher every second) .... um... I need to think of a workaround. Thanks.
  17. All timer expired after it resumed? Um... I tried like that, set a timer for 30 second, then run it at ipad and android. When the timer is started, I didn't save the game, BUT kill the task at ipad and android (kill the apps i mean). Then when I restart Wherigo player, the timer will continue, does it normal? or sth wrong? Please advise, thanks in advance.
  18. I am pretty new in writing Wherigo, searched a bit about that in forum, not found, so decided to start a new thread. I am writing a Wherigo, that require cacher to travel from zone a to zone b within 30 seconds. So how can I avoid cacher use save and load to cheat it? Thanks in advance.
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