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  1. You mean an app that is not approved by Groundspeak, and scrapes the site -against the Terms of Use you signed up to? How so? Does gc.com require me to use their app for geocaching on their site with an android. That does not make any sense to me either, maybe you can explain it to me. Thanks in advance.
  2. I do agree. Some geocaches are worth keeping alive by the community, so resetting or repairing a cache is very common. I would guess most of us carry a extra log in our cache bag. It irks me more to see someone play cache cop and think we must all play accordingly to the guidelines, which are not laws or rules, only guidelines. So is it cool to post NA on a cache because it is less than 528ft from another geocache? Maybe this thread could be merged with the wannabe reviewer thread.
  3. I think Groundspeak accepts magnetic stripes as geocache containers, ate least they mention it in the Guidelines: "other: See the cache description for information. Unusual geocache containers that just don't fit into other categories. Example: a magnetic strip." Not everybody likes SWAGs and not everybody likes all kinds of caches or places. I have the freedom to place this type of containers and you have the freedom to visit them or not. You like sightseeing see some caches that I placed in the tallest mountains in São Paulo City, if you like Buildings or art look at my caches that focus on those subjects... All my caches are inside a specific list that you can see in my profile page. By the way, how does this relate to Throwdowns, the original topic? What are geocachers leaving that you call a throwdown? If I found a plastic bag with a small log sheet in it I would think the container was missing, so helping you keep the cache alive as you request, I would stuff it in a container and place it back out of sight.
  4. Nothing like coming here to São Paulo and try the supposed Urban PT... The São Paulo Government wants people to use more bicycles, so it is making a lot of initiatives to support their use in day life activities. One of the ways they promote it is by putting Bike Stops (groups of 12 bikes supports that you can use for free for 1h after registering in their website). I love to bike (both with pedals and have one with 250cc motor) so I placed one cache in each Stop so any tourist or local can go around the city in a bike looking for caches. If you think I accept Throwdowns, you are very wrong, for 2 reasons. First my "copy/paste" cache description says: "Please, if you see that the cache is not there or something is wrong with it log a "Need Maintenance", if you couldn´t find it log a "Did Not Found". Help me keep this cache alive!" and the second reason is, all caches are handmade with some magnetic strip, tape and a plastic bag, placed under the metallic bike support rail. So, never had a throwdown... yet! The cache tools: The cache with a golf ball to compare size: So that is a geocache container? And people complain about our micro's here in the USA. Even here in resort areas geocachers leave containers to trade swag. Sorry, but just looking for a plastic bag to sign a log is not my idea of geocaching. Those are just for numbers geocachers. If I came to São Paulo as a tourist I would seek caches in interesting locations, not places to park my bike.
  5. That’s one more find for me! Thanks so much for hiding this geocache.
  6. Well, I could not find the cache! But I did leave an altoids tin with a piece of paper in it. Now maybe others that can't find the real cache will find the one I left under the geopile of rocks and sticks.
  7. So you have to pay to be a smart geocacher? I don't think so. I can enjoy geocaching without blogging on line about my experience.
  8. Howsabout a experienced geocacher that created a new account?
  9. How well would your cell work in the States, probably quite well but might cost you a pretty penny. How about 20km up and over some mountains where there is no cell reception. But you could not get there without having your cell batteries die unless you had spare battery packs but you'd have to remove your protective case to plug them in and heaven forbid you drop your phone, now you're lost and helpless but if youre lucky I'll come by with my gps and spare batteries and a fully charged phone because I never used it just in case you need S&R. I could not cache without both. I suspect a may be a bit older than you, but I've actually gone into the back country without either a cell phone *or* a GPS. I was neither lost nor helpless while doing so. Hell of a concept, I know... If you're that technology-dependent, yours is a skill issue, not an equipment issue. But did you find any geocaches?
  10. First we tried my account but I am not a Premium Member and nothing happened. Then we tried MPH's account and noticed the "no changes made" message. How have you done them in the past? I would guess it is safe to assume that you have to be a Premium Member to "assist" in a UC waymark?
  11. Signing a log is no longer a requirement if you have a smartphone. Just use the auto log on the app. "That’s one more find for me! Thanks so much for hiding this geocache." I delete all NM's posted on my caches. :)
  12. Terrain is another issue. I use a iPhone for geocaching and compared it with a Garmin Venture Hc while on a drive today through the coal fields of eastern Kentucky. The iPhone and XM radio both lost service in the same location when coming up the divide into Virginia, but the GPS unit stayed on course. Also as pointed out by another member here, weather effects radio signals. I did a test during a solar flare about a year ago with a GPS unit on tracking mode that was left stationary. It moved more than 300 feet in all directions. About the same time this thread was posted a winter storm front was moving in and radio communication was clear on 10 meters to Barbados and San Juan. It's normal that I can only communicate that far south in winter months only and not in the summer. If we had an expert in the field of weather and radio communications in this thread it would benefit the topic, as we are not discussing the subject of are Iphones great and wonderful for geocaching. We already have plenty of those threads that can be bumped if needed.
  13. I don't post often, and avoid starting topics. I'm not new to geocaching or the forums, but just recently turned of age where I can post in the forums under the TOU without a parents permission. It does seem that you are "Trolling' the forums, but I also understand that you are new to geocaching and may be under the age of 18. The forums can get ugly, so if you need to ask a question and not post it in the forums, just PM one of the regulars or a moderator. I'm sure many are willing to help you and keep it civil.
  14. To the OP. Just place the micro or nano inside of a ammo can and post a note that you traded up. Problem solved.
  15. It would be nice to comment on the find. I enjoyed the cache created for me, but we all don't use mobile phones for geocaching as these lab caches seem designed for and many of us don't use facebook. I would rate the I<3 lab caches as over rated and hopefully this beta test was just another better mistake.
  16. Chicken coops? I keep chickens, our local reviewer keeps chickens. MPH may have a good idea, if I were a PM I would support it. I believe it would meet the requirements for a new category. Why not discuss it?
  17. I almost became a Premium Member so I could take part myself, and then Puh-Pow! The Challenges that I helped with the local geocaching community enjoyed, but as you point out we attempted to make them interesting.
  18. Yeah, because geocaching was on the verge of fading into oblivion before Groundspeak's Geocaching Intro app for iPhone came out... So what is the point of the intro app? I thought the majority of new cachers use a smart phone device and not a GPS unit. Am I very wrong about this? I use both myself and prefer my phone over my vista.
  19. I see that you maintain quite a few adopted geocaches. It may not be so much BS if it were to happen to you and you are taking a chance posting in the forums in a hot topic. Just saying, it could happen to anyone. There are always someone out there making attempts just to ruin everyone's fun because they can and GS left the door open for them with the not a validated email address.
  20. I resent that statement. There is a difference between a welfare cacher and a cache maggot. I would pony up and pay but I know a work around without hacking the system.
  21. We should form a support group. I ride public transportation to work but I want to drive the bus.
  22. It would only be better for the company but if you have more PMO geocaches in turn you will have less caches avalible to basic members and that hurts the idea of the Intro App to attract more members that will try geocaching and maybe one day become a paying member. One of the founders of Groundspeak, Jeremy Irish, has always stated that this site will never be a pay to play site and will remain free to basic members like myself. Groundspeak is not the only free geocache listing service and there are more than a few GPS related games out there to play. I do see this site moving in the direction of paying members only and our household has one paying member already. The rest of us that are basic members are aware of the back doors left open by Groundspeak so we may log PMO caches that we find along with paying members. Now if those doors were to close, it would not be good for basic members and I don't think Groundspeak would ever shut us out completly.
  23. I don't really care about the spoilers on these particular caches; I myself have posted spoiler photos of the whole series. I just want to let the NVM know that this is not a generally accepted practice before they post spoilers on a cache where the owner does care. That's just it NanCycle, many of us do care. I have deleted logs and asked that the finder not leave instructions to trespass across a golf course as a short-cut to one of my now archived listings. Let the NVM's complain @ contact Groundspeak, I paid my membership fees to play here. Oh I don't disagree with you, and I do have other caches where I wouldn't want spoilers posted. And you, other COs, my other caches--these are all reasons why I want to educate the NVM. The fact that I don't care about those specific logs is the only reason that I haven't deleted them already. I agree with MPH that nothing says that this is not a generally accepted practice to a NVM that you can not contact better than deleting the log until the NVM gets the point, and I also understand your point. This needs made public and GS needs made more aware of our disgust as cache owners and basic members. We are held accountable as cache owners, we have standards to follow. We take all the risks and GS gets to run a business from our hobby. They are turning away basic members with the NVM's, look at the months long thread about the Intro App. GS did promise to make bigger and better mistakes when challenges were removed, I almost upgraded to PM to take part in challenges. I have followed the other thread and GS is well aware they made a mistake with the NVM's but say they are a small company and it will take time to work out a fix. I'm sure they are workin' on it.
  24. No. It is not. I do not advocate throwdowns. It's a close call, but even throwdowns are preferable to cache cops. Is that your opinion, or do you have a link for that. I think we all should let the reviewers do their jobs and we can maintain our own caches thank you.
  25. You just keep telling yourself that. But it's not true; it is a rationalization. Here's an idea: instead of "helping" the community by being a cache cop, do something productive, like carrying spare logs to put in caches, or even carrying spare containers to replace caches that get damaged or go missing. Yes, I know it's "not your responsibility," but it is a whole lot more community-minded (and helpful) than the cache cop routine. So being a throwdowner is helping the community? http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=427
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