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  1. I find this thread inflamatory. And you can quote me out of frustration on that!
  2. Having a different opinion does not make me rude. Unless you are Admin.
  3. I just got sheep-shanked out of a thread for attacking someone. I dunno:-?
  4. Is expressing an opinion the same thing as an attack? How can legitimate debate develop if everyone agrees?
  5. I look just like Jeremy except for the missing index finger I lost in an unfortunate mumbly peg incident.
  6. Well if you newbies consider yourself regulars then perhaps you should think about becoming, less sensitive and more thick skinned. Learn to laugh at yourselves.
  7. I can only be honest. For most people that is enough. ...but then most people don't depend on the internet for their entire social stymulus. ...so I may be a bit coarse for that group.
  8. I wasn't trying to be rude. I am being real. Real light hearted and fun :-)
  9. Clearly the legal department has been working night and day for weeks to put together such a concise and objective document. The tadpoles must be exhausted.
  10. Let's be real. What is there about this place that would cause a person to post 4500 times? Nothing that I can see. So then we have to consider what type of person would post 4500 times....
  11. My GPS is older than geocaching. I heard of it through usenet.
  12. This thread should be retitled, "Forum Loser Board."
  13. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:...But Solohiker does have a good point (maybe for the first time ever). Why leave a personal item in a public cache? I find comfort in the fact that BrainSnag rarely agrees with me.
  14. I heard Playboy was doing a search for 'women of geocaching' spread. Perhaps there could be some sort of tie-in there.
  15. I think the poor judgement was to leave a personal item in a public cache. Is this a common practice?
  16. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:Worst thing I've heard of is someone arrested for trespassing for putting a cache on RR right of way. Some caches have been blown up by the bomb squad. There has been talk of geocachers being prosecuted but they have never gotten anywhere because it's not a bomb and it's not intended as a threat. Overreacting to a cache is not a crime though they would like it to be when they realized they goofed and blew up some McToys. I have not ever met any geocachers who have had an issue. Were caches actually blown up by a bomb squad??? I guess I missed this. Details would be appreciated.
  17. Benchmarks tend not to be near the coordinates listed. The description of the location is critical to locating the benchmark. For that you have to print out the description. X number of feet North of the road center, Y number of feet East of something that no longer exists. Benchmarks are not plug and play.
  18. Once upon a time.... The Admin stabbed me right in the back. I kicked them squarely in the gonads. They did not kill me. I had a good laugh.
  19. The first rule of geocaching as defined by me is: "No matter how worthless the crap in a geocache, it will be replaced with something of lesser value." It is in our culture. We are a Nation of socialists whose survival is dependent on the prosperity of our Capitalists. Vote Republican
  20. California is not really representative of main stream America. We don't care.
  21. quote:Originally posted by seneca:Solohiker - it is poor etiquette to reproduce private e-mail on forums without the other parties consent. And you know darn well why FU is offensive - the only other reasonable interpretation of those letters in the context in which they appeared (other than the obvious) would have been “Friggin Ugly”. _I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me._ http://www.cslaw.ca/geol4.JPG Sorry, I did not realize I was commiting a breach of forum etiquette by posting the email. I was just happy to have received a reply:-) I did not know that fu was generally offensive. Tell that to Kung.
  22. quote:Originally posted by solohiker: quote:Originally posted by solohiker:Groundspeak has deleted my full face photo from my profile. I received an email from Hydee indicating that my full face photo was considered offensive. I have appealed to Hydee to reconsider groundspeaks decision. Well I never received a reply to my email. I did not get a reply to my previous email either. I got blasted in the forums for using the forum to voice a complaint and not using the 'contact' email. Well I can agree that the forums are not the best place to resolve an issue, but there is no other option. I just received an email reply from Hydee. My thanks to her for reading the forums. Here is a copy of her email and my reply. > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "General Inquiries" <contact@Groundspeak.com> > To: "Solohiker" Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 1:58 PM > Subject: Re: [#31207] Fw: hydee contacting you from Geocaching.com > > > > Dear Solohiker > > > > Thanks for your email - I am sorry about the delayed response. > > > > If you image was really so innocent then why did the text below say 'F U'. > > I am sorry but the image cannot be displayed. You are welcome to display > > your portrait but you may not display the offensive photo. > > > > Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. > > > > Happy Geocaching! > > > > Heidi ----- Original Message ----- From: "solohiker" To: "General Inquiries" <contact@Groundspeak.com> Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 7:19 PM Subject: Re: [#31207] Fw: hydee contacting you from Geocaching.com > Dear Hydee, >I had two different pictures. One with my finger over my lip and one with > my finger under my lip. I saved them as FO and FU. > > Please reconsider. I do not understand what you mean by offensive. > > Solohiker > >
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